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20+ Sustainable Ethical Gifts for Everyone on Your List

20+ Sustainable Ethical Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Sustainable Gift Guides

Last Updated on September 15, 2020

Welcome to the GZW gift guide of 2019! Creating gift guides every year is one of my favorite blog posts to write.

Both my mother and I have the love language of gifts.

And, I’ve worked to reconcile that with adopting a more minimal and low-waste lifestyle to the point that my love language has probably shifted to acts of service.

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This post was sponsored. Some of the links below are affiliate links for more information please see my disclosure policy.

But, the fact remains, I still love gifting and receiving physical gifts. I love gifting experiences and consumable gifts, but I also love giving physical things too.

Gifting physical gifts is a rare opportunity to spread the sustainable living message in a kind way.

I have gifted small reusable items like straws or beeswax wraps (both of which are going to be in my stocking stuffer guide coming out on Friday!) and watched my non-eco parents and friends love the products SO much that they started adopting more zero waste habits.

If you’ve ever gifted a zero-waste swap, then you know what I’m talking about!

I’ve divided this blog post into a few separate categories so you can easily find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

  1. gifts for the adventurer

  2. gifts for the home

  3. gifts for the budding environmentalist

  4. gifts for the fashionista

  5. gifts for the foodie

There will also be a stocking stuffer post coming out this Friday for smaller gifts so be on the lookout!

gifts for the adventurer

One of my New Year’s resolutions for next year is to get outside and explore more.

I think there’s a direct correlation between being present in nature and wanting to preserve it.

As an added bonus, getting outside also helps to decrease stress.

So, if you’re got a stressed-out friend who could use some fresh air or a little escape out of town here are a few gifts that might pique your interest!

Girlfriend Collective Leggings
These leggings are made from 25 post-consumer water bottles which prevents 18.61 pounds of CO2 emissions, and saves 3.11 gallons of water compared to typical alternatives!

You can feel extra good about buying them through Earth Hero (the motherland for sustainable living supplies) because they give back to 1% for the planet with every purchase and they offset the carbon footprint for all of their purchases!

Another one of my favorite aspects is that Girlfriend has a recycling program called ReGirlfriend so you can send your leggings back for recycling.

Check out the Midnight Leggings use the code ‘GOZERO’ to get 10% off!

REI Adventures
Know someone who wants to get outside and explore the world in 2020?

Then you’ve got to check out the REI Adventures tab!

REI offers trips of a lifetime so you can scale Half Dome, kayak through the Grand Tetons, or adventure to an exotic location.

You’ll get to meet likeminded individuals and be on the trail with local and knowledgeable guides that practice Leave No Trace principles.

This trips are especially great if you’re just starting out because a guide will be there to help you get settled and show you the way!

Check out all REI Adventures

Burney Hoodie
Tentree is one of my favorite sustainable brands, and this snuggly hoodie is perfect for a hiking adventure or a long train ride.

Tentree plants 10 trees for every single purchase made, and they’ve planted over 35 MILLION trees all over the world in countries like the US, Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, etc!

Tentree prioritizes sustainable fabrics and production. This hoodie was made with organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Check out the Burney Hoodie and use the code ‘GOINGZEROWASTE15’ (valid from Dec 5-31st) to get 15% off!

Parker Clay Overnight Bag
This stylish overnight bag is perfect whether you’re heading home for the holidays or a little weekend getaway.

Parker Clay uses sustainable leather and they employ artisans from Addis Ababa.

Many of the women they employ have been impacted by human trafficking and the sex trade.

They provide pensions, health care, paid time off, access to transportation to and from work, and even laundry service!

Check out the Overnight Bag

gifts for a new home or apartment

When I moved into my first place with Justin we had absolutely nothing. I’m talking air mattress on a floor all- of-our-stuff-fit-into-the-trunk-of-the-car NOTHING.

I would have loved to have received some plush sheets or a new mattress so whether you’re building a hope chest, know someone who’s about to graduate college, or someone who just got their first apartment, these are some great gifts that will turn a house into a home.

Nova Organic Latex Wool Futon Mattress
I’ve had my Futon Shop mattress for almost three years now and I am so incredibly happy with it!

The Futon Shop’s mattresses are hand stitched right in the heart of San Francisco. They’re insanely comfortable and they’re made with certified organic ingredients so you don’t have to worry about off gassing when you go to sleep.

Their organic mattresses are priced so reasonably this really is the perfect gift for someone who just got a new place!

Check out the Nova Mattress

Recycled Toilet Paper
You know you’re an adult when you get really excited about receiving toilet paper! It’s even better when it’s delivered right to your door step.

Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to fund hygiene and sanitation projects like clean water and toilets.

They have a tree-free option, but my personal favorite is their 3-ply made with recycled paper, and they don’t use inks, dyes, or scents!

Check out the Recycled TP and get $10 off with the code ‘GOINGZEROWASTE’

Leather Valet Tray
Justin has this tray sitting up in his office and its perfect for keeping his keys, phone and wallet organized!

This full grain, vegetable tanned leather tray is burnished with beeswax, and has a lifetime warranty.

Alta Andina‘s handcrafted leather goods are ethically made with their transparent supply chain located in the Andes.

Check out the Valet Tray

Bedding Bundle
Linen sheets are my all time favorite type of sheets. SOL Organics uses linen made from the finest Certified European Flax in the world.

Linen is wonderful at temperature regulation keeping you cool in the summer and warm during the winter making this set perfect year-round.

SOL Organics is fair trade uses no plastic packaging for shipping, and proceeds from each sale goes to charity.

Check out the Linen Bedding Bundle and get 20% off with the code ‘GZW20’

Nebia Shower 2.0
This is a revolutionary shower experience! The Nebia shower offers 3X faster droplets and 2X greater coverage than a standard shower, all while saving up to 65% of water.

The Nebia shower head is easy to install, slides to accommodate all heights, and provides a spa-like experience to start or finish your day.

US made and US sourced with low-impact, recyclable packaging.

Check out Nebia 2.0 use that link to get 20% off all Nebia products and free shipping in North America through December 9th

Organic Bath Towels
These towels are hands down the softest, coziest towels of all time. They’re my absolute favorite. They’re made of super plush organic cotton – a super Plush Long Staple 700 GSM High Pile Z Twist to be exact!

SOL Organics uses Fair Trade cotton, all of their workers are paid a living wage, and they never-ever use child labor.

They don’t use any plastic packaging for shipping and proceeds from each sale goes to charity.

Check out the Organic Bath Towels and get 20% off with the code ‘GZW20’

gifts for the budding environmentalist

When I first started going zero waste I was on a super tight budget.

Most of my fancy zero-waste items were given to me by friends and family during Christmas.

So whether you’re trying to foster someone’s love for the planet or start spark these are some great presents that will keep on giving.

Non-Toxic Laundry Bundle
This bundle is the perfect gift to get someone interested in greening their cleaning routine.

This bundle from Earth Hero includes a Cora Ball which catches microplastics to prevent them from winding up in waterways, wool Dryer Balls which replace dryer sheets, soap nuts, a laundry stain stick, an a mesh laundry bag made of organic cotton which is great for keeping all of your delicate items together.

All of Earth Hero’s shipments are carbon neutral and they give back with every purchase!

Check out the Non-Toxic Laundry Bundle and use the code ‘GOZERO’ to get 10% off

Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Box
This liquid shampoo and conditioner comes in an aluminum bottle that you can send back to be sanitized and refilled, but hold onto your plastic pump! They’re so serious about refilling that the plastic pump is a separate item, but don’t worry it is free with your purchase if you need one.

Plaine Products is also a member of 1% for the planet so you can feel good about a portion of each sale going back to charity.

Check out Plaine Products Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle and use the code ‘GZW20’ for 20% off

Safety Razor
This Rose Gold Safety razor will be your poshest bathroom accessory. But, beyond its dashing good looks these safety razors save a ton of waste, money, and will give you the closest shave.

This rose gold beauty comes from Eco Roots. All of their products are sustainable sourced and they ship in recyclable and upcycled materials – completely plastic-free!

But, my favorite part of Eco Roots is that they donate a portion of each sale to Ocean Conservancy.

Check out the Rose Gold Safety Razor and get 15% off using the code ‘GZWRAZOR’

Farmers Market Kit
This kit is great for anyone looking to be a little bit more eco-friendly at the grocery store.

The kit from the Zero Waste Store includes a natural cotton string bag with long handle which can hold up to 40lbs, a reusable silicone sandwich bag, a “We do it for mama earth” tote bag, a medium and large organic cotton mesh and muslin produce bags, as well a pack of beeswax food wraps.

The Zero Waste Store packs & ships 100% plastic-free using post-consumer boxes and mailers.

Check out the Farmers Market Kit and get 10% off orders of $50+ with the code “ZWSHOLIDAY’

gifts for the fashionista

When you think of sustainable fashion, you might think about oatmeal-colored, shapeless sack dresses.

Well, I am thrilled to let you know that the sustainable fashion scene is rich with interesting textures, shapes and you can find something absolutely PERFECT!

Zero Waste Coat
Matter Prints works with a curative philosophy inspired by tradition. They source heritage prints and styles and reinterpret them in a modern manner.

Their collection is full of pieces focusing on heritage prints and textiles from artisan communities.

One of my favorite aspects of Matter Prints is their pattern cutting process; they use a method to reduce textile waste, and this coat is the perfect example of how beautiful wasting nothing can be!

Check out the Zero Waste Coat

The Chrysalis Cardi
You might be thinking, “This photo looks nothing like a cardigan…” And, you’d be correct! This isn’t your average cardi.

The Chrysalis will soon be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe! It can be styled 8+ ways making it the perfect addition to a small wardrobe or for someone who travels a lot.

Encircled is a sustainable clothing brand made in Canada and designed for women who want to feel put-together while being extra comfortable.

Check out the Chrysalis Cardi and get free shipping with the code ‘GOINGZEROWASTE’

Saint Pendants
Luna & Rose makes jewelry using an entirely closed loop production system. That means they have zero waste from any of their collections! Their pieces are made from recycled sterling silver (so hard to find!) and recycled gold.

They’re also part of 1% For the Planet so they give back to environmental causes with every purchase. I’m partial to Luna & Rose’s St. Assisi, patron saint of the animals and environment, necklace that I have, but they have many other saints like the Saint of Friendship to the Saint of Mothers which might interest you more!

Check out their Saint Pendants

Skyline Bold Earrings
Smiling Rocks creates some beautiful pieces with lab grown diamonds. These skyline bold earrings are perfect for gifting this holiday season!

You’ll find rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but one of the best things about this company is their commitment to giving back. 

For every purchase made, Smiling Rocks will donate 10 percent to the charity of your choice. You can choose to help fund educational support, environmental protection, medical support or animal protection.

Check out the Skyline Bold Earrings and get 20% off with the code ‘SmileyXmas’

Aisha Maxi Kimono
This gorgeous robe is perfect for all occasions whether you’re lounging around the pool or heading for a night out! Tamga Designs is known for gorgeous hand drawn prints which tap into the vibrancy and expression of a colorful life!

Tamga Designs is ethically crafted in Bali and this one-size fits all piece is made from 100% Micro-TENCEL a plant based material.

Check out the Aisha Maxi Kimono

Pela Case
Know anyone getting a new phone this year? Gift them an adorable and compostable phone case!

A portion of proceeds from each Pela Case sold goes directly to supporting clean water initiatives.

One of my favorite thing about Pela is that they take full ownership over the lifespan of their product. If you can’t compost you case for any reason, you can send it back and they’ll take care of it for you.

Check out Pela Case and get 20% off with the code ‘GZW20’

gifts for the foodie

I LOVE good food. I mean who doesn’t?

I love simple pleasures like my homemade morning latte traditions which are always made with tea instead of coffee as well as getting to whip up a feast and entertain a crowd.

I mean, I think you’d have to, to have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the last five years. So, here are a few of my favorite kitchen items.

reVessel Adventure Kit
This adventure kit is designed as a completely modular system so all of the pieces can be used together or separate making this perfect for packing up leftovers, getting take away, bringing lunch to work or school, and even for meal prepping.

The kit is also leakproof and oven safe making it a foodies best friend. ReVessel also gives back a portion of each sale to Farmer’s Footprint and Changing Tides.

Check out the reVessel Adventure Kit

Bestselling Bundle
The best thing about the Further Food blends is that they’ve already mixed the adaptogens in!

While Further Food is packaged in plastic, they use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic #2.

Using recycled plastic reduces the carbon footprint by 78%, drastically improves the carbon footprint for travel due to it being lighter than glass, it consumes 90% less energy, and it’s a pure plastic (not a mix!) so it can be recycled again and again.

Check out Further Food’s Bestselling Bundle and get 15% off with the code ‘GOINGZEROWASTE’

Homestead Turkey & Chicken
Let’s be honest, Nala is probably a bigger foodie than me. And, that girl is picky! She’s a food snob and has been known to turn her nose up at A LOT of good food.

However, she LOVES Open Farm! And, I love Open Farm because they have amazing traceability, and they source from Certified Humane farms. They’ve also partnered with Terracycle so all of their packaging can be taken back for recycling.

Check out Nala’s Fav Homestead Turkey & Chicken

Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set
Wize Monkey has made an award-winning delicious tea from coffee leaves. Yes – coffee leaves! Sounds crazy, but when you taste it, you’ll know why it’s critically acclaimed.

Coffee leaves normally get discarded during the 9 month off season when most most farmers are out of work so Wize Monkey is helping by offering employment during that time! My personal favorite is the loose leaf Earl Gray.

Check out the build your own loose leaf gift set and get 20% off with the code ‘gwf20’

I really hope you enjoyed my gift guide this year! I’m going to link to a few more holiday posts below, and stay tuned for my Stocking Stuffer guide that’s coming out on Friday!

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