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The best sustainable baby clothing brands

Sustainable Fashion

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

It’s important to choose Sustainable Baby Clothing Brands to help the environment while giving your baby safe and comforting clothes. Parenting can bring on a whole new slew of challenges when it comes to sustainability. One of those challenges can be clothing. 

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The problem with baby clothing is that babies grow out of those cute onesies and rompers so quickly. The average size change will happen in three months. A lot of these slightly used clothes end up in landfills. 

This is why shopping second-hand for baby clothing is a great option. Clothing with a three month shelf-life doesn’t wear out easily. Not only is it more affordable, but when you’re done in a few months, you can re-donate. 

Another great way to find second-hand is to just ask your community. You’ll likely find plenty of other parents with clothing they’re ready to part with.   

shopping for sustainable baby clothes

When you do consider shopping, it’s a good idea to do some homework on the brands you’re buying from. Babies and toddlers can be victims of fast fashion. I’m very serious here. It’s frightening how some companies use toxic chemicals to cut corners. A recent Marketplace investigation revealed that clothes, including items for babies and children, have elevated levels of toxic chemicals like lead

More disturbing research has been done on clothing that shows that not only are these chemicals harmful to people, but the environment as well. So, when you are shopping for baby clothes, it’s important to consider the sustainability of the clothing. 

Sustainability has a few components, like manufacturing conditions, fair wages, and what types of materials are used in the clothing. Shopping for sustainable clothes is sometimes easier said than done, but here’s a list of a few brands that I liked. 

11 sustainable baby clothing brands

1. frugi

  • UK-based company
  • Makes sustainable, organic cotton clothing for babies and children
  • Clothes are made from Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)-certified organic cotton
  • Use eco-friendly dyes
  • Have a line of 100% recycled outerwear made from post-consumer plastic bottles
  • Great selection of both baby and toddler clothes, and they even have a maternity line
baby wearing sustainable baby clothing

2. hanna andersson

  • Swedish clothing company built on principles like commitment to sustainability and iconic design
  • Clothes are high quality and very durable
  • Not certified organic, but a majority of their cotton is sustainably grown
  • Use low-impact dyes and recycled materials
  • Beautiful selection of matching family outfits

3. patagonia

  • Have a selection of baby and toddler clothes made from sustainable material
  • Uses certified organic cotton, recycled polyester and wool 
  • Have a line of down jackets for babies and toddlers that are made from recycled down

4. cuski

  • UK-based company that makes sustainable, organic cotton bibs, blankets, and swaddles for babies
  • Have bamboo muslins and wraps, which are super soft and gentle on baby’s skin
  • Trusted by hospitals and retailers who sell their products to new parents

5. babysoy

  • Uses sustainable materials like organic cotton and soybean fiber, a sustainable, renewable resource that is made from the by-products of tofu production
  • Clothes are soft, absorbent, and have anti-bacterial properties
  • Offer animal plushies, which are also made from the same sustainable materials!

6. finn + emma

  • Use low-impact dyes and recycled materials
  • Partner with a number of charities that focus on early childhood development
  • Clothes are stylish and comfortable
  • Have a great selection for both boys and girls

7. burt’s bees

  • All of their cotton is certified organic
  • Use low-impact dyes
  • Clothes are simple and comfortable
  • Has a few different styles for both boys and girls
  • Partnered with Save the Children to help provide sustainable clothing to families in need for every Baby Bee Box sold.

8. l’ovedbaby

  • Great selection of baby clothes, including onesies, sleepers, leggings, and dresses
  • Beautiful pastel color palette and simple designs
  • Perfect for a sustainable baby wardrobe!

9. kite clothing

  • UK-based sustainable baby clothing brand
  • Dedicated to making clothes from sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled plastic bottled or fabrics
  • Their supply chain is certified by Control Union to GOTS 
  • Have a beautiful selection of baby and children’s clothes, as well women’s clothing, making them a great option for sustainable family fashion

10. the honest company

  • Popular eco-friendly baby and toddler brand. 
  • Toxin-free and made from sustainable materials like organic cotton and bamboo
  • Have a small selection of sustainable baby clothes, including onesies, pants, and skirts
  • Do your shopping for your little one all in one place

11. giggle

  • Multilabel retailer that carries a variety of sustainable baby clothes from different brands
  • Feature a section of their website dedicated to sustainable fashion
  • Have a great selection of brands
  • Carry a variety of sustainable toys, furniture, and other baby products – making it easy to green your nursery!
  • Give 1% of their sales to environmental charities

12. rent-a-romper

  • Fully circular baby clothing rental membership  
  • Memberships include unlimited swaps, free shipping in reusable packaging, no penalty for stains
  • Clothing is cleaned + sanitized using eco detergents  
  • Cancel anytime 


what is GOTS certification?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a global certification standard for organic textiles. To receive GOTS certification, a company must meet a number of social and environmental criteria, including using only certified organic cotton and sustainable dyes.

what is the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton?

Organic cotton, on top of requiring much less water than traditional cotton, is grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. This means that it’s better for the environment, and it’s also safer for your baby.

Regular cotton is grown using these chemicals, which can end up in the fabric of the clothing. So, while regular cotton is cheaper, it’s not necessarily the best choice for your baby.

what are some other sustainable materials for baby clothes?

There are a number of sustainable materials that can be used for baby clothes, including bamboo, wool, and hemp. However, organic cotton is still the best choice when it comes to eco-friendly baby clothes.

do sustainable baby clothes cost more?

Yes, sustainable baby clothes tend to be more expensive than regular baby clothes. However, they’re usually better quality and will last longer. They’re also often made by brands that prioritize workers and pay them a fair living wage. In the long run, sustainable baby clothes are actually a better value.

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