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5 Sustainable and Ethical Athleisure Pieces to Keep You Cozy All Winter Long

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Last Updated on December 6, 2023

Since I’ve started working from home, I’ve been wearing a lot of sweatshirts. Getting dressed is an important part of my morning routine because I’m not productive when I stay in my pajamas.

But, just because I get dressed doesn’t mean I don’t like to be cozy. I have several thick sweaters and sweatshirts that I’ve been living in!

I think these pieces fall into athleisure wear which is kind of a middle ground between yoga pants and every day clothes. These sweatshirts are cozy, warm, comfy, but not pajama enough that it interferes with my productivity.

I’ve rounded up my five favorite pieces that I’m living in this cozy fall and winter season.

1. sahar oversized drawstring hoodie:

  • made by: Amour Vert and produced in San Francisco (so local to me!)

  • color: Ivory (cause when you have a white husky you always opt for light colored clothing!)

  • price: $118

  • fabric: 76% Organic cotton and 24% Modal

This hoodie is cozy, stylish, and I feel really put together when I wear it paired with jeans and loafers. Out of all the cozy pieces listed here, this is the one I’m most likely to wear out of the house without feeling self conscious about it.

I can easily run errands around town and walk the dog! It’s also great for cozying up around the fire place to wind down with bliss ball brownie bites!


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2. renew fleece sweater

  • made by: Everlane and produced at a factory Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • color: French Blue

  • price: $58

  • fabric: 35 renewed plastic bottles

I’m honestly still on the fence about plastic fabrics. This is the first plastic fabric piece I’ve accepted and I’m terrified to wash it.

But, it’s pretty darn cozy, and I’ve been wearing it a lot. It is a voluminous sweatshirt that is 80’s reminiscent. I also chose cookie monster blue… so I feel kind of like a muppet… but I’m not complaining.

It’s not a sweater I would normally wear out of the house, but since it has so much volume it’s a great extra layer to pile on while I’m at home.


3. cumulus hoodie:

  • made by: tentree and produced at a factory in China

  • color: pinot

  • price: $62

  • fabric: Hemp Fleck Jersey: 52% Hemp, 48% Recycled Polyester

This sweatshirt is warm, but thin. It’s the perfect sweatshirt to pack in my bag if I’m going on a long walk.

Living in the bay area the weather can easily go from warm to really cold when the fog rolls in. I find having a thin sweater or sweatshirt in my bag and dressing in layers is vital to success!


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4. lightweight french terry crew:

  • made by: Everlane and produced at a factory Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • color: Heather gray

  • price: $38

  • fabric: 100% cotton

This is a really simple sweatshirt. It’s cotton so it’s pretty light weight. I think it’s really nice for layering over a tank top or even a button down.

It’s a little utilitarian, so I tend to wear it while doing chores or working in the yard.


5. beckett shrunken crewneck sweatshirt

  • made by: Amour Vert and produced in San Francisco

  • color: Ivory

  • price: $88

  • fabric: 76% Organic cotton and 24% Modal

This is the exact opposite of the last sweatshirt.

It is WAY too cozy to wear for doing chores. It’s snuggly, snuggly and more pajama like than anything.

This is perfect for lounging around the house sipping tea and reading a book. If you’re looking cuddle up and hibernate this winter, this is the sweatshirt for you!


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