14 Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands for Everyday

I have been on the hunt for sustainable undies for quite sometime, and I figured I must not be the only one. 

I don't even think I'm that picky, but I've struggled finding the perfect bra. I'm a 34A/32B. I don't need a ton of support, but a lot of the options out there provide very little support. 

I can't imagine wearing many of these with anything larger than a C cup. While I don't need a ton of support, I do want my bras to provide shape. 

14 Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands for Everyday from www.goingzerowaste.com

Since my boobs are small, I want them to be rounded and fill my clothes. I don't want padding, I'm not trying to make them bigger. I just don't want them smushed into non-existence. 

I also don't want my bras so thin that so thin that I might as well not be wearing a bra. If my bra is so thin that it doesn't prevent nipping.... then why am I WEARING ONE!? 

I also try to avoid underwire as I find it really uncomfortable, but it's not a compete deal breaker. 

Another problem I've encountered is color. There are a lot more options in black... but I don't wear a lot of black up top. I prefer to wear white, and I can't wear a black bra with a white shirt. 

Bra shopping has mimicked many of my shopping experiences in the sustainable fashion realm. I've found a lot of ethical fashion designers cater to a shapeless, edgy, minimal aesthetic.

If that's your aesthetic, you have hit the jackpot! 

14 Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands for Everyday from www.goingzerowaste.com

It is not mine at all. My style is feminine, preppy, and playful.  I'm pear shaped which means most of the minimal, androgynous styles don't flatter me, and I really, really like to wear things that flatter my shape.

(If you like feminine pieces/pear shaped/etc I will be posting more about the shops I like!) 

Now, this round up isn't only about bras, it's also about undies too, but most of the undies I've tried have been great! 

It's pretty hard to go wrong with undies. I just like to have sets. It's important for my undies and bras to match or at least coordinate. 

When my underwear goes together I am a much more productive human. 

So these are the main things that I'm looking for: 

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Provides shape
  • Ethically Made
  • Sustainable Fabrics
  • Price Matches Quality 
  • Packaging

1. Majamas

This is the set I have in Heavenly Pink.  

Comfort: I've pretty much worn the bra for 6 months non-stop. It is HANDS down my favorite. It says "padded" in the title, but it's really just a shaping insert like you find in bathing suits. 

Support: It is very supportive. It reminds me a lot of a sports bra with shape. While I don't think I'd run a marathon in it... I could if I needed to. 

Provides Shape: YES! The shaping inserts make a world of difference. I've actually taken the shaping inserts out and added them to tank tops with a shelf bra to prevent nipping. 

Ethically Made: Made in the USA!

Sustainable Fabrics: I really love their commitment to sustainable fabrics. They use organic cotton, modal, tencel, and recycled poly.

Price Matches Quality: With how much I've been wearing this bra, it has held up extremely well. The cost is also incredibly reasonable. 

Packaging: No plastic!

The only thing I wish is that Majamas made a style that wasn't so sports bra like. Something with a thinner strap! 

14 Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands for Everyday from www.goingzerowaste.com

2. Brook There: 

This is the set I have in Midnight

Comfort: This set is really, really comfortable. Borderline no bra comfy. I only wish I had gotten a lighter color. I didn't realize that I gravitated towards lighter colored bras until I started this experiment.... 

Support: This bra is surprisingly supportive. I love that it has adjustable straps! 

Provides Shape: This bralette is double lined which provides shape and no nipping. 

Ethically Made: Made in the USA, and I love that they are committed to finding US milled organic cotton. 

Sustainable Fabrics: They mostly use organic cotton and silk. 

Price Matches Quality: The quality on both these pieces is great.

Packaging: Came in an eco enclose made from 88% recycled poly, but inside of the bag there is no plastic. 

I love this set because it's very much like the little black dress of undies. They can be super casual, but also very sexy. Which could also be the midnight color. 

3. Hara: 

This is the set I have in Pink

Comfort: These bra and undies are very, very soft. They are both comfy kinda like pajamas. 

Support: Eh.... it's not that supportive. The straps are really thin, and aren't adjustable. 

Provides Shape: The bralette is really thick so it does provide shape and no nipping. 

14 Sustainable and Ethical Everyday Underwear Brands from www.goingzerowaste.com

Ethically Made: Made in Bali, Indonesia. They are really committed to ethical production allowing the tailors to work in their home and spend time with their families. 

Sustainable Fabrics: They use bamboo which can be a nasty fabric, but they use a non-toxic solvent and plant based dyes so there are no harmful chemicals present in the final product. 

Price Matches Quality: The quality in both of these pieces is great. I like to have multiple pairs of undies for the same bra which makes this one a little spendy, but after several washes they still look like new.

Packaging: Came in a DHL bubble mailer which was a little disappointing, but there was no plastic in the packaging! 

 These undies are so freaking soft. I hope that they come out with a bralette that had a thicker band around the bottom for a little more support! 

4. Only Hearts: 

This is the set I have in Black

Comfort: The panties are fine, but good heavens this bra was not for me. 

Support: There is no support and the elastic is so uncomfortable and consistently rides up often riding up over my boobs

Provides Shape: There is no shape in the bra. 

Ethically Made: Only Hearts is ethically made in New York. 

Sustainable Fabrics: They use local, deadstock and certified made in green textiles.

Price Matches Quality: Such a great deal for the organic undies! 

Packaging: I ordered from Azura Bay and it came in a box with no plastic packaging! 

Only Hearts is a fabulous company and their quality is great, but I picked the wrong bra. Here are a couple I would have tried instead So Fine V Neck* / Second Skin Racerback* / Second Skin Underwire*. Plus I'm just crushing sooooo much on these PJs. 

5. Sokoloff: 

I have a very fancy lingerie set by Sokoloff but it was so high-quality, I had to list the everyday set I'm lusting after. 

Comfort: The bamboo in this is very similar to the bamboo used in the Hara undies so I assume it will be just as comfy. 

14 Sustainable and Ethical Everyday Underwear Brands from www.goingzerowaste.com

Support: This set looks very supportive. The pair of undies I have from Sokoloff was very supportive, but it did have underwire

Provides Shape: Looks like it would provide shape. 

Ethically Made: Made in Canada! 

Sustainable Fabrics: They use organic cotton, organic bamboo, local mills and natural dyes. 

Price Matches Quality: I love the fancy set that I got for Valentine's Day this year The quality is exceptional. 

Packaging: I ordered from Azura Bay and it came in a box with no plastic packaging! 

14 Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands for Everyday from www.goingzerowaste.com


I did not try their bralettes, but I did try their undies and I was extremely disappointed in the quality. The company was a little shady and everything was wrapped in plastic! Each pair of undies individually wrapped and the box was full of plastic bubbles. 

So disappointed. I cannot recommend them as a company. 

Other Sustainable and Ethical Undie Brands that I haven't tried, but are on my list.  

Let me know if there are any sustainable undies that you love that I should add to the list! 

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