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Zero Waste Challenge Day 5: Get Outside

30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Andrea over at Be Zero has you covered for day five! She eloquently describes our connection with nature, and has an awesome challenge for you this month.

I really wanted this challenge to cover more than just standard zero waste swaps and focus on more than reusables. I already have a top 10 list for that. When you start making small changes and zero waste switches, you eventually find yourself thinking about the many aspects of sustainability. 

I started this journey with quitting plastic which led to quitting trash. Which then led me to fast fashion, the meat industry, and learning more and more about what it means to be sustainable. It’s definitely a journey, and I’m still growing and learning.

I used to drive every where. Living in the south, there was nothing in walking distance. The closest thing was a gas station five miles away. One of my favorite things about moving to a downtown area is the opportunity to get outside more! We try to walk everywhere. We can walk to our favorite pub, brewery, coffee shop, the farmers market, and book store. All I’m hoping for is a co-op/bulk store to move downtown too! So, today I want to encourage you to get outside. Walk your dog, explore your town, get on a bike, enjoy this planet.

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