Zero Waste Challenge Day 28: Food Waste

I hate food waste. I know we've already talked about composting. But, I want to encourage you to think about stems and scraps in a different way. Scraps and peels are still food! I would love to do a longer and fuller post on what I like to call "Root to fork" - eating and utilizing the whole veggie! (I did not coin the term) I offer root to fork workshops for those of you interested! 


Here are some of my favorite ways to utilize foods found in the composter. 

the challenge:

    Once this week - before you throw your scraps in the composter, ask yourself if there's anything else you could make with them! Try out some of the recipes above or do a little google searching for ideas.  

    I would love to hear what you come up with. What are some of your favorite ways to re-invent food scraps?