Three Easy Steps to Clean Out Your Closet and Define Your Style

I wore one shirt for seven days in a row, and guess what? 

No one noticed. 

Three easy steps to clean out your closet and define your style from

Really, I mean no one even cared. Which is amazing; because, my whole life I’ve been led to believe wearing the same thing in the same week was taboo. And, heaven forbid you wear the same dress to two different events.

These are all messages the fashion industry has bombarded us with. They want you to feel as though your outfit is outdated the moment after you wear it. 

One Shirt for Seven days from Three Easy Steps to Clean out your Closet and Define your wardrobe from

Fast fashion has fed us so many lies. They have pioneered 52 “micro-seasons” to constantly pump out new inventory; so, we’re constantly looking for the newest hottest trend.

Places like Forever 21 and H&M receive new items anywhere from every day to twice a week. If you haven’t watched the documentary the True Cost, I highly recommend it.

It really highlights the unethical practice of fast fashion and how it’s damaging the planet. It is the most polluted industry next to the meat industry.

And, most of the clothes we wear are plastic, and when they’re washed tiny plastic particles the size of micro-plankton migrate into the water system and into the ocean where fish gobble them up. Then you get the pleasure of feasting upon them at your next seafood dinner. 

In the 1940’s the average woman had 9 outfits. In the 60’s people on average attained 10 pieces of new clothing a year. Now, each person receives roughly 70 new garments a year!

Our closets are packed and yet we still face the dilemma of nothing to wear. It's all shoddily made garbage that never quite fits or looks right. 

So, what can we do about this? How do we tame our abundance?

1.      Define your style

Right now, I want you to picture your five favorite pieces of clothing. This can be anything from your brand-new pumps to the green crushed velvet dress your mom bought you for your second grade piano recital.

Put the timer on for 60 seconds and go. 

1. Yellow Shirt Dress 2. Luggage Tan Loafers 3. Navy Blue Pleated Skirt 4. Silk Tunic 5. High Waisted Trouser Jeans

1. Yellow Shirt Dress 2. Luggage Tan Loafers 3. Navy Blue Pleated Skirt 4. Silk Tunic 5. High Waisted Trouser Jeans

2.      Now why did you like them? Do you have a pattern?  

Most of my clothing is preppy and polished with an occasional edgy flare. It’s a little bit of 1950’s meets 1970’s.

I like things to be high waisted; because, I have the longest torso known to mankind and I like my legs to look longer. I have a large rear and a skinny waist, so I like my skirts and dresses to cinch in and breeze over my hips.

For the same reason I like tunics: they hit right below the widest parts of your thighs making you look slimmer.

This is my pattern, and how I base my wardrobe. Now that you know your parameters, this will help you when shopping or cleaning out. 

Ask yourself: DOES THIS FIT MY CORE STYLE? This will help eliminate unnecessary purchases and keep your wardrobe from overflowing.

3. Separate into two piles.

Pull everything out of your closet, drawers, coat closets, dryer, everywhere and anywhere. Dump it all on the floor. ALL. OF. IT!

Pick up each piece and ask yourself, “Do I love it?” If you’re on the fence, “Does this fit my core style?” If you’re still on the fence put it in a box to be placed out of sight.

If you don’t think about it in a week or two, donate it. Everything else should be separated into two piles. I love it or donate it. 

You should, now, be left with pieces that

make you feel genuinely happy. 

I have done this three times, and I’m finally starting to feel like my closet is really coming together. 


Fall and Winter Capsule Wardrobe from three easy steps to clean out your closet and define your style from

Here’s my Capsule Wardrobe for Fall and Winter. My Yellow dress is not weather appropriate for the coming season so it is missing, but you will find it in my spring and summer capsule for sure.

I’m not entirely sure a capsule wardrobe is for me. There are three shirts I LOVE, but are in drawer out of sight because they don’t fit into this desired scheme.

I may be a rebel and break them out. I feel like a capsule is slightly inhibiting, and the whole point of this is to be left with clothes you love.

After the next six months, we'll see how I feel. Have you tried a capsule? Did it work for you? 

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