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10 Best Countertop Kitchen Compost Bin Options

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Last Updated on October 12, 2023

These kitchen compost bin options are a must-have if you’re choosing to live a zero waste lifestyle. When I went zero waste, composting was the number one thing that helped me cut down on how much I was tossing out every week. The food scraps you create in the kitchen (think carrot tops, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc.) really add up.

By using a kitchen compost bin, you can recycle what many consider to be garbage into beautiful compost. You’d be amazed at how much food waste you produce once you start storing it in a kitchen composter. Indoor compost bins are usually inexpensive, convenient, and a great way to start your composting journey! I’ve compiled my favorite small compost bin options for my readers to choose from to get you started.

Photo of a kitchen compost bin in a window sill with overlay text reading "The Best Countertop Compost Bins"

kitchen compost bin

Food scraps don’t break down in a landfill. Instead, they produce methane gas which is 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide.  

Anyone can compost — even if you live in an apartment or have limited space. I highly recommend investing in a kitchen composter, because you can just add your food scraps to it as you cook throughout the week.  

At the end of the week, you can dump your bits and ends at your local food scrap drop off location. Typically, farmers markets, community gardens, and local farms will be happy to accept this. You can also make your own compost bin too. 

I’m sharing the best countertop compost bins that’ll make composting your food scraps a breeze. 

what can I use as a countertop compost bin? 

If you’re on a budget or just starting out, you can use any sealable container as a small compost bin. Plastic takeout containers (like the kind wonton soup comes in), coffee containers, ice cream containers, and metal tins are all great options. 

Before you start using an impromptu countertop compost bin, make sure to wash it out really well first. Especially if there was oil, meat, or dairy inside of it at any point, as these are much harder to compost.  

Keep in mind that these aren’t meant for long term use. When you’re ready, you can switch over to a kitchen compost bin like the ones I’ll be discussing in this article. 

Photo of a cutting board with fresh veggies, herb plant, and an indoor compost bin.

do small compost bins smell? 

Countertop compost bins smell only if they’re done incorrectly, meaning not sealed properly.  

Most indoor compost bins sold online have a built-in compartment at the top for a charcoal filter that helps curb odor. You must replace the filters every three to six months, otherwise you may start to smell the compost inside the pail. 

A good way to prevent smell, especially if you’re using an impromptu countertop compost bin, is to put it in the freezer or fridge when you’re done adding to it.  

When I first started composting, I was using a plastic takeout container and put it in the back of my fridge so it wouldn’t get smelly — and this worked great for me. 

does a kitchen compost bin need air holes? 

Yes, kitchen compost bins need air holes to help the composting material “breathe” so to speak. The bacteria in charge of breaking the food scraps down needs oxygen to get the job done.  

Without holes, compost can heat up quickly due to excessive gas production.  

However, having air holes doesn’t necessarily mean you have to smell the rotting food inside it. Many compost pails that have air holes also have charcoal filters. This allows air to vent through the pail, without you having to smell any odors.  

If you’re making a DIY countertop compost pail, you should consider buying a pack of charcoal filters to attach to your compost container lid. Especially if you plan on using it long term, rather than a quick fix. 

Personally, when I was using the plastic takeout container for my food scraps, I didn’t poke any holes or attach charcoal filters simply because I was keeping it in the fridge half the time.  

Close up photo of a small compost bin filled with food scraps.

what should you not compost? 

There are several items you should not compost, especially meat, oils, and dairy items (like milk, cheese, etc.).  

While meat and dairy would absolutely break down under the right circumstances, it would also attract unwanted pests to your compost heap. Oils and greasy foods aren’t compostable either, as critters tend to be attracted to the smell of this as well. 

If you have the room, here’s more information regarding how to compost in a backyard. However, if you take your scraps to a drop off center, always abide by what they do and don’t allow. For example, many places won’t be able to process compostable plastics unless you have access to industrial composting facilities. 

For a full list of what you can and cannot compost, be sure to check out my blog post Composting 101 (125+ Household Items You Can Compost)

what’s the best countertop indoor compost bin?  

I’ve listed the best countertop composter options below that get the Going Zero Waste seal of approval. Even if you have limited countertop space, there’s something for everyone.  

Some of these bins are made from recycled content, whereas others are made from natural materials. A few bins are compatible with compostable bags, while others don’t require them for easy cleanup. 

I’ve gone ahead and highlighted some key features of each brand, but it isn’t an exhaustive list. Be sure to check out their websites for more information.  

the best kitchen composter options

oxo: 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins For Kitchen Scraps

1. oxo

  • Plastic compost bin with handle 
  • Two sizes to choose from 
  • Smooth interior walls for easy cleanup 
  • Every piece comes apart

/ SHOP OXO /  

bamboozle: 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins For Kitchen Scraps

2. bamboozle

  • Compost pail made from bamboo fibers with handle 
  • 1.15 gallon 
  • Uses replaceable carbon filters 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Dishwasher safe 


uncommon goods: 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins For Kitchen Scraps

3. uncommon goods

  • Carbon steel compost bin 
  • 2 quarts 
  • Replaceable carbon filter inside lid 
  • Plastic liner eliminates need for waste bags 
  • Small handle 


minky: 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins For Kitchen Scraps

4. minky

  • Plastic compost bin with handle 
  • 3.5L (0.9 gal) 
  • Ideal for small spaces 
  • Made in the UK 


natural home: 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins For Kitchen Scraps

5. stainless steel natural home

  • Recycled stainless steel compost bin with handle 
  • 1.8 gallon 
  • Replaceable charcoal filters 
  • Recyclable at end of life 


full circle home: 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins For Kitchen Scraps

6. breeze full circle home

  • Recycled plastic, partially recycled steel compost bin with handle 
  • .85 gallons 
  • B Corporation 


biobag: 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins For Kitchen Scraps

7. vented biobag

  • Vented compost bin made from recycled plastic with handle 
  • 2-3 gallons 
  • Compatible with 2-3 gallon compost bin bags for easy cleanup 
  • BPA free  


natural home: 10 Best Countertop Compost Bins For Kitchen Scraps

8. ceramic natural home

  • Ceramic compost bin with handle 
  • 1 gallon 
  • Replaceable charcoal filters 
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended 


full circle home

9. scrappy happy full circle home

  • Compost bin made from silicone, wire rim recycled stainless steel 
  • .6 gallon  
  • Wire rim attaches to drawers
  • BPA-free 


full circle home

10. fresh air full circle home

  • Compost bin made from recycled plastic, partially recycled steel 
  • 1.5 gallons 
  • Comes with 5 compostable bags 



how do i keep fruit flies out of my compost bin?

Despite all of the built in features of countertop compost bins, many find fruit flies to be inevitable, regardless. However, there are ways you can combat this! Place a piece of newspaper, a used paper towel, brown paper bag, diatomaceous earth, or other dry, compostable substance over the scraps each time you add to it. This helps absorb moisture and odor alike, deterring the flies attracted to the scent.

are maggots in my countertop compost bin ok?

Generally speaking, yes! It freaks some people out to have maggots in their kitchen, but if you keep the lid sealed, the rest of your home is perfectly sanitary. Maggots actually contribute to the breaking down of organic material and help turn into nutrient rich compost.

What do you think of these countertop compost bins? Which would you try? Let me know in the comments.

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