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Homemade Aloe Vera Gel


Last Updated on September 2, 2022

Learn how to make homemade aloe vera gel in just 10 minutes. Keep the chilled DIY aloe vera gel for burns, moisturizing your skin, and cooling you down.

We will explain how to make aloe vera gel, as well as how to use it. It helps take the edge off of the pain from burns but can also be used to keep your skin fresh and moisturized. Plus, it can be used as a hair conditioner and so much more!

homemade aloe vera gel

home made aloe vera gel

Funny story: I made this fabulous broccoli and cheese soup. 

It was a gloomy, gray day; so I thought I’d pop outside to take a picture and absorb as much natural light as I could. After shooting outside, the soup got cold. And, no one wants cold soup on a chilly, grim day.

Being at work, I placed it in the microwave for a quick reheat.

Unfortunately, I dropped that now piping hot soup everywhere. It made a HUGE mess and led to a second-degree burn on my arm.

Thus began the great aloe vera experiment. I have an aloe plant I’m quite fond of named, Hal.

making aloe vera gel

Of course, I could have snapped a leaf and used the leaf to treat my burn. But, I didn’t want to be consistently cutting up my aloe vera plant.

Plus, there are tons of uses for aloe vera gel I want to try: conditioner, cleanser, hair texturizer, body scrubs, eyeliner, salves, etc. 

When you google making your own beauty products, a lot of them call for aloe gel.

But, a lot of the aloe gels I’ve seen on the market are more gel than aloe.

That thick gel consistency of store-bought isn’t natural but rather comes with a laundry list of mixed chemicals for filler, viscosity, and preserving.

And, making your own DIY aloe vera gel is SO EASY! 

arm with a burn

how to make aloe vera gel:

  • 1 Aloe Vera Leaf (Roughly 14″ long)
  • 1 Teaspoon of Vitamin E (optional)

Trim one leaf of an aloe vera plant using a diagonal cut. I used a leaf roughly 14″ long, about the size pictured below.

Peel one side of the leaf with a vegetable peeler or use a knife very carefully. Start at the top of the leaf and work your way down.

There may be some yellowish liquid that will drain out first; you don’t want to use that.

When making the aloe vera gel, you want the clear aloe vera goop (technical term) that should be exposed.

Use a spoon to scrape all of that clear goodness into the base of a blender.

Add 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Puree. This should break up the goop and make it easier for topical application.

If you don’t have enough goop to coat the blades of your blender you will need to use another leaf. I have a small blender base, and it just barely covered the blades.

I have a video at the bottom of my mouthwash post that will show you how to get the goop! 

The anti-inflammatory properties will help heal 1st and 2nd degree burns, as well as sunburns.

While it won’t heal scarring, it will moisturize the area. It also has powerful antioxidants which aid in skin rejuvenation and work as a natural preservative. 

white cup with aloe vera being poured into it

how to use homemade aloe vera gel

You can simply rub the homemade aloe vera gel on your burn gently. Or you can apply a lot and tie a cotton tea towel around your burn to let it really soak in.

hand wrapped in a towel

frequently asked questions

how long does DIY aloe vera gel last?

The DIY aloe vera gel keeps for 2-3 weeks in the fridge.

why add vitamin E when making aloe vera gel?

While it’s completely optional, adding vitamin E when you are making aloe vera gel serves as a natural preservative for the homemade aloe vera gel. Plus, it’s another ingredient that helps heal cuts and burns.

can I use homemade aloe vera gel on blisters and cuts?

Yep, adding a little bit of aloe vera gel to your cuts and blisters helps them heal faster (or at least helps them feel better). Homemade aloe vera gel is not just for burns and sunburns!

Do you have an aloe vera plant? What homemade remedies have you used? 

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  1. Have you noticed any success with healing your burn? I have an aloe plant but I have no idea if I’m killing it or if it is time to replant. He’s the first time I haven’t named a houseplant. I’ve killed so many and don’t want to get attached…

    1. Yes, it’s almost completely healed! Hmm.. they’re very resilient. How often do you water him? I haven’t been watering hal recently; because, it’s been raining so much. But, he seems to be LOVING the water. Lots of new spikes. I’d water at least twice a week.

  2. Hooray for homemade, homegrown remedies! I find a cucumber slice pressed to a burn also works wonders…for me, it seems to work even better than aloe from my plant, but I’m itching to try your recipe! Looks like a good one. Heal well friend!

  3. Looks great! Is there a way to preserve this gel? Would you recommend adding a preservative such as vodka? X

    1. Vitamin E is a natural preservative. I wouldn’t add alcohol since it’s very drying and kind of the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve. If you’re not using it as moisturizer or a burn treatment you might be able to use it. I’d just do some more research.

  4. Growing up, my mom had an aloe plant in the living room. Whenever I’d get a cut or burn she would break off a small piece and put the gel on my cut/burn. Best treatment and great memories!

  5. Seems I’m a little late for this conversation lol I have an aloe, well I will just call it a community, that I’ve grown for 20+ years. I’ve always used the plants for my personal use. Now I’m seeing bigger potential. Im not seeking to make money. I and all my male family members work outside all year round. Skin cancer is a constant threat in my world. Im trying to figure out the most effective way to prepare and use gods gift.
    P.S. Hal ?? that is awesome and made me realize I need to make my ladies…
    Any feedback is greatly welcomed @ [email protected]. thanks have a blessed day

  6. Hi Kath, do you think this will work when I apply it to my hair? I have a very dry hair and I think its finding equilibrium since i’ve started going zero waste 9 mos ago. I’ve shifted from shampoo bar to baking soda and ACV. I feel like my hair needs more moisture. But then also i have to consider that I travel a lot as a documentary filmmaker & photographer. Can you recommend this aloe recipe for storing on glass when traveling to mountains without fridge? Thank you so much!

  7. There is a way to treat your burns so there are no marks and no pain even if the burn is quite bad: egg white. Just as soon as you have cooled your burn for minute or two under cold running water, you break an egg to a glass (you can use it later) and rub some white on your skin. It helps instantly. You can add some more as soon as the first layer dryes. It really helps.