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18 Piece Wardrobe

18 Piece Wardrobe

Sustainable Fashion

Last Updated on April 3, 2020

It is January. Does anyone else the get the urge to purge and/or obsessively clean and organize?

Ever since we moved into the house, we’ve been living in partial limbo.

Furniture destined for the studio is crammed every which way in the main house and a tent out back.

Also, props to the tent for withstanding El Nino. Furniture is super dry. Yay! 

But, the studio is almost done. ALMOST.

We’ll finally have our weekends back, space in the house back, and money to spend on important things – like a dresser.

My socks have just been chillin under the bed.

I have cleaned out my closet twice.

This will be my third time, and I think – last time.

Each have been invaluable in showing me what direction I want to move in. 

round one:

Figuring out what *I* really like.  

I think this was a huge success.

I narrowed down my personal style: chic, vintage, prep – loafers will always be my one true love. 

And, I determined my favorite fit: skim the hips, cinch the waist. I dealt with the guilt of giving away clothes that were gifts.

And, just because you loved something doesn’t mean you still love it.

Thank it for the time you had with it, and move on. It was such a freeing experience.

round two:

The capsule wardrobe experiment.

I wasn’t a huge fan. I don’t like the idea of putting away out of season clothes. Maybe there were still too many options?

Maybe I need to do it multiple times to get the hang of it? I just wasn’t all that into it.

round three: 

The 18 Piece Wardrobe.

So, I’m really excited about this.

I really want to try this experiment all year. I don’t have all of these pieces, but I have most of them or something very similar.

I tried to pick only sustainable brands that mirrored what I have in my closet. A lot of my stuff was found second hand. 

I’m getting annoyed with several of the second hand tops I have; because, they’re 100% polyester and I can’t stand wearing them.

There’s no breathe-ability, and I feel like I’m suffocating. I would love to replace a couple of items with natural fibers and more functionality.

I struggle between both worlds.

I think buying second hand is fabulous for the environment. I have more luck at consignment stores than a thrift store when it comes to clothes.

But, it’s still difficult to find natural fibers. I also support fair trade and ethical clothing lines.

I think we absolutely need to support new businesses with ethical practices.   

I’m sure some of you are pretty good at math and realized there’s more than 18 pieces there.

I’m not counting the two coats or the accessories. But,  I do plan to keep them very limited.

I’ve been wearing hats a lot more since I’m wearing a DIY sunscreen that only has about 8-12 SPF.

Perfect for everyday sun exposure like car rides or short walks. But, if I’m in the sun, I really like to wear a hat. Plus, they’re stylish. 

Also Paris To Go has an actual 18 piece wardrobe which includes accessories and is fabulous.

Socks and underwear, obviously not included.

I do need to buy a swim suit. I’m keeping three pairs of PJs. Because, I really cannot let go of my penguin button down jam-jams.

I’m keeping 3 workout outfits. I only have one belt, but would really like another one.

I’ll be keeping a couple of pieces I use in the theatre a lot and I’ll be keeping all 6 pairs of my dance shoes. (Black characters, tan characters, character taps, flat taps, jazz shoes, ballet shoes.)

What do you think about wardrobe minimalism? Have your tried a capsule? What did you think? 

PS I can’t wait for a dresser. 

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  1. I COMPLETELY feel you on trying to avoid polyester secondhand. It’s my main obstacle. I take solace in the fact that capsule wardrobes encourage quality pieces, which are meant to last longer (and be super fly). I’ll keep looking for secondhand, but I won’t scold myself for treating myself to an ethically sourced and produced linen blouse–because that is so happening in my future.

  2. Yes – I am trying to minimise my wardrobe too. 18 may be far too small for me at the moment, but I agree on some of the secondhand items I own. Either I have spotted some ‘wear and tear’ issues or the fabrics annoy me.

  3. This makes me smile! I’ve given up plastic, I’ve got rid of my bin and I’ve embraced minimalism with open arms – but I still have a wardrobe completely rammed full of things! It makes no sense. It seems to be the easiest thing for everyone else yet I’ve struggled and struggled to let go. After countless efforts I set myself a goal to get down to 100 things. I thought that was reasonable. Then I passed it… probably to about 90. Until fairly recently I thought Project 333 was an impossible dream. But if you keep working and working (and working) towards something it does get easier. Maybe I’ll get to my capsule wardrobe after all! ; )

    Whilst you’ve got far less than me it’s reassuring to know that other people struggle with this, at least a little! I agree with your comments about second-hand vs new but fair trade, and damn polyester!

    Maybe we can spur each other on! : )

  4. I am with you on the dresser; I’ve waited 2 months to get a wardrobe in our new flat. Dressing from a suitcase is not fun, and such a mess! My capsule ranges from 30-40ish pieces altogether, and I think there is room for even less, but I find that if I reduce more, I would have less than 8 tops at my disposal, which means I will struggle with my goal to only wash once a week – because I run out of things to wear (like, literally). Otherwise I might try it šŸ™‚

    1. Yes! Enough clothes for the week is very important. I don’t wash clothes until they stink. Washes only cause wear and tear. I think that’s how I’ve managed to keep a lot of my clothes for 8 years. But, I know it’s coming time to replace them soon.

  5. Glad I’m not the only minimalist who doesn’t do the capsule wardrobe! I like having almost all my clothes hung up in my closet so I can see what I have. Where I live it definitely gets snowy and cold in the winter and can get pretty hot in the summer, but overall I tend to wear the same clothes, just slightly adjusted with an extra layer if needed and the right footwear and outerwear. I think I have less an 30 items total- definitely a lot less than I used to! šŸ™‚ anyway- I love your Instagram and am looking forward to reading your blog!

  6. Love this! I also appreciate that you will (on occasion) buy new. I have a few wish list items for my capsule (yup I use a capsule, kinda) that I just haven’t been able to track down secondhand. How do you feel about Eileen Fisher? They are a big company but they seem really invested in sustainable practices and their clothes are gorgeous.

  7. I love wardrobe minimalism! I did a huge purge to get to what I thought was my bare minimum. But just recently I whittled things down again. I’m going with 7 things in each category and am working on a big post about it. So fun!! šŸ™‚

  8. I love your efforts towards becoming zero waste, it’s inspired me! I understand your feelings on polyester, too! How do you plan to dispose of clothing? This was a clean-out, so many nicer items can be donated, but for damaged clothes or shoes(!) what are your plans? Natural fibers can be shredded and composted, like lint. But what about synthetic? I guess you reuse the material for weaving projects! But what about shoes?? I’m sure the individual leather-rubber- cloth materials can be reused or recycled, but I have no idea where to begin!

    1. Thank you! The 18 piece is strictly experimental. I put a lot in storage for later. But you can use leftover fabric for rags or send it to fabric recycling where they recycle scraps. There’s a shoe buy back program that nike has. A lot of my shoes are cole haan which have nike soles. I also like to get my shoes repaired at the cobbler to extend their life. You can use the contact form on my blog to message me if you have any more questions!

  9. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the capsule wardrobe! Like Cutthefrills I also use my summer clothes in the winter, just with more layering. I live in Iceland, where the winters are not so terribly cold and the summers are not so warm, so…there is not so much difference in summer and winter wardrobe anyway ;)…

  10. love this. will you do a post (if you haven’t) with all the outfits you can create with your capsule wardrobe? šŸ™‚

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