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Zero Waste Meal Plan: Week Two

Zero Waste Meal Plan: Week Two

Plant Based Recipes

Last Updated on September 11, 2020

I’m afraid my meal plans are going to eventually become redundant. Nachos and pizza all day er’ day. Ok, not really. But, sometimes it feels like it. Not that I’m complaining.

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For a long time, I really tried to make new and creative dinners. But, Justin is picky. I mean PICKY. And, if he just wants nachos, pizza, and burgers every day – who am I to judge. If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em. 

So, as long as it’s whole, real food i.e. no white refined sugar or enriched/bleached white flour. I don’t really care too much. We’ve also been finding ways to balance meatless and dairyless with meatful and dairyful. There are a lot of non-words in this post so far. 

I would like to write a whole post on tips for having a successful interdietary relationship. But, until then my number one tip – don’t make meat the focus; make it a side or topping. 

I know that seems like a no brainer but it totally rocked my world. So, a lot of the stuff I make can have meat or dairy mixed in, but the meal never hinges on that element. Except maybe burger? But, I can whip up a veggie burger with leftover roasted veggies under 10 minutes. 

Week 2

step one: inventory

Still have tomatoes, squash, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, and tortilla chips.

step two: budgets

Last week I spent under $26 for the whole week. My goal this week is under $30. I know I have a $60+ visit to the bulk store coming up soon 

step three: shop


  • $21 Organic Bread: I know I said I normally make bread, but I’m obsessed with this stuff. It’s delicious, fermented, and so easy! Bread in my own packaging at the farmers market is a dream come true. 
  • $3 Conventional but Sustainable Apples 
  • $1 Conventional but Sustainable Corn
  • $1 Organic Tomatoes
  • $2 Organic Spinach
  • $2 Organic Peppers
  • $2 Conventional Mushrooms
  • $3 Organic Strawberries
  • $4 Pastured Organic Eggs

TOTAL: $39

Definitely over budget this week. But, I was buying bread for the next two weeks. So, if you take out next weeks loaf, I’m only $2 over budget… so not that bad. 


I typically buy meat for Justin once a month. which is about $50. Last time I got meat, they were out of bacon, and he’s been really wanting some. So, I’ll probably pick up half a pound this week for $5ish. 

step four: plan

Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, Raisin Bread with Jam, Avocado Toast, Peanut butter toast, Bagels, Tomato Bagels, Freezer Smoothies

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Veggie Salads with Vinaigrette, Chicken Caesar Salads, Bean and Cheese Quesadillas, Roasted Red Pepper Soup, Leftovers

Dinner: Half Pepperoni, Half Mushroom Pizza, Nachos, Chicken/Veggie Fajitas, Beef and Broccoli/Mushroom and Broccoli, Loaded Baked Potatoes, and Veggie Bolognese Pasta or Lasagna. 

step five: prep

Lots of prepping happening in the kitchen this week. I’m going to be making quite a few snacks like energy bites and chocolate chip cookies. Also, thinking about making some hummus…. I mean you can never go wrong with making hummus, right? 

I also have several DIY’s I’m working on in the kitchen. Whipping up a second batch of body butter, sunscreen, and a bug spray. I tested the bug spray while performing in Shakespeare in the Park last year. I managed to escape with only three mosquito bites. THREE! That’s amazing for me.  

What are you prepping in your kitchen this week? 

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  1. Please write a post about interdietary relationships! This post was already super helpful, but keep the advice coming! 😀

  2. I was wondering if you could post how you make the bug spray. My daughter gets big welts and has very sensitive skin. Thank you!

  3. Hey, love your ideas. I’m struggling with plastic-free grocery shopping and looking for more ideas. I see in your week meals you have cheese, meat, nachos. I was wondering how you buy these items without packaging?