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The 10 Best Solar Generator for House Options to Sustainably Keep the Lights On

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Last Updated on September 15, 2023

Shop the 10 best options for a solar generator for the house. I’ve rounded up models to keep your lights on while camping, during blackouts, or to sustainably power your home!

Whether you want a solar powered generator for camping or a solar generator for the house, these are the absolute best solar generators on the market, with pros and cons to each one. These are some of the best solar powered generators due to their versatility, power, and sustainability, making them stand out across the market. There’s even a whole house solar powered generator on this list, capable of generating enough power for your home in the case of an emergency or blackout!

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the best solar generators

Going camping or looking for backups in case of a power outage? Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, the best solar generators are quiet, smell-free, and don’t contribute to climate change.  

Solar generators create power through solar panels (typically sold separately), converting it into electrical power, then storing it in a battery for later use.  

Before investing in a solar powered generator, make sure to estimate how much power you’ll need to run appliances, tools, and tech in case of a power outage or whatever you’ll need in the wilderness. The best solar powered generator for you will be the one that provides enough power for your needs.

Once you know how many watts you’ll need, be sure to look for a generator that has the right weight, dimensions, and outlets. Here are the 10 best options for a solar powered generator for house or camping needs, and beyond!

what is a solar generator? 

A solar generator is a device that works alongside solar panels to provide essential automatic backup power to your home when you need it.

This comes in handy during power outages, but it can also be used for off-the-grid living and camping. There are many different types of generators that range in style, size, function, and brand.  

For more information on how solar energy works, check out my post Is Solar Power Worth It?

how does a solar generator work? 

A solar generator works when a solar panel converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity that passes through the charge controller.

Then, the solar energy is stored inside the battery. The inverter turns the electricity into accessible alternating current (AC) power.  

best whole house solar powered generator for off grid living  

If you’re going off the grid or looking for a whole house solar powered generator, the Bluetti Off-Grid Solar Generator AC200P is perfect for you.

This model can charge most high-power appliances such as fridges, window air conditioners, hairdryers, microwave ovens, coffee makers (Max 2000W), heaters, electric grills, drills, etc. 

You can also power up to 17 devices simultaneously thanks to the wide arrange of output options. 

best solar powered generator for camping 

For camping, a Jackery Explorer 500 is ideal because it’s portable and lightweight with an easy to use handle.

It can also be charged multiple ways via solar panels, wall sockets, a vehicle’s 12V output, or an electric generator — which makes it very versatile.  

You can also charge up without having to worry about wall outlets or long extension cords. That makes this generator perfect for the great outdoors – use it to power your blender, tools, pellet smoker, heated blankets, etc.  

pros and cons of a solar generator 

For your convenience, I’ve made a list of the top pros and cons of a solar generator.  


  • Free energy from the sun 
  • Clean energy  
  • Quiet operation 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Lasts several years 


  • High upfront cost 
  • Limited power supply (depending on watts) 
  • Slow recharge 

Just remember that every solar generator is different, so this is a generic list. For example, there are several solar generators that won’t break the bank. It’s really just a matter of what you need.

Keep in mind — the more watts a generator can dish out, the pricier it will generally be. 

what to look for in a solar powered generator 

Not all solar powered generators are created equal. When deciding which solar generator is right for you, there are some things to consider. 

  • Solar panels: Some generators come with them, while others will have to be purchased separately, so be mindful of this. There are three common types of solar panels — monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline solar cells, and thin film. Each varies in efficiency, with monocrystalline panels being the most common and efficient. However, thin panels are the lightest and most affordable. 
  • Weight: Are you planning on using your generator on the go? If so, weight is something to factor in – you don’t want to lug something heavy around the wilderness. Look for additional portability aspects like an easily accessible handle too.  
  • Battery capacity: Battery capacity indicates the total amount of electricity a generator can store. It’s good to also know their power rating (how much power they’ll deliver at a time). If they have a low power rating, but high battery capacity, they’ll likely deliver less electricity for a longer period. Always check the Watt (W) for a unit of power and Watt-hour (Wh) for the total amount of watts generated or consumed in an hour. 
  • Battery type: Lead-acid and lithium-ion are the most common types. Lithium is lightweight and often used to power tools, whereas lead-acid batteries are better for powering things like automobiles. Lithium-ion batteries are a bit more expensive, but they also last longer. 
  • Charge controller: Check for three-power point tracking (MPPT) as these are the most efficient charge controllers. This will help regulate the current between the solar panels and the battery.  
  • Inverter: These convert direct current (DC) from solar panels to alternating current (AC). They’re built into the solar generators. A pure sine wave inverter is the most efficient inverter but also the most expensive.  

best solar powered generators 

So, now you know what to look for in solar powered generators. 

If your head is spinning from all this information – don’t fear! I’ve rounded up a list of solar powered generators that get the Going Zero Waste seal of approval. All these brands are reliable, gas free, and efficient. 

I’ve gone ahead and highlighted some of the most important features of each generator, but it isn’t an exhaustive list. Be sure to check out their websites for more information. 

1. BioLite solar generator 1500 mid kit 

  • 1521 Wh Rechargeable Power Station 
  • Easy read dashboard for ease of access 
  • Fairly lightweight, 26lbs 
  • Over 13 ports (AC, DC, and wireless options) 
  • Comes with 2 SolarPanel 100 units included, but the BaseCharge 1500 can be connected to a maximum of 4 panels for 400W of fast charging + off-grid access
  • The BaseCharge 1500 power station is also available as part of the BaseCharge Home Emergency Kit with backup lighting for home emergency preparedness


Jackery solar generator for house

2. jackery explorer 500 solar portable generator 

  • 500W portable power station with 518Wh power capacity 
  • Pure sine wave inverter 
  • Relatively light 13.3 pounds 
  • 7 output ports 
  • Lithium battery 
  • Charged from an AC wall outlet or with a Jackery SolarSaga solar panel 


Baldr portable solar powered generator for camping

3. baldr portable power station 

  • 330W portable power station with 297wh power capacity 
  • Pure sine wave inverter 
  • Lightest, 7.1 pounds 
  • 9 output ports  
  • Lithium battery 
  • Charged with any 100W solar panel (not included), wall power socket, or plugin the 12V socket of the car 


bluetti generator, one of the best solar powered generators.

4. bluetti ac200p 2000wh/2000w portable power station  

  • 2000W portable power station with 2000Wh power capacity 
  • Pure sine wave inverter 
  • Very heavy, 60.6 pounds   
  • 17 output ports  
  • Lead acid battery 
  • Charged using solar panels (not included) via a wall outlet, car plug, using a generator, or lead acid battery. 

SHOP BLUETTI AC200P 2000WH/2000W / 

Tacklife portable solar generator for house, camping, or emergencies.

5. tacklife p50 500wh portable power station 

  • 500W portable power station with 500Wh power capacity  
  • Pure sine wave inverter 
  • Relatively light, 13.6 pounds 
  • More than 5 output ports 
  • Lithium-ion Battery 
  • Pre-installed maximum power point tracker (MPPT) 
  • Charged using 150W solar panels (not included), wall outlet, or car plug 


A Maxoak Bluetti portable generator, one of the best solar generators.

6. maxoak bluetti portable power station 

  • 1000W portable power station with 1500Wh power capacity 
  • Pure sine wave inverter 
  • Heavy, 37.9 pounds 
  • 8 output ports 
  • Lithium-ion battery 
  • Pre-installed maximum power point tracker (MPPT) 
  • Charged using solar panels (not included), wall outlet, or car plug 


Dometic: The 10 Best Solar Powered Generators to Sustainably Keep the Lights On

7. dometic portable lithium battery 

  • 512Wh of energy at 40Ah (40 amps at 12 volts = 480W~ ) 
  • Relatively light, 16 pounds 
  • USB and 12-volt output ports 
  • Lithium battery 
  • Charged via 12 V socket, solar panel (not included), or AC house power 


Goal Zero Yeti: one of the best solar powered generators

8. goal zero yeti 150 portable power generator

  • 150w portable power generator with 168Wh power capacity  
  • Modified sine wave AC inverter 
  • Light, 12 pounds 
  • 5 output ports 
  • Lead acid battery 
  • Charged using solar panels (not included), wall outlet, or car plug 


Ecoflow portable power station - a solar powered generator for camping, homes, or emergencies.

9. ecoflow delta portable power station 

  • 3300W portable power station with 1260Wh power capacity  
  • Pure sine wave 
  • Heavy, 30.9 pounds 
  • 13 output ports 
  • Lithium-ion battery 
  • Charged using 110W or 160W solar panels (not included), car plug, or wall outlet 


Wagan whole house solar powered generator.

10. wagan (el2547) solar e power cube 1500 plus 

  • 1500 watts continuous and 3600 watts peak surge power 
  • Modified sine wave 
  • Heaviest, 116.6 pounds 
  • 7 output ports 
  • Gel Hybrid Battery   
  • Collapsible heavy-duty handle, rollable 
  • Charged with built-in solar panels, home AC, or vehicle DC adapters 


Suaoki: The 10 Best Solar Powered Generators to Sustainably Keep the Lights On

11. suaoki portable solar generator

  • 600W portable solar generator with 322Wh power capacity 
  • Light, 7.2 pounds 
  • 14 output ports 
  • Lithium-ion battery 
  • Charged by 100W solar panel (not included), wall outlet, car plug, or USB-C power delivery input 



can a 100 watt solar panel run a refrigerator?

Yes, a solar generator can run a refrigerator. But it needs to have the right amount of wattage to do so. 

For example, a 100 watt solar panel can only run a refrigerator for a short time and would also need a battery. This is because 100 watts of solar panels can generate, on average, 400 watt-hours of energy per day. To run a refrigerator with a combined freezer, you would need 2000 watt-hours a day.  

This means you’d have to invest in a solar generator that has 2000-3000 watts if you’d want to run it the entire day.  

what kind of generator is the best solar generator for a house?

In the event of an emergency, a solar generator can power several key appliances in your home. But no portable generator will be able to power an entire home off-grid.

However, you should consider installing rooftop solar panels — they will be able to power an entire home, even during a blackout, if they’re not grid-tied systems.

Make sure to take this into consideration when shopping around for rooftop solar! Look into an off-grid system that doesn’t require a solar inverter to connect you to the electric grid.

how long do solar powered generators last? 

Generally speaking, solar powered generators last between 25 to 35 years, depending on the brand and quality. It’s an investment, but it’s one that will last you a long time.

Also, many solar generators come with warranties. This means that if something goes wrong, they will fix it. 

So, would you try any of these solar powered generators? List your favorite sustainable generators in the comments below.

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