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Benefits of Aromatic Fresh Eucalyptus

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Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Try adding Fresh Eucalyptus to your shower and feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the day. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also adds a spa-like look to your bathroom.

Fresh eucalyptus is filled with essential oils that release with the help of the steam in your shower. Breathing in those oils helps with many ailments and awakens your senses. We will discuss the eucalyptus in shower benefits and why you should jump on board!

fresh eucalyptus in shower

eucalyptus in the shower

We have been talking about allergies a lot. I’ve been sneaking bee pollen into energy bites, smoothies, and even dairy-free ice cream! (I jest…. maybe) 

But, today we’re not talking about food.

We’re talking about showering. Everyone knows steam is great when you’re congested and feel crummy, but when combined with fresh eucalyptus leaves – the results are AMAZING. 

So, grab some eucalyptus leaves and get ready to open up you’re very own personal spa! 

eucalyptus in shower benefits

  • The eucalyptus plant is known to awaken your senses.
  • Eucalyptus leaves will clear your mind
  • It will help you destress 
  • Fresh eucalyptus helps open your nasal passages and you’ll breathe easier 
  • Will freshen the bathroom

And, it has the added bonus of looking pretty. I love plants, especially eucalyptus in the shower!

I want plants in every room of the house; I especially love an excuse to add greenery to the bathroom. Since introducing bee pollen, I’m having fewer and fewer sinus headaches.

When they do strike, a steamy eucalyptus leaves shower immediately makes me feel better.   

eucalyptus in the shower

First, you’ll want to get a bouquet of fresh eucalyptus. I bought mine at the farmer’s market for $5.00. You should be able to find it at a florist or at your grocery store.

I chatted with the vendor for a while. She said eucalyptus, in the shower, is good for a month before it starts to dry out.

You can also dry the eucalyptus plant and keep it in a vase indefinitely. I had too much for a shower bundle, so half is currently being used as decoration in my living room. The other half is proudly hanging in the shower. 

eucalyptus leaves

frequently asked questions

how do you cut fresh eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is incredibly sticky so be prepared! It’s also really difficult to cut.

It’s much easier to snap it, then try to cut it where it’s been snapped. I actually used a knife to sever the stalks.

how do you hold the eucalyptus leaves together?

You’ll want to gather a handful of branches roughly the same size and tie a knot around them. I used some organic cotton twine I’ve had for ages.

Once the life of your cotton twine has come to an end don’t forget to compost it! 

eucalyptus leaves

I cut a long piece and kept wrapping it to make it look more like a bouquet. Each time I went around, I pulled the string tighter. The pieces can get wily, and I wanted them to be more streamlined. 

how do I use the eucalyptus plant?

Just tie it to the base of your shower head! You don’t want water to run down the leaves so make sure you place it out of the direct water stream. 

eucalyptus plant

What are some of your favorite ways to fight allergy season? Do you have any natural remedies you use for congestion? 

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  1. That’s interesting about the connection between bee pollen and sinus headaches… I’m definitely learning more and more that allergens can affect my sinuses, so I’ll try to work more bee pollen in! And, eucalyptus is just the best. It’s so beautiful and one of my favorite smells/home decorations ever. I’m not sure where I can find some near me without a plastic sleeve, but I’ll be on the lookout!

    1. Oh bummer. I didn’t even think about a plastic sleeve. In my mind grocers still used paper. Silly me. Maybe you’d have better luck at a florist? Yes, when my allergies flare up my sinuses swell SO MUCH. I used to get daily headaches around 2pm. But, I only get them about twice a week now. The bee pollen is really, really helping.

  2. I have never heard of this before, but definitely want to try it now. I am sure that smell is invigorating in the shower. I have never seen it sold locally or at large supermarkets, so I am not sure where I will be able to find some…

  3. Hei Kathryn can you tell us what you are allergic too? My boyfriend has several seasonal related allergies and I’d love to try to help him with his sinuses..I regularly use bee pollen in my breakfast porridge but never suggest him to try some since I thought it might have made things worse…thanks for this blog. It’s a gem!
    [email protected]

    1. Thank you! You’re so sweet! We’re both allergic to pollen aka all of Spring. When everything is blooming, we’re super stuffed up and I experience daily sinus headaches. This will help a lot with unconstricting your blood vessels making it easier to breath and help with headaches. We both take bee pollen. Start out with only half a teaspoon and see how his body reacts. It is desensitization, so it needs a while to build up in your system. But, I’ve found it’s helped with our allergies a lot!! We haven’t used nearly as much allergy medicine as last year.

  4. If any of you are cat owners, please note that eucalyptus is not safe for cats. Kathryn, you may want to update your post so your readers are aware.

  5. How do you prevent the water from running down the leaves if you tie them at the base of the shower head? I don’t understand it!

  6. Can I use the eucalyptus in a bath? I don’t have a shower, love my tub and have a potted eucalyptus thriving in the backyard!