Your Guide to Backyard Composting

Composting is awesome. That might sound a little nerdy, but let's use a
carrot as an example. You pick a carrot out of the ground, and you take the
orange part for cooking but throw the top in the compost pile. After a while, it becomes a nutrient rich soil that you can use to grow more carrots! So. Awesome.

Your guide to backyard composting. Keep your home zero waste by diverting organic matter from the landfill. Learn what you can and can't compost with

The average US household produces 650 lbs of organic trash a year, but most of that is landfilled. In fact 60% of our landfills are full of organic matter. You think it would break down since it's dumped into a giant hole in
the ground, but it doesn't. Landfills aren't aerated.

It's called anaerobic decomposition, and all of that oxygen deprived,
organic matter now releases methane into the atmosphere. Methane is 72% more powerful than CO2. Organic and inorganic material are mixed; so, instead of the organic matter decomposing, it's preserved along with the inorganic material. Forever.



Some of you may have municipal, curbside compost. I am so jealous. Until my city gets its act together, I compost in my backyard. Which is a lot easier than you think. Really there's no excuse. If you took one thing away from my blog - I want you to compost.

I made you a handy chart full of what you can and can't compost. Pin it. Share it. Place it by your fridge or your trashcan. You'll be amazed by how little you have to take out the trash.

So, what is compostable?

Your guide to backyard composting. Keep your home zero waste by diverting organic matter from the landfill. Learn what you can and can't compost with

You can easily cut your waste 40% just by composting! 

Most Common Backyard Composting Methods:

Enclosed Bin

This is the lowest maintenance type of compost. You throw your food scraps in and that's it. They have lids to keep out critters, but they're aerated along the tops and sides for proper aeration. At the bottom they have a small door that can be opened to take out the fully developed compost, while you keep adding new scraps to the top. This method takes the longest to turn the scraps into soil. You can buy these or there are a lot of diy projects that show you how to make your own. Also check several places like craigslist for one second hand.


This is a fairly low maintenance type of compost. You throw in your food
scraps, but you need to turn it every so often to get proper aeration.
Several of these offer two compartments. If there's only one, you have to
wait until the entire tumbler has composted before you can add any new
material. But, composting time is faster; and it should only take a month to
turn your trash into soil.


Also, known as a worm bin. I have the worm bin 360 which I found on
craigslist for $60. It did not come with the worms. I bought them at a local
bait shop. This is a high maintenance compost bin in my opinion. I am
thinking of switching to an enclosed bin or a tumbler. My worms are like
pets, and I love them. But, you can't compost citrus peels which is a bummer because I love oranges. They are also temperature sensitive. I thought they'd be fine staying outside in California, but it may have gotten a little too cold for them. This is an ideal system for an apartment. It's
small and effective. You'll just have to find another use for your orange

Dig a Hole

Your guide to backyard composting. Keep your kitchen zero waste and divert organic matter from the landfill with

Yes, this is the easiest of all of the options. Go into your backyard and
dig a small hole. Place your scraps in the hole and cover. The scraps should decompose in about a month.

For more compost knowledge check out what your town has available. You could be surprised. Here's a handy guide for the different regions of the US. Also, very helpful when traveling. 

Do you compost? What method do you use?

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