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75 Consumable Gift Ideas

75 Consumable Gift Ideas

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Last Updated on April 9, 2020

I remember, as a kid, loving to open and receive presents. I also remember dreading putting all of my spoils away. 

My room was always packed with stuff. I had to reorganize after every holiday to make room for my things.

I remember the most favored gifts were gifts that could be consumed. I’ve always been a pretty diehard fan of consumables. 

After all, the chocolate never lasted long. 

Consumables are great because sometimes you just want to give someone a real, concrete gift. There are some people in the world you want to give a gift to, but you don’t want to spend an hour or two with them. 

I totally get that! 

If you are looking for experience gifts, make sure to check out my list of 50 priced low to high.

Here are 75 consumable gift ideas to help you give something, that will be used up this holiday season. 

  1. coffee beans bought in bulk
  2. candles*
  3. essential oil blend perfume*
  4. toilet paper
  5. refills for their safety razor*
  6. soup mix
  7. spice mixes
  8. shampoo*
  9. hot cocoa mix
  10. brownie mix
  11. hot sauce
  12. loose leaf tea
  13. concealer*
  14. infused vinegars
  15. cookie mix
  16. fresh fruit
  17. holiday cookies
  18. nut butter
  19. dry shampoo
  20. DIY lotion
  21. body butter*
  22. refillable mascara*
  23. toothpaste tabs
  24. lip scrub*
  25. homemade vinegar
  26. candy from bulk bins in a mason jar
  27. bath salts
  28. chapstick
  29. sugar scrub
  30. nice bottle of wine*
  31. lotion bar
  32. homemade chocolates
  33. homemade vanilla extract
  34. fudge
  35. all-purpose cleaning spray
  36. refillable eyeshadow*
  37. growler of beer
  38. nice bottle of liquor
  39. home cooked meal
  40. shea butter*
  41. chocolate*
  42. candied peels
  43. apple butter
  44. bath soak*
  45. fresh baked bread
  46. jam
  47. flowers
  48. peanut brittle
  49. floss
  50. shampoo bar
  51. dog treats
  52. lip balm
  53. seasoned salts
  54. dry face mask mix
  55. diy candles
  56. bamboo toothbrush
  57. chocolate bars
  58. homemade caramel sauce
  59. bar of soap*
  60. infused oils
  61. popcorn
  62. body oil*
  63. charcoal water filters*
  64. hairspray
  65. lavender sachets
  66. lip and cheek*
  67. toner
  68. potpourri
  69. dried herbs
  70. deodorant*
  71. lip conditioner*
  72. baked goods
  73. crispy chickpeas
  74. solid perfume
  75. salty snack mix

What are some of your favorite consumable gifts? 

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  1. This year I am trying to give gifts that include at least one zero waste/eco-friendly item. For example, I made homemade finger paints for the little ones in my life (got empty baby food jars off of craigslist!). I am giving unwrapped soaps/chapsticks/lotion tins (from an amazing local company called Earthy Browns) to all my husband’s side of the family, some of my family, and a few other friends; a homemade headache relief roller bottle to my sister; homemade candles to my neighbors; a homemade perfume roller bottle to my out-of-state friend; a set of homemade stamped, clay garden markers to two close friends; and homemade coasters from extra tiles to my brother-in-law. I also plan to bring either cookies, bread, or some other sweet treat to the small businesses I frequent, like the vendors I buy from at my famers market, my local library, my local drop-off recycling place, my local postal service shop, and then to individuals like my plumber and my mailman! I have always been embarrassed by my lack of planning and preparation in giving gifts, or sometimes even just meaningful acknowledgement, to those I care about for the holidays and/or their birthdays/anniversaries, so my goal from now through the new year is to get better at this. I know it’s not all about the gift, but I do want people to know that I care about them and am thankful to have them in my life, so here’s to (not perfection) but making better choices!! 🙂

    1. Those are the items that contain affiliate links, so if you purchase from them Kathryn will receive a slight commission. It is mentioned at the very bottom of the article and it is all written out. 🙂