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Zero Waste Christmas Report


Last Updated on January 23, 2024

How was your holiday season? I think we did really well for our first ZW Christmas. 

My grandma came out to visit and we had a lot of fun. I think she enjoyed delving into the ZW lifestyle for a week.

She doesn’t like sending me checks; because, I save them instead of spend them. So, instead she said she’d donate to habitat for humanity in my name in the future which thrills me!! 

 photo cred: Carol Cantrell

photo cred: Carol Cantrell

 photo cred: Carol Cantrell

photo cred: Carol Cantrell

All together we wound up with two boxes and some brown craft paper for recycling, one gift bag (will reuse), and a small handful of wrapping paper which will have to be thrown away.

I’m excited to report almost all presents came without any wrapping. I received a total of 27 jars – so anyone reading this, I think I’m set on jars for life. 

I got a new snuggly blanket, loafers, and a beautiful container for foundation. And, Justin and I both got each other pizza stones. Seriously what are the odds!? 

We also bought each other experiences.

I bought him a plane ticket to see his family, and he got me: an old fashion movie with orchestra accompaniment, repaired my sewing machine, and a date to go cactus shopping, plus a couple other things.  

I had several cactai in our old sun room, until one white husky decided to destroy all of the planters. 

 Body Butter

Body Butter

 Coconut Soap

Coconut Soap

I gave my friends homemade body butter and soap. (both of those recipes coming soon)

My mom got a second hand silver charm, and my dad got two handmade mugs. 

I’m so looking forward to the new year!

I have so many projects I’m excited to share with you. Let’s have fun zero wasting in 2016. 

Our new years plans include staying in, testing out pizza stones, and watching movies.

I will report back on which one makes the better pizza! What are your new year plans? Did you have a low or zero waste Christmas? 

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  1. This is great inspiration! So wonderful to know you can navigate the holidays and maintain a zero waste philosophy. My family is starting our zero waste journey now and I’m glad to have a full year between our start and the holidays – when kids (and well-meaning family and friends) + Christmas/Hanukkah are involved, it can be mayhem. I’ve been plastic-free (and so is my daughter) for a while but we still received quite a few plastic toys (wrapped in plastic too, of course!) I know it will be challenging to strike the balance between going "all in" on my commitment to zero waste and also not pushing it annoyingly on my family/friends.

    Anyway, thanks for this post – glad I found your blog!


    1. Hi Meredith,

      Thank you so much! I started last Jan. I felt very prepared for the holidays this year. Thanksgiving was the most fun! Best of luck on your journey. People will always forget, just because plastic is EVERYWHERE and they aren’t conscious of it.

  2. Your holiday sounds so sweet, and definitely a zero waste success! I received a pair of cross country skis and am looking forward to testing them out whenever we finally get snow in the Midwest. Happy 2016 to you two! Xoxo.

  3. Our family has been green for a long time even though I’m the only one who is trying to be truly zero waste. At family Christmases we put gifts in gift bags and tissue paper for medium things- you can smooth the paper and reuse the bags over and over again and we get the bags and paper from presents people outside of the family gave us in the first place! For bigger items we wrap in blankets, quilts, or the like for large items. For small things we wrap them in scarves or tablecloths or pretty towels and it becomes a second gift and that protects delicate contents and gives the wrapping as a second gift. When we do use wrapping paper we carefully slit open the tape and reuse the squares several years until they eventually wear out. Gift tags are made by cutting interesting pieces out of the front of Christmas cards we receive each year, ribbons can be retied and used over and over. We are a family of creatives and I myself would feel sad to have naked presents and lose the surprise and the prettiness under the tree, but it is easy to have a no waste Christmas with a little creative repurposing! šŸ™‚