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14 Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands for Everyday

Sustainable Fashion

Last Updated on December 7, 2023

Ethical Underwear doesn’t have to be ugly! It can look sexy, feel good, and do its intended job all while being the best sustainable underwear out there.

Choosing sustainable bras and underwear is better for the environment and you can feel comfortable wearing them. I’ll discuss 14 ethical underwear brands that are comfortable and look good too.

several types of ethical underwear

ethical underwear

I have been on the hunt for sustainable underwear for quite some time, and I figured I must not be the only one. 

I don’t even think I’m that picky, but I’ve struggled finding the perfect sustainable bras. I’m a 34A/32B. I don’t need a ton of support, but a lot of the options out there provide very little support. 

I can’t imagine wearing many of these with anything larger than a C cup, and while I don’t need a ton of support, I do want my bras to provide shape. 

Since my boobs are small, I want them to be rounded and fill my clothes. I don’t want padding, I’m not trying to make them bigger. It’s important that they don’t become smashed into non-existence. I also don’t want my bras so thin that I might as well not be wearing a bra. If my bra is so thin that it doesn’t prevent nipping…. then why am I WEARING ONE!? 

I also try to avoid underwire as I find it really uncomfortable, but it’s not a complete deal breaker. 

sustainable bras and underwear

Another problem I’ve encountered is color. There are a lot more options in black… but I don’t wear a lot of black tops.

I prefer to wear light colored tops (having a white husky has dictated my wardrobe into much lighter colors), and I can’t wear a black bra with a white shirt. 

Sustainable bra and underwear shopping has mimicked many of my shopping experiences in the sustainable fashion realm. I’ve found a lot of ethical fashion designers cater to a shapeless, edgy or boxy, minimal aesthetic.

If that’s your aesthetic, you have hit the jackpot! 

This post contains affiliate linking. For more information you can read more on my disclosure page

two pairs of sustainable bras and underwear

feminine best sustainable underwear

Bland is not my style at all! My style is feminine, preppy, and playful. I’m pear shaped which means most of the minimal, androgynous styles don’t flatter me, and I really, really like to wear things that flatter my shape.

(If you like feminine pieces/pear shaped/etc I will be posting more about the shops I like!) 

Now, this round up isn’t only about bras, it’s also about undies too, but most of the undies I’ve tried have been great! 

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with undies. I just like to have sets. It’s important for my undies and bras to match or at least coordinate. 

When my ethical underwear goes together I am a much more productive human. 

top things to consider when buying sustainable underwear

So these are the main things to look for when shopping for ethical underwear: 

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Provides shape
  • Ethically Made
  • Sustainable Fabrics
  • Price Matches Quality
  • Packaging

1. Majamas

This is the set I have in Heavenly Pink.  

The Organic Padded Daily

The Organic Comfort Thong Panty

  • Comfort: I’ve pretty much worn the bra for 6 months non-stop. It says “padded” in the title, but it’s really just a shaping insert like you find in bathing suits. 
  • Support: It is very supportive. It reminds me a lot of a sports bra with shape. While I don’t think I’d run a marathon in it… I could if I needed to. 
  • Provides Shape: YES! The shaping inserts make a world of difference. I’ve actually taken the shaping inserts out and added them to tank tops with a shelf bra to prevent nipping. 
  • Ethically Made: Made in the USA!
  • Sustainable Fabrics: I really love their commitment to sustainable fabrics. They make sustainable cotton underwear! Plus, they use modal, tencel, and recycled poly.
  • Price Matches Quality: With how much I’ve been wearing this bra, it has held up extremely well. The cost is also incredibly reasonable. 
  • Packaging: No plastic!

The only thing I wish is that Majamas made a style that wasn’t so sports bra like. Something with a thinner strap! 

sets of ethical underwear

2. Brook There: 

This is the set I have in Midnight

The Organic Cotton Triangle Bra

Organic Cotton Bikini

  • Comfort: This set is really, really comfortable. Borderline no bra comfy. I only wish I had gotten a lighter color.
  • Support: This bra is surprisingly supportive. I love that it has adjustable straps! 
  • Provides Shape: This bralette is double lined which provides shape and no nipping. 
  • Ethically Made: Made in the USA, and I love that they are committed to finding US milled organic cotton. 
  • Sustainable Fabrics: They mostly make sustainable cotton underwear and use silk. 
  • Price Matches Quality: The quality of both these pieces is great.
  • Packaging: Came in an eco enclose made from 88% recycled poly, but inside of the bag there is no plastic. 

I love this set because it’s very much like the little black dress of ethical underwear. They can be super casual, but also very sexy. Which could also be the midnight color. 

3. Hara: 

This is the set I have in Pink

Stella Low Cut Bra

Maya Low Waist Undies

  • Comfort: These bra and undies are very, very soft. They are both comfy kinda like pajamas. 
  • Support: Eh…. it’s not that supportive. The straps are really thin and aren’t adjustable. 
  • Provides Shape: The bralette is really thick so it does provide shape and no nipping. 
  • Ethically Made: Made in Bali, Indonesia. They are really committed to ethical production allowing the tailors to work in their homes and spend time with their families. 
  • Sustainable Fabrics: They use bamboo which can be a nasty fabric, but they use a non-toxic solvent and plant based dyes so there are no harmful chemicals present in the final product. 
  • Price Matches Quality: The quality in both of these pieces is great. I like to have multiple pairs of undies for the same bra which makes this one a little spendy, but after several washes, they still look like new.
  • Packaging: Came in a DHL bubble mailer which was a little disappointing, but there was no plastic in the packaging! 

This is the best sustainable underwear and is so freaking soft. I hope that they come out with a bralette that had a thicker band around the bottom for a little more support! 

comfortable pink sustainable underwear

4. Only Hearts: 

This is the set I have in Black

Organic Cotton Wrap Bralette

Organic Cotton Hipster

  • Comfort: The panties are fine, but good heavens this bra was not for me. 
  • Support: There is no support and the elastic is so uncomfortable and consistently rides up often riding up over my boobs
  • Provides Shape: There is no shape in the bra. 
  • Ethically Made: Only Hearts is ethically made in New York. 
  • Sustainable Fabrics: They use local, deadstock and certified made in green textiles.
  • Price Matches Quality: Such a great deal for the organic undies! 
  • Packaging: I ordered from Azura Bay and it came in a box with no plastic packaging! 

Only Hearts is a fabulous company and their quality is great, but I picked the wrong bra. Here are a couple I would have tried instead  Second Skin Racerback* / Second Skin Underwire*.

5. Sokoloff: 

I have a very fancy lingerie set by Sokoloff but it was so high-quality, I had to list the everyday set I’m lusting after. 

Organic Cotton Cut-Out Bralette

Organic Cotton Thong

  • Comfort: The fabric looks like it would be soft and comfortable. 
  • Support: This set looks very supportive. The pair of undies I have from Sokoloff was very supportive, but it did have an underwire.
  • Provides Shape: Looks like it would provide shape. 
  • Ethically Made: Made in Canada! 
  • Sustainable Fabrics: They use organic cotton, organic bamboo, local mills and natural dyes. 
  • Price Matches Quality: I love the fancy set that I got for Valentine’s Day this year The quality is exceptional. 
  • Packaging: I ordered from Azura Bay and it came in a box with no plastic packaging! 


I did not try Pact’s bralettes, but I did try their ethical underwear. The company wrapped each pair of undies individually in plastic, which I know can be difficult to avoid, but the box was full of plastic bubble wrap which I think is a bit overkill since they aren’t fragile.

After wearing their undies for a couple of months they stretched out, but not uncomfortable to wear.

7. Boody: 

The Padded Shaper Bra in Nude

Classic Bikini in Nude

  • Comfort: This is one of my new go to sustainable bras. I wish they’d make one with spaghetti straps. This is so smooth and streamlined. It’s everything I want in a bra. Easy to put on, comfortable and goes with most of my shirts. It’s like a sports bra, but way less bulky.
  • Support: It’s very supportive!
  • Provides Shape:  It also has thin shaping pads in it to prevent nipping.
  • Ethically Made: All of their factories are WARP certified which adheres to a strict ethical standards.
  • Sustainable Fabrics: They use bamboo which is OEKO-TEX certified.
  • Price Matches Quality: The quality has been great! Bamboo Viscose is a really soft material that can tear easily, but so far I have loved the quality!
  • Packaging: They come in boxes that are typically plastic free, but a few of my boxes were plastic wrapped.

One of my favorite things about the company is they offer different shades of nude sustainable underwear!

8. White Rabbit:

They have some fantastic sustainable underwear and bras, but unfortunately, their website doesn’t seem to be working.

Madison T-Shirt Bra in nude

The Ann Bralette

  • Comfort: The Madison t-shirt bra is the bra you want if you’re looking for a normal, underwire adjustable strap bra. I was not a huge fan of the Ann bralette but it was comfy!
  • Support: The Madison t-shirt bra is very supportive. The Ann bralette’s cup placement was really odd.
  • Provides Shape: The madison t-shirt definitely provides shape with it’s molded cups and underwire. The Ann bralette has the cups in the wrong location. It was way too high up so I had to remove the thin padding from their “pockets” so it would lay correctly, but without the thin pads there’d be no shape.
  • Ethically Made: Made in Mexico.
  • Sustainable Fabrics: Rayon from Bamboo
  • Price Matches Quality: I’m really happy with the quality of the product. It seems constructed very well minus the misplacement of the cups on the one bralette, which honestly could have been a fluke.
  • Packaging: The bras came wrapped in tissue, but the undies still arrived in the plastic pouches, but they are phasing them out.

9. WAMA: 

WAMA currently only has underwear, but they have ethical underwear for both men and women.

Hemp Hipsters in Black / $20.00

  • Comfort: The hipsters are very comfortable, and I would classify them as cheeky.
  • Support: N/A
  • Provides Shape:  N/A
  • Ethically Made: They manufacture in China the world leader in hemp textiles. Their factories ensure quality working environments and fair wages. A WAMA team member is based in China to guarantee transparency, conduct audits, and provide clear communication.
  • Sustainable Fabrics: They use a mix of organic cotton and hemp which is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial with anti-odor properties. The natural fibers make these undies breathable and they get softer with each wash.
  • Price Matches Quality: The undies are thick, and very well made. They won’t stretch out easily and can see them lasting for a very long time
  • Packaging: They came unwrapped in an eco-enclose mailer.

My only complaint is that they don’t offer more products. I’m hoping they’ll expand to different shades of nude and create matching bras! A sports bra styled in this fabric would be AMAZING. I hope they’ll keep me updated with new products launching soon.

tl;dr / the final report:

  • Undies I’m grabbing for most often: WAMA, Boody
  • Bras I’m grabbing for most often: Boody
  • Plot Twist: I’ve also stopped wearing a bra with a lot of my outfits and just use Nippies by Bristols 6. They’re reusable, provide shape, and prevent nipping. Everything I’ve wanted PLUS I don’t have to wear a bra.

Other Sustainable and Ethical Undie Brands that I haven’t tried, but are on my list.  

Let me know if there are any sustainable undies that you love that I should add to the list! 

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  1. Thanks for your post! I’ve written PACT about the amount of plastic in their packaging, and they say they’re working on a better solution.

      1. When I open your site (including this post) on my phone Pact ads are posted all throughout the page. Just letting you know in case you didn’t know. I assumed you partnered with them until I read through the whole post

  2. I’m so glad you posted this! I’m literally on this mission right now! I definitely prioritize comfort in my underwear, but I love sexy/cute pieces that give lift and oomph. It feels impossible! I just ordered a swimsuit from Anekdot, but it hasn’t come in yet. They seem promising! A small UK company with great customer service (so far). They make all their items to-order and by hand in Berlin from upcycled materials from the fashion industry. If the swimsuit is as good as it looks, I’m definitely going to try their underwear next!

  3. Thank you for this post! This is super helpful as I’m also on the hunt for “zero waste” undies. I love a long-Line bra style so I was excited to see the option listed from commando. It appears their fabric is entirely plastic based 🙁 I’m not sure why you included them?

  4. Thank you!! I’ve been searching for a good round up like this. Thank you especially for keeping an eye out for sustainability AND ethical practices. Seems so often I have to chose between the two. I’m saving the link to reference the next time I have holes in my underoos 😀

  5. I’d love a list like this for activewear underwear. Between regularly working out, and an active job in the heat, I practically live in sports bras, spandex shorts, and compression socks. Can you help?

  6. I absolutely LOVE hanky panky’s organic cotton boyshort undies. I wear them everyday and they last a really long time (though I never put them through the dryer). They are so comfy and the lace makes them a little sexy too. If I remember correctly, they ship in a little cardboard box with tissue on the inside that I save for gift wrap, and there may be a plastic bag in there too so it’s not ideal- though there’s definitely minimal packaging comparatively!

  7. This is nice for smaller busts, but what if the curvy girls. We are all too often left out. We want comfort that doesn’t hurt the environment too. I’m a 36f or g in a long line of E+ bussomed women. I literally can’t find anything below 50 bucks a bra that’s sustainable and US made and ethical all rolled into one.

  8. I was really excited to discover and try Brook There because as you say, ethical undies are hard to find. Unfortunately their bras do not hold up. The elastic on the bottom has gotten looser and looser and they are pretty much unwearable now (rides up onto my nipples…) after ~6 months. I have a few and only wear bras when I leave the house (once or twice a week cause I work at home), so it’s not like they were getting worn more than usual. Bummer. Excited to try the other brands here, especially the one you’ve worn a ton and has held up!

  9. ColieCo Lingerie not only works with organic and recycled fabrics, but they also use fabric line ends abandoned by fast fashion and cutting processes designed to minimise fabric waste! Perfect for Going Zero Waste! Check them out!

  10. I am wearing Hanky Panky underwear for years and they are the best so far. I plan to make a new order online, after different try and error this brand was the best for me.

  11. Your recommendation for Majamas motivated me to try this brand. I bought the Organic Easy Bra and was amazed at the comfort and support it provides. It’s well constructed, too. Their additional gift was a nice surprise. I liked being able to donate towards a tree to be planted. Thanks, Kathryn.

  12. Can you offer some more insight on the nippies? I dislike bras, so I’m really interested in using them instead. However, I’m worried about the level of waste they could generate. How many uses do you get out of the nippies? Eventually, you have to throw them away and get new ones rights?

    1. I mean, at some point everything we buy will have to be thrown away. I still have a stick on bra from highschool that I wear though using the same principles. I’ve been using it for over 13 years. I’ve had my nippies now for a little over a year and wear them regularly and they’re still working great!

  13. Unfortunately, I didn’t read this article ahead of time about Pact. They really did send a 6 pack of underwear individually wrapped in plastic in a giant envelope, when everything could have been folded into a letter. They came like they were already stretched out, too.

  14. Hello:) I was wondering if you would recommend one of these brands over the others for large busts…like DDD busts? It’s so hard to find my size at any store but I’m starting my zero waste journey in need of bras. Thanks for all the posts! I’m learning so much!

  15. Thanks for this brilliant post 🙂 Being on a budget, I thrift pretty much all my clothes (with the exception of my underwear) or do make do and mend on them 🙂 I’ve been looking for ethical underwear companies and this was really helpful, so thanks! 🙂

  16. THANK YOU for this post. I nodded along to everything you wrote at the beginning because that’s also my experience. Excited to explore the brands you’ve listed!