Zero Waste Flossing

Let's talk about flossing. Flossing is important. Gum health is important. Taking care of your teeth and your health is super important! 

Zero waste flossing and a look into my zero waste oral care routine from

Regular floss is typically plastic. Beyond just being plastic, it's toxic. It's coated with PFC's which is a chemical that's found in teflon.

The PFC's are added to make the floss glide better.  PFC has been linked to thyroid disease, dementia, cancer, fertility issues, and birth defects. You can read more about the study here and here

When you floss, your gums might bleed. As you can imagine, the PFC's have pretty much immediate access to your blood stream. So, let's look at some better options. 

First of all, a slew of studies have come out that flossing isn't really necessary. You can read more about that here and here. I think flossing is important, but I don't think it's the MOST important. 

I think it's most important to have a consistent routine down. Here's a glance into my oral care routine. Healthy teeth are a vital part of well-being. 

tooth powder: 

Zero waste flossing and a look into my zero waste oral care routine from

I personally, brush twice a day with this toothpowder. I worked on that recipe with a dentist to make sure that I wasn't going to harm my teeth. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want is to ruin my enamel. 

water pik: 

Then I water pik every other day. I LOVE my water pik. I have a cordless one which makes it a breeze to use in the shower. My dentist personally recommends water piking over flossing.

A water pik is an electronic water flosser. It uses a powerful jet stream, much like you receive at the dentist. The one I have, has a setting that alternates between air and water. It's considered 3 times as effective as standard dental floss.

As a bonus, if you have any dental hardware, water piking is amazing! I have a bar on my bottom teeth from when I had my braces removed, and haven't been able to successfully clean it until the water pik came along. 

Zero waste flossing and a look into my zero waste oral care routine from


Once or twice a week I use dental floss; because, I personally, don't think you can be too careful. Thankfully there are a lot of options for plastic and PFC free floss. 

Eco dent makes a vegan brand, but the floss does come in a small plastic pack which is a bummer. Radius offers a silk version, but it has the same plastic pack. 

I've heard some people use strings from an old piece of silk to floss. That sounds like a great plastic-free method, but it seems like a little too much work for me. Flossing is already a chore... (another reason why I like water piking... it's almost, dare I say it, kind of fun!) 

But, this completely plastic-free floss takes the cake. The refills come in cellulose which is compostable. No more plastic packaging. Just the way I like it! Plus the floss container is actually pretty. 


Last but not least, I use this mouthwash regularly. In fact, this study found that mouthwash delivers better results than conventional flossing. Albeit, I'm still a firm believer in using a little bit of everything for the most sucessful results. 

Zero waste flossing and a look into my zero waste oral care routine from

This mouthwash is super soothing and is amazing at freshening your breath. You should just read the study about how AMAZING aloe vera is for your gums. 

I think aloe vera can cure pretty much anything. It's definitely one of natures miracles. 

What does your zero waste/plastic free oral care routine look like? 

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My Favorite Places in the Bay Area

I get a lot of messages when people visit the bay area. They want to know all about the local zero waste happenin's, and let me tell you, I LOVE giving people recommendations!  

My favorite places in the bay area: zero waste edition from

I love sharIng all of the cool places I've stumbled upon. Granted in SF it's really hard not to stumble into a cool place. This is only a small sampling of places I like to frequent, but some of my favorites. 


Wasteland is on Haight street in San Francisco. It's a thrift store with lots of hi-end offerings at pretty reasonable prices. They have male and female clothing. I have had excellent luck there when I'm looking for something specific.

I have gotten some great deals on rag and bone! I also just love the name. It's a really funky place that's worth popping into if you're in the area!  

cha cha cha:

If I'm in the city and don't go to Cha Cha Cha, I am so sad. It is my favorite restaurant! It's also on Haight just a short walk from Wasteland.

It has a super fun atmosphere, and they have the BEST sangria. If you go, you have to have a glass for me. 

The restaurant is vegan-friendly. My favorite items on the menu are roasted potatoes with a plate of black beans and plantains. I know it sounds super plain, but it will blow your mind.

Mmmmmmmm, so good!! 

rainbow grocery:

This is the mecca of bulk shopping in SF. Even if you don't buy anything it is worth popping in and taking a look around! 

They have a massive selection of dried fruit, dried pasta, fresh pasta, syrups, herbs, spices, beauty items, I could go on and on. But, I already wrote a full post on rainbow here, so go check it out! 

sparkly ragz:

This one is a little out of the way in Suisun, CA. But, if you're tripping up to Sacramento or Tahoe it's worth popping over. It's an adorable consignment shop for women's clothing that looks just like a high-end boutique.

Lots of high-end designers and at amazing prices. There's also a large selection of small batch handcrafted beauty products and upcycled jewelry. I just got an amazing Kate Spade dress I geeking out over.

If you're in the area it is definitely worth stopping by. 

wine tasting:

Wine tasting is my favorite zero waste activity. The wine is always served in real glasses. Nothing goes to waste in the vineyards.

Anything that's considered "waste" (leftover grapes, twigs, branches) is all composted and used to grow more grapes to make more wine. 

You're at the location that the grapes were grown, which is the definition of local. In fact, much of the soil is so rich it absorbs carbon.

Grgich Hills is definitely worth the tour. When we went, we met the winemaker and he explained how the soil absorbed carbon. The winery is still in the family, which I love!

My favorite places in the bay area: zero waste edition from

It was also really fascinating to learn how climate change is affecting the wine making seasons. Anyways, I highly recommend Grgich Hills. 

Buena Vista is definitely on the top of my list It's such a fun place to visit. The tour is great too. It's one of the oldest wineries in California.

My favorite places in the bay area: zero waste edition from

The owner Jean-Charles Boisset is a character. He's known as the Willy Wonka of wine and this winery does a great job of showing it off. Justin and I often attend events they host like the Masquerade Ball. 

Schramsberg is all about the champagne. It is amazing. Their estate is gorgeous, and the tour is great. It's focused on the history of champagne and the bad ass woman who perfected the method, Madame Clicquot.

My favorite places in the bay area: zero waste edition from

Burgess Cellars is so much fun. The tasting room is in among all the barrels. Tastings are by appointment only so you don't have to worry about overcrowding. When I went, I was chatting with this guy Steve. After a while, I realized it was Steve Burgess... the owner of the winery. He was soooo nice.

My favorite places in the bay area: zero waste edition from

The views here are incredible, the wine is great, it's definitely worth stop.   

golden gate park:

Golden gate park is amazing! There are so many cool sections. I love the botanical gardens, but I am partial to the Japanese Tea Garden where Justin proposed. There's a lot wrapped in packaging at the Tea Gardens, but you can get a great cup of tea package free. 

California Academy of the Sciences is there as well. If it's a Thursday night, they have a nightlife event for adults 21 and up.

It's a big party with lectures and stations all surrounding a certain theme. Each Thursday they chose a new one. I was super bummed I didn't make it to the canning night. But, it is definitely worth the trip if you're in the area. 


I don't care how full I am, if I pass bi-rite I am popping in for a cone of their vegan flavor of the day. I feel like that's all that needs to be said about bi-rite. Get a cone! 

credo beauty: 

This place is heaven if you love green beauty. If you're looking for organic beauty products that come in sustainable packaging, this is the place for you! 

My favorite places in the bay area: zero waste edition from

I wrote a lot more about Credo in this post. 

amphora nueva:

This is one of my favorite places in the bay area. They have several locations, but my favorite is in Berkeley. It is heaven. Walls lined with stainless steel tankards full of freshly pressed olive oil and amazing balsamic vinegars. 

They have a refill program, where you get a discount for bringing your bottles back. I know that doesn't help if you don't live in the area, but it is worth stopping in for a tasting and taking a look around. 

My favorite places in the bay area: zero waste edition from

The oils make amazing gifts too! You can request no seal around the bottle to keep it plastic free. There's a bakery a couple of doors down where you can get a fresh loaf of bread to go in your own cloth bag. 

Combine it with some fresh oils for a delicious snack! 

Zero Waste Wedding Update

We haven't talked about the wedding in a LONG time. 

Planning a zero waste wedding? Read my wedding update on what I've decided for the venue, the flowers, even a zero waste cake!

Well, it's coming up soon. Really soon. In like three weeks, sorta soon! EEK. 

We're having our stag and hen parties this weekend, and I'm so excited. I can't wait to give you tips on making those events zero waste. Mine is on Earth Day! Fitting right? 

The planning process is completely out of my hands, but I'm really excited to see what my two best friends have concocted. I'm sure we won't get into too much trouble. I sent them a list of all the hidden bars in SF. One is in a Library and the password is "books." How adorable is that! 

... back to the wedding. 

Since the wedding is a short ways away, I've been a little preoccupied between that and all of the Earth Day events I've been speaking at. I just spoke at Reformation and it was AMAZING!! I've got a couple of school talks on the books too. 

the place & the food: 

So, the original wedding plan was to have a big event at Big Daddy's in SF. It's an amazing antique store. You can use all of their offerings to decorate your space. 

photo cred:

photo cred:

We were going to have a mobile pizzeria come in with a pizza oven and toss out custom pies. We were going to have a live band and dance the night away. 

But, Big Daddy's doesn't have a kitchen, and setting up and tearing down with real plates and napkins was becoming a logistical and expensive nightmare. I was getting so bogged down in the details, I really wasn't having fun trying to figure out who could take the plates home to wash them. Where to get the plates? Should we rent the plates? 

The earliest date Big Daddy's had available was 11/4. I've never really wanted a fall wedding. We were pretty set on our honeymoon destination to Maine. And, November would be a little dreary. 

We also have a pretty small budget, especially for the Bay Area. So, we completely switched gears! I wasn't willing to compromise on my zero waste principles. I couldn't fathom having an event with disposables. We lost a couple of deposits, but I think we're going to be much happier this way!

We're getting married in May, my favorite month, at SF City Hall (which is gorgeous!!) Our parents are flying out for the ceremony and then we're going out for an amazing brunch, my favorite meal, afterward.  

SF city hall from a

SF city hall from a

The Saturday before the ceremony we're doing a BIG potluck backyard party with friends and our parents with real plates. That can be washed in my kitchen. I am sad that our grandparents and close family friends won't be able to attend, but they understand. 

And, we'll be spending pretty much all of our wedding budget living it up on the honeymoon of our dreams!! And, I am so excited! 

the dress: 

I wound up getting my dress second hand off etsy, and I love it! Wedding dress shopping for me was nothing but a nightmare.

It was exhausting. I honestly don't even remember the last time I went shopping let alone shopping for that many hours. When I got home, I passed out on the couch. I didn't even have the energy to make it to bed. I literally shopped till I dropped. 

The whole style of shopping didn't appeal much to me anyways. The dresses were all clamped and pinned to "fit" my body. It just didn't feel like an accurate representation of what the dress was going to look like. I also never really got that "magic moment" feeling. 

I just don't think I'm that type of person. I'm far too practical to spend $1,000 on a dress you wear for mere hours. `

I did go to one shop I was SO excited about. It's a consignment wedding gown place in Berkeley called Emerald Gowns where you can buy off the rack. Unfortunately, the ladies there were unbelievably rude. No one was very interested in helping me. Especially after they found out I was only going to city hall. 

One of the poofier gowns I tried on had pockets to which I was told, "You'll probably need those pockets to keep your spare change for the meter. You know, since you're going to city hall." 

the flowers & the cake: 

For the backyard BBQ, I'm going to probably make a couple of dishes nothing too fancy. Most likely some jackfruit for myself and fellow veggies, pulled pork for others, some buns, and a cake from the local bakery. 

I'll get the pork shoulder from the butcher to-go in my stock pot. It's the only thing big enough to carry it! Lol. And, I'll get the cake to-go in my own cake carrier. 

The flowers for the bbq will just be from my own backyard if at all. 

For the ceremony in SF, I am getting the flowers and cake from whole foods. I have already let them know, I don't want any single-use plastic and my mom will be picking these items up the morning of the wedding. 

She will also be bringing the cake carrier for the cake. 

the honeymoon: 

I cannot wait to give you an update on how we keep the honeymoon zero waste, and to give you a full report on all of the festivities. 

I am seriously over the moon. I am so happy. Truly, the only thing that matters to me is being surrounded by those I love. And, getting to go on a kick ass vacation. And, getting to drink a lot of good wine. 

I did I mention, I got a couple of cases from a local winery? Mmmmmm. Bring on the wine. 

Y'all have been so thoughtful and AMAZING sharing personal stories about your beautiful weddings. Keep those stories coming! I love reading about them. 

Also, check out my pinterest wedding board to get a feeling for my event.