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Zero Waste Home Tour – Treehouse Edition

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Last Updated on April 9, 2020

I recently moved into another place, and I’m excited to share a video tour of a beautiful new home.

If you’ve been keeping track, since starting my blog in 2015 I have moved four, yes FOUR times. I am a pro at moving. Will I stay put? Only time will tell. 

As a military brat, I’m pretty used to moving… I just can’t seem to stay put for more than a couple of years. (In this case, I’m lucky if I’ve lasted 8 months) 

Now, my house isn’t really a treehouse, I just like to think of it as one. It has ladders and lofts and it’s surrounded be lots of trees.

I’m currently in the middle of decorating the top loft which will be my zero waste reading nook

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I’m thrilled, because after living in a tiny house for the past year I finally have space for a studio and office. To be honest… I HATED tiny home living. Tiny home living isn’t for everyone and I learned the heard way. Here’s 5 reasons why tiny home living wasn’t for me

There’s a small garden for Nala, and I’m still close enough to town that I can walk to cafes.

The small garden has an apple and fig tree so I’m cooking up lots of delicious apple and fig recipes! 

Surprisingly the only things I’ve added to my house since moving from a 300 sq. ft. studio is a table and a couch both of which are second hand. I have a love hate relationship with my table.

It’s the table my parents had when I was kid. It’s so 90’s it hurts. The almond colored tile… the peach flowers, that distinct 90s oak color. But, the table fits in the space beautifully, and I don’t really want to buy anything new.

I think about restaining the wood and replacing the tile, but then I think about all of the energy that goes into that and find I have better things to do with my time. For now, I’m content with my table. 

Homes don’t have to be Pinterest, picture perfect. I find that often drives consumption. You’re always seeking a new trend… when in fact you should just learn to be content with what you have. 

As we know all trends circle back around… so maybe almond tiles and peach flowers will make a comeback too. Maybe, I’m just ahead of the times. 

Without further ado… I present the most requested video ever (from my IG following) my home tour. 

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    1. 300 sq ft is def too small. This is perfect.
    2. Figs!!!!!!
    3. Kill that table. Kill it before it breeds.