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Zero Waste Challenge Day 9: Compost

30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Compost is pure magic. I love composting. I just throw all of my food scraps in a bin and they’re turned to rich and wonderful soil.

I have a worm bin, and an enclosed bin. My city offers discounted bins to residents, since we don’t have municipal.

Check with your city too, and see my tips/challenge below! The full post is over at Be Zero

I challenge you to find a place to compost! 

You probably don’t have municipal, so you might need to get a little creative. 

  • Most communities have a gardening club where you can drop off compost
  • Install a bin in your backyard
  • Check the front of your health food store
  • Ask the farmers at your farmers market
  • Start a worm bin – ideal for apartments
  • Dig holes in your back yard

You can also check out my post on composting here!

Do you compost? What’s your favorite method?

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  1. Here in the UK municipal compost collections (or "food waste" as it’s more commonly known here) are the norm. Not all councils offer it, but the majority do and most of the ones that don’t are planning to introduce it.

    Having a weekly collection is great and makes it easier for people to change their habits. But I’ve worked in the recycling industry for over five years now and I have found that food waste is a bit of a battle! I have spoken to so many members of the public over the years who tell me they don’t want to compost their food waste because it’s "disgusting," it "smells" and so on. During the summer months it’s pretty common to get requests for new rubbish bins from people who say that their bin is "attracting flies." I’m not really sure how they think that a rigid plastic container attracts flies, but when explaining that they could solve the problem by putting their food waste in their regular compost collection instead they are usually pretty adamant that won’t help and the only solution is to acquire a new bin…! You’d be surprised the number of different people I’ve had this same conversation with.

    But anyway, my point is that it seems such a shame that over here it is made so easy for people to compost and a lot of people don’t appreciate it, when in other parts of the world you have to get really creative to find a solution! Great list of alternatives to municipal compost collections.

    1. This is fascinating. Thank you for sharing! I can’t believe people want new bin!? It’s so true. Just separate the organic and inorganic and all the bugs go away. I hope one day that municipal compost will be available everywhere!