Zero Waste Challenge Day 9: Compost

Compost is pure magic. I love composting. I just throw all of my food scraps in a bin and they're turned to rich and wonderful soil. I have a worm bin, and an enclosed bin. My city offers discounted bins to residents, since we don't have municipal. Check with your city too, and see my tips/challenge below! The full post is over at Be Zero

Day 9 of the zero waste challenge! Get your compost on!

I challenge you to find a place to compost! 

You probably don't have municipal, so you might need to get a little creative. 

  • Most communities have a gardening club where you can drop off compost
  • Install a bin in your backyard
  • Check the front of your health food store
  • Ask the farmers at your farmers market
  • Start a worm bin - ideal for apartments
  • Dig holes in your back yard

You can also check out my post on composting here!

Do you compost? What's your favorite method?