Zero Waste Challenge Day 11: Line Dry

Summer is all about those long days and bright sun. Which is great for rapidly drying your laundry! 


Dyers use a lot of energy and heat up the house. The A/C has to over compensate for all of that hot air the dryer is pumping out. And, if you're like me, living without A/C - it get's HOT! Unbearably hot. So, why not try and soak up some of that natural sun power?

benefits of line drying:

  • Whitening Power: In fact the sun + my homemade bleach keeps my whites looking SO. WHITE. I promise I will share my whitening secrets after the challenge is over. 
  • Wrinkle Free: I love hanging my button downs. No iron needed! The collars always look so crisp.
  • Saving Energy: Which also means saving money! Yay! 
  • Extends the Life: It's no secret that over washing and over drying shortens the life span of your clothes -especially your dedicates, which you should always hand wash (or at least wash on cold) and line dry. No exceptions. 
  • Static Free: No dryer; no static. No more dresses clinging to my legs looking like weird pants.

the challenge: 

I challenge you to turn off your dryer this month! 

You don't need anything fancy. In fact, I don't even have clothespins. They're on my wish list with a proper line! I just have a piece of rope tied around a tree and to a post in the backyard. I just use regular hangers and hang them up! 

I can't fit a sheet set on my current line, so don't worry if you can't line dry everything! Just do the best you can. They also make foldable drying racks, which are great to bring outdoors or use inside when it's raining.