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15 Eco Friendly Baby Products to Gift New Parents

Eco-Friendly Kids and Parenting

Last Updated on October 10, 2023

Finding eco friendly baby products to gift new parents can be tough! I’m sharing the best gifts for babies (as well as a couple of the best gifts for new parents) that are sustainable, eco friendly, and best of all — useful!

Baby toys and supplies are often made out of plastic and other harmful materials, and it feels like you can’t escape it, no matter where you look. These are my choices for the best new baby gifts that are also eco friendly, non toxic, and sustainable for a happy, healthy baby. Sustainable baby products are becoming easier and easier to find as demand increases, and that’s good news for children and parents alike!

photo of a bib, spoon and plate, all eco friendly baby products, with overlay text reading eco-friendly gifts for babies and new parents.

eco friendly baby products

Let’s be real — being a parent is tough work. If you’re about to have a baby or know someone who is, I wanted to round up a few eco friendly baby products to gift new parents!

I hope these gifts will make a sustainable lifestyle a little bit easier all while juggling a newborn.

Even though I am making product recommendations, be sure to check out the secondhand market and reach out to other parents for hand-me downs.

best gifts for babies

I am in the stage of life where many of my friends are having children. Throughout my search, I’ve found the best gifts for babies. I’ve gone to a few baby showers and always love to find secondhand books and baby blankets from our local children’s consignment shop, paired with an organic cotton onesie — it’s always a hit!

I have a rule about not buying any cloth diapers unless the parents specifically state they’re going to be cloth diapering, and you can read more about that in my post Zero Waste Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

best new baby gifts

Below, you’ll find all sorts of inspiration. I’ve even included a couple of postpartum options and useful items for mom. Anything that will help her adjust to parenthood is the best gift for new parents.

From upcycled baby bibs to clothes that grow with your baby, you’re bound to find something perfect for your (or a friend’s) little one! I’ve even organized them by category for your convenience.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you choose to purchase an item. All thoughts and opinions are my own and for more information please see my disclosure policy.

sustainable baby products

sustainable, upcycled baby bibs are one of the best gifts for babies

1. upcycled sari baby bibs:

You know I love the vintage sari quilt on my bed. So, I think these upcycled sari baby bibs from Ten Thousand Villages are amazing!

They’re lovingly laundered, then hand-stitched by artisans in Prokritee, Bangladesh. 

These fair trade bibs are made from recycled cotton sari, cotton, and metal snaps (so no plastic). The snaps are adjustable and have a terry cloth backing for absorbency. Every baby wears a bib at some point, which makes these one of the best new baby gifts, in my opinion.

You’ll get a set of 3 in a pack. Because they are made with recycled textiles, each item is as unique as the woman who made it. I love the fact these women collect discarded sari textile to make the bibs!

The purchase also helps create and support bright futures for moms and babies in villages across Bangladesh. Fair trade provides fair and stable income to women who would otherwise not have access to employment opportunities. 

2. ash pants:

These ash pants by Jackalo are super cute – and sustainable. Jackalo only uses 100% certified organic cotton which is also fair trade. All their garments are ethically made in Portugal.

Their garments are designed to fit two times longer, so they’re made with longevity in mind. 

Even cooler is their commitment to circularity: You can send back outgrown Jackalo clothes and get $15 off your next purchase. They’ll wash, repair, and resell them at a discount.

Better yet, if a Jackalo item rips within 6 months of purchase, they’ll repair or replace it free of charge.

Their main focus is to move towards zero waste by saving their production scraps and turning them into accessories, and by buying back outgrown clothes to be resold or upcycled.

Get 15% off your order using the code “ZEROWASTE” on their site.

sustainable pants for safe, cute baby fashion - one of the best new baby gifts you can give.

3. black and white romper:

Beya Made’s black and white romper is so cute, sustainably made, and gender-neutral. And, it’s designed to adjust as children grow, allowing them to fit three times longer than other brands. 

This particular romper is made from soft durable black linen. The straps are cut long and feature two rows of snaps – you just tie or twist in back for a perfect fit as children grow. 

The two rows of snaps at the crotch provide even further vertical adjustability. Plus, the elastic waistband is comfy and expands with growing tummies.

Because these clothes grow with the child, parents won’t need as many clothes to begin with. That definitely helps save new parents money – making it a very thoughtful gift. 

Beya Made sells shirts, pants, and rompers. All of their outfits are made in the USA, right in Atlanta, GA.

4. cloth diapers 

Every year, over 37 billion disposable diapers end up in landfills in this country. Obviously, finding a reusable option makes cloth diapers one of the most eco friendly baby products around.

Earth Hero cloth diapers are reusable, and their inners are made from 100% organic cotton that’s uniquely layered for max absorbency. 

Don’t forget to pair this inner diaper with the outer diaper — these are a two-part diapering system to ensure it’s leak-proof. Both are easy to snap on and adjust.

The outer is made from 100% recycled polyester with a waterproof TPU laminate. Outers come in two sizes and are designed to grow with the baby. 

The best thing about the outers is you can also use them as adorable swimmers! 

5. future planter t-shirt:

Want to inspire kids to be kinder to the planet? This future planter t-shirt by tentree is made from sustainable materials, and the company plants ten trees with every purchase.

The shirt is made from 45% recycled polyester, 30% tencel lyocell, and 25% organic cotton. Tencel lyocell is made from eucalyptus wood pulp exclusively in sustainably managed, controlled, and certified forests. 

I love the fact this shirt encourages little ones to care about the planet – and reflects the good done to create the shirt. 

Tentree also sells other kids shirts, all of which are made using sustainable materials and help plant actual trees.

This sustainable rubber teething giraffe is a fan favorite among eco friendly baby products.

6. natural rubber giraffe teething ring:

Teething can be tough – on both parents and babies. This natural rubber giraffe teething ring makes a perfect gift for new parents that need a break from a crying, teething baby.

The teething ring will help soothe painful gums and entertain little ones all at once. It’s made from eco-friendly rubber that’s BPA-free and non-toxic.

The curved surface adapts to a baby’s mouth for additional comfort. It’s lightweight, durable, vegan, and made with low-impact dyes, so it’s completely safe for babies. In fact, this teether encourages healthy oral development and sensory learning.

7. an organic stuffed animal:

Stuffed animals are a classic baby gift! Many children carry the same stuffie around for years. (I have a friend who took her childhood stuffed animal to college with her!) But stuffed animals are often made with polyester and nylon, which are hard on the environment and contain potentially harmful chemicals.

For babies who love to sleep with or snuggle a stuffed animal, Bears for Humanity offers a large range of choices made from 100% organic cotton. They’re GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, among various other certifications and safety tests.

Bears for Humanity is committed to 100% transparency about their entire supply chain for an ethical, sustainable stuffed animal that will last a lifetime!

Sustainable baby products - a 5 piece travel set to nurture newborn skin.

8. a little something for baby gift set:

A Little Something For Baby from Earth Mama Organics is a 5-piece travel-size set designed to nurture sensitive newborn skin. 

Inside the cardboard box are organic diaper balm, sweet orange baby lotion, sweet orange castile baby wash, calendula baby oil, and organic baby face nose and cheek balm.

These all-natural goodies will help keep baby’s skin soft, smooth, and healthy, and can slip perfectly into your diaper bag.

We all know how sensitive baby skin is, so the ingredients in this kit are all organic, non-GMO, and EWG verified. 

The eco-packaging is also made from recycled cardboard with no bleach, dyes, or glue (making it 100% recyclable and compostable). 

You can use the code Kathryn10 to 10% off your purchase!

9. baby wooden ring rattle:

Baby toys tend to be made from plastic – and babies tend to put those toys into their mouth. This baby wooden ring rattle by PlanToys is toxin-free and sustainably made, making it perfectly safe for curious babies.

It’s made with a blend of rubberwood and PlanWood. Rubberwood is sustainably harvested from rubber trees that can no longer produce latex; PlanWood is an innovative zero waste material made from grinding and heating surplus rubberwood sawdust and wood chips. 

The rattle is finished with E-Zero non-formaldehyde glue and non-toxic water-based dyes. It also comes in easy-to-recycle packaging.

This rattle is ethically produced in Trang, Thailand where PlantToys donates volunteer hours and resources to benefit the local community.

EarthHero has a huge selection of eco-friendly toys that you should check out.

10. glass bottles

These glass bottles by Phlips AVENT are plastic-free! These bottles are made borosilicate glass, which means there’s no BPA. Plus, because they’re glass, they’re easier to clean and disinfect than plastic bottles are.

Plus, these bottles will last for years, perfect for new parents who are planning on having more than one kid (most plastic bottles need to be replaced with each child).

New parents will love that these bottles are heat and thermal shock resistant, making them safe to be stored in the fridge or warmed. They’ll love the no-drip nipple design that prevents milk loss and gives peace of mind.

There’s also a handy anti-colic valve designed to reduce colic and tummy aches by sending air away from baby’s stomach, rather than them swallowing it.

11.  100% recycled rubber latex pacifier

Natursutten pacifiers are made from “pure, all-natural latex rubber from the Hevea brasillense tree.” These pacis are softer than typical silicone binkies. They’re also hygienic and clean because they’re molded in one piece (no sneaky crevices germs can get stuck in!)

These natural pacifiers are made without harsh chemicals like parabens. New parents can feel confident knowing they’re keeping their little one safe. Natursutten also makes eco friendly bottles, which could make for a cute bundle of sustainable baby products as a gift.

A fun bonus to these eco friendly baby products? These pacifiers are 100% biodegradable!

best gift for new parents

12. for postpartum:

Life after giving birth isn’t exactly easy on the body. For post partum bleeding, Thinx underwear can help a lot!

Thinx is period underwear – it’s designed to absorb blood and replace single-use pads and tampons. They’re a great addition to a hospital bag and perfect for the postpartum body. 

The super hip hugger is probably the best bet for bleeding moms, as it has a very high absorbency rate. It holds 4 regular tampons worth. And they’ll be a lot more comfortable to wear than a huge pad!

woman wearing a sustainable backpack diaper bag and her child - the best gift for new parents.

13. a sustainable diaper bag:

This ain’t no ordinary diaper bag – it’s sustainable fashion at its best.

My friend, Benita Robledo, a sustainable fashion blogger, designed this bag in partnership with Tesoro to create an incredibly sleek, stylish, timeless, AND sustainable diaper bag. The best part about this bag is it will grow with you and be fashionable long after baby becomes a teen.

There are eight interior pockets, including pockets for wipes, bottles, and toys. The inner lining and organizer, made from deadstock denim, can be zipped out for washing or when you no longer need it.

The outside is made from saddle grade leather, which means it can withstand all sorts of abuse (important when you have kids), and it’ll only look better with age.

The best part is that it has convertible straps so it can easily go from over the shoulder to cross body to backpack in under 5 seconds. Yes, you can even do it while walking.

5% of all sales will be donated to ‘Every Mother Counts’, an organization dedicated to creating quality maternal and baby care for everyone.

14. dropps laundry detergent 

Baby skin is super delicate – that’s why any new parent will appreciate Dropps unscented laundry detergent for baby. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, there are no scents, no dyes, no enzymes, and no chlorine in this detergent.

This laundry detergent is plastic-free in multiple ways: The pod membrane is water soluble, which completely dissolves in the washer, and the box it comes in is made from easy to recycle cardboard.

The ingredients are super clean too, and Dropps candidly list all their ingredients on their website.

One pod will take care of one load, so a whole box will last a while! With how messy kids can be, any new parents would be happy to receive this as a gift.

Use the code “KATHRYN” at checkout for 25% off your entire order (one use per customer).

15.  ring sling baby carrier:

These handsewn ring sling baby carriers from Hope and Plum are super convenient and so adorable. Perfect for baby wearing!

They’re made using natural textiles like linen, hemp, and cotton. These slings are designed to keep babies nice and close, all while freeing up hands (such a life saver for a new parent).

Hope and Plum is a woman-owned small business. Each baby sling is ethically handmade in Minnesota too.

You can choose which size you want – short, medium, or long. There’s a helpful length guide on their website that will make choosing even easier.


how can i be more eco friendly with kids?

Buying your products second hand goes a long way toward sustainability and having an eco friendly household! When that isn’t possible, looking for recycled, upcycled, sustainable, or natural products will help minimize your waste as well!

what materials should i avoid when shopping for eco friendly baby products?

There are so many! It’s alarming how many harmful materials and chemicals are in products made for babies. When shopping for babies, avoid bleach, sulfates, pthalates, synthetic fragrances, BPA, talc, and parabens.

What are your favorite eco friendly baby gifts?

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