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5 Ways to Store Leftovers Plastic Free


Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Did you get a chance to look around my kitchen with the kitchen tour I uploaded? 

On the blog today, I wanted to talk about a few of my favorite items that I use daily to store leftovers. I cook a lot.

One of my time saving hacks is to cook more at once and save the food for later in the week. 

Neither Justin or I like to eat a lot of leftovers, but we will cook and prepare different components for meals.

For example, if I’m making a stir fry and I need half an onion diced, I’ll dice the whole onion because I’m most likely going to use the rest of it later that week. 

I also like to roast a whole bunch of veggies at once. If I’m roasting sweet potatoes, I might as well roast some other veggies on a separate tray.

This saves me time in the future. I’ll only have to wash the cutting board once, and it prevents me from having to turn the oven on later in the week. 

I just try to utilize my time and resources to maximum capacity. And, there are tools I find myself turning to again and again to make my life easier. 

Make sure to check out my latest youtube video about storing produce below. 

1. superbee wraps: 

I was gifted these beeswax wraps by SuperBee.

They know me so well and sent me a lonely banana print! Isn’t it just darling! I love using these as an alternative to plastic wrap.

It’s great to wrap a bowl or plate with leftovers on it after dinner. It’s also super handy to wrap up oddly shaped foods like pizza! SuperBee has a great video of how to use them below. 

You warm them with the heat of your hands and then you mold them around a bowl or plate or the food itself. 

2. mixing bowl with lids: 

I have this set of four glass mixing bowls with lids*, and they are amazing! It’s so easy to prepaer food, serve food, and then store the leftovers. They’re also aesthetically pleasing and can pass for serving dishes, unlike many other mixing bowls.

The lids are plastic, but my lids have held up over two years without an issue. I hand wash my lids and am gentle with them. 

3. snapware:

I love my pyrex snapware containers!* I use this set daily.

Not only are they amazing for getting food to-go. I like the different size options plus they’re just super functional. 

They’re freezer and oven safe giving you a myriad of options. I like the smaller ones for meal prepping. They’re leak proof, and can easily go in my bag making it easy to take my lunch to work. 

4. mason jars: 

Mason jars* have to be the handiest of all kitchen items. I use them for everything!

It’s easy to store prepped food like diced onion, shredded carrots, diced zuchinni, assorted roasted veggies, and the list goes on. 

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Their leak proof lids also make them a go-to for transport. They’re easy to find at the thrift store, inexpensive, and if you need to buy new lids, they come packaged in cardboard. 

5. pots with lids: 

It really doesn’t get much easier than putting the lid on a pot and putting it in the fridge. If you’ve been cooking a stew, pasta, quinoa, rice, really anything in a pot and have some leftover, just plop that lid right on the pot and store it in the fridge. It’s so simple! 

What are some of your favorite ways to store leftovers? 

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  1. Love old fashioned Corning Ware. Not airtight, but pyrex lids and OK for fridge to oven or stovetop. To stack in the fridge just flip lids upside down.
    Most we have were found at the local thrift shop (just be sure to check for chips!).