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Sustainable Shopping: 5 Zero Waste Shops for All Your Plastic Free Needs

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Last Updated on December 6, 2023

Sustainable shopping is now easier than ever before. If you’re looking for a one stop shop to buy all your zero waste supplies, you’re in luck! There are truly some amazing sustainable stores out there designed to make your life easier.

We’re sharing five eco friendly online stores where you can find a bunch of plastic free goodies. Sustainable online shopping can be difficult due to the immense amount of packaging waste and carbon emissions. These sustainable stores are committed to bringing you the best zero waste supplies, in the most sustainable packaging around. Read on for all the sustainable shopping you could ever ask for!

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sustainable shopping

While the purpose of going zero waste is to consume less, making purchases is simply unavoidable. These eco friendly online stores offer you everything from compostable kitchen loofahs to plastic free shampoo for a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Plus, none of these shops are big box corporations. Each time you support one of these featured shops, you know you’re helping a real person pay their bills by supporting a sustainable, eco friendly small business! Win-win.

a plastic free life

In today’s age, it’s almost impossible to be truly plastic free. Computers, clothing, glitter, tea bags, and more contain plastic. While some of these things can’t be avoided, others totally can! These shops offer surprising reusable items that will greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste your household produces.

By switching to sustainable, reusable products and eliminating plastic where you can, you’re able to keep unnecessary products out of landfills and stop rampant over consumption.

You may not be able to have a completely plastic free lifestyle, but you can be conscientious of the plastic you use and go out of your way to avoid it. When you need to replace products, consider shopping from an eco friendly store to get the ball rolling.

eco friendly online stores

1. tiny yellow bungalow:

This woman run, plastic free store literally started in a tiny yellow bungalow.

What started as an experimental blog in 2015 turned into a full time online shop, filled with eco-friendly goodies. Jessie, the founder of Tiny Yellow Bungalow, recognized a need for more zero waste shopping options and decided to transform her blog into a shop.

She has a wide selection of products to choose from on her site in a bunch of different categories, like bath and body, kid + baby, handmade and vintage, and kitchen.

Reusable produce back and fresh produce bought from sustainable stores.

You can find a lot of unique, thrifted vintage items in her shop you can’t find anywhere else. She hand selects them herself from markets and thrift stores she stumbles upon.

Jessie is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She goes to great lengths to make sure her shop is filled with items her customers really love, and always asks for their opinions and input

(follow her on Instagram – that’s where she interacts with her audience most).

Photo collage of what it looks like to have a plastic free life.

She also has an adorable baby boy whom she tries to keep as low waste as possible, not to mention a handy zero waste baby registry on her blog.

I personally love the reusable produce bags she sells (the cloth ones come with such cute designs) and the compostable kitchen loofahs (so many adorable styles to choose from like apple, eggplant, owl, etc.).

Jessie is always updating her shop too, so there are tons of other new items in there I want to try soon!

She also goes out of her way to reuse old shipment boxes from previous packages, friends, and family. Talk about recycling!

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2. life without plastic:

Just as the name implies, this store will help you truly live a plastic free life. Life Without Plastic is the ideal resource for someone looking to break free of their reliance on plastic.

It has a plastic free alternative for so many items.

The site is broken down into sections like eating, drinking, home and living, kids and babies, and more.

You can find everything from plastic free coffee makers to plastic free hair ties there.

As far as inventory goes, It’s definitely one of the biggest zero waste online shops around.

Photo collage of products purchased from Life Without Plastic, one of the featured eco friendly online stores.

Each product includes an in-depth description telling you everything you could possibly want to know about it. You’ll see its size, material, where it comes from, who made it, how to use it, and what to do with it at the end of life.

I personally love their wide selection of stainless steel containers. So handy! You can find almost any size you need on their site, big or small.

They also have some incredible informative resources on their site that can help you live as consciously as possible.

Under their info section, they list resources and articles talking about plastics, plastic types, plastic alternatives, and the effects of plastics on health and the environment.

They also have an “action” section featuring global or local campaigns you can involve yourself in.

The inventory is really quite impressive, and you never have to worry about how products will be packaged. They package everything in cardboard and paper — completely plastic free.

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3. the wild minimalist:

Run by an inspiring couple, The Wild Minimalist was created with one mission in mind: to help others reduce their dependence on plastic.

Max and Lily, founders of the shop, started up the online store after becoming a newly engaged couple.

As they transitioned to a zero waste lifestyle, they quickly realized there was no one-stop shop for all things zero waste, so they decided to create one. And they certainly did a great job!

Their selections include zero waste kits, bags, kitchen and dining, cleaning, bath and beauty, mama and child, utility, and pets.

They have a wide range of items to choose from that’s bound to make any zero waster excited.

Photo collage of products you can buy from The Wild Minimalist, a place for sustainable online shopping.

For someone just starting out, they make things easy by offering zero waste kits of all kinds, such as a basic starter kit, farmers market kit, lunch kit, and more.

Perfect for someone who wants to go zero waste in a specific area of their life, but doesn’t know where to start.

Their utility section is very unique: They sell beautiful paper items like a handmade produce calendar, market cards, native plant cards, and more.

All of which can be composted at the end of life, if you have the heart to (they’re all so pretty).

I personally really love their selection of cleaning brushes (so much versatility – I have their wood pot scrubbers and love them).

I also love the fact that they have a beauty section with some makeup and skin care products in it.

All of their items come in zero waste packaging too, only shipping their products in plastic-free, easy to recycle packaging.

They try to use recycled cardboard boxes whenever possible. Yay for no waste!

4. eco roots:

EcoRoots was founded by a nature-loving couple living in Colorado. If that isn’t couple goals, I’m not sure what is.

This couple started their shop to inspire others to live a plastic-free life.

Tired of seeing excessive plastic packaging everywhere, they decided to open a shop that supported their values. 

Thus, EcoRoots was born! This online shop has a wide array of home, kitchen, bath, and beauty products to choose from. 

All their products are carefully curated with the environment in mind, so everything is ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Photo collage of items you can buy from Eco Roots while sustainable shopping

I personally love their bath and beauty section because they sell a wide variety of shampoo and conditioner bars.

Also, they offer one of my personal favorite lotions for sale: Yay For Earth face lotion.

It comes in a glass jar that can be reused over and over again after it’s empty!

Not to mention they also stock Raw Elements sunscreen, which is my favorite brand of zero waste sunscreen to date.

In their home and kitchen section, you can browse for some plastic-free produce bags, straws, brushes, and containers with ease. 

Another great perk? For packaging and shipping, EcoRoots only uses recyclable and up-cyclable materials that are totally plastic-free and biodegradable.

They really make you want for nothing.

5. well earth goods:

Looking for a family run store that sells plastic-free essentials? Well Earth Goods has your back!

Based in Oregon, this online shop is designed to help you embrace a more circular economy.

Their inventory is divided into different categories for easy navigating. Search personal care, laundry, kitchen and dining, clean up, food storage, coffee and tea, produce bags and bulk bags, totes and backpacks, travel, and compost.

The different categories really help you narrow down your search and easily navigate the site.

One other cool feature is that Well Earth Goods offers digital and physical gift cards.

Looking to encourage someone to shop plastic-free? A gift card will get them started!

Photo collage of items you can buy from Well Earth Goods, one of the featured sustainable stores.

I personally love their coffee and tea section. As an avid tea drinker, I’ve had my eye on reusable cotton tea bags for some time!

Also, my parents really love their coffee, and I’ve seen how wasteful that can get!

Well Earth Goods has really cool usable coffee filters. You can use them over and over again. I might get my folks one as a gift.

All Well Earth Goods products are shipped in 100 percent recyclable paper-based materials (including paper tape!)

There’s never any plastic, plus they try to use the smallest boxes or envelopes available to reduce materials.


what makes sustainable stores truly sustainable?

Look for storefronts or products that have eco-friendly certifications, prioritize quality over price, and offer limited packaging (and bonus points if it’s plastic free packaging!),. Remember, not everything that’s written in green or is decorated with leaves is actually eco friendly. It’s important to do your due diligence.

what should you buy when sustainable online shopping?

Honestly, you can buy almost anything through sustainable online shopping. I recommend starting by replacing disposable items you use a lot of with reusable versions. Swapping paper towels, coffee filters, straws, etc. with Swedish dishcloths, reusable filters, and stainless steel straws is an excellent start toward a plastic free life.

What are some of your favorite zero waste shops?

Guest Post: Ariana Palmieri is the founder of, a blog dedicated to zero waste living and sustainability. Her work is featured on MindBodyGreen, Green Matters, The Penny Hoarder, and several other publications. Get her free e-book “10 Ways to Reduce Trash” by signing up to her newsletter and learn how to reduce your waste today.

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  1. I’m trying to find a company that sells package-free (not sold in plastic) underwear for men. I have found a few, but most of their products are waaay out of my budget. I’m not looking to spend $50+ for a few pairs. If there’s a company that sells sustainable underwear for the price of a 5-pack at Target, let me know!

  2. Eco Now ( ) is a great option for online zero waste shopping. They use sustainable delivery packaging and they refill any bulk items in reusable containers and deliver in Orange County, CA. A great zero waste option if you live in the area.