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Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

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Last Updated on January 23, 2024

The grocery store is a magical place. There are so many ingredients waiting to be made into delicious meals. If you want to start shopping zero waste, you’ll need to get a grocery store pack ready to go. You’ll want a reusable sack to carry your groceries, some bags for produce and dry ingredients, and some jars for wet or dry ingredients. I have my jars labeled with their tare weight (the weight of the empty jar), what’s in the jar (if it’s a common item in my pantry ), a plu space (price look up) where you can write the code on the bin so the cashier knows what you bought.

Once you get to the grocery store, you’ll want to go to customer service to get the tare weight of your jars. I don’t typically tare my bags since their weight is so minimal. Some grocery stores have bulk bins, but no way of using tare weight. I highly recommend using bags, so you’re not charged for that extra pound.

I like to keep a wax pencil with me. That way I can write down any tare weights I don’t have, and I can write the plu number on the jar creating no waste! Next I hit the great bulk isle.

 When I run out of something in the pantry, it's so easy to refill and put it up.  When I run out of something in the pantry, it’s so easy to refill and put it up.

 It's fun to get treats too!  It’s fun to get treats too!

Make sure you write the plu number on your bag or jar. After you’ve gotten all of your goodies, go to the check out counter. They should remove the tare weight only charging you for what’s inside of your jar. Take your yummies home, and get cookin’!

Here’s a look at my grocery haul for the next two weeks:

Organic Bulk Section: 8 oz of Peanut butter ($2.00), 2 lbs of cashews ($20.00), 1 lb of Raisins ($3.00), 1 lb of Rolled Oats ($1.50), 12 oz of Brown Sugar ($1.00), 1 lb of Baking Soda ($3.00), 8 rolls ($2.00)

Organic Produce: 14 Limes ($3.50), Spinach ($2.00), Carrots ($2.00), Broccoli ($2.00), Pineapple ($2.50), Cauliflower ($1.50), Strawberries ($9.00), Potatoes ($1.50), Mushrooms ($1.00), Bell Peppers ($1.50)

Mostly Organic Meat (no photo): 1/2 lb of Thick Cut Bacon ($3.00), 1 lb of Turkey ($6.00), 3 lbs Chicken Breast (On Sale! $9.00), 4 Sausages ($4.00)

Grocery budget for the next two weeks: $81.00 or $41.50 a week.

Have you visited the bulk section of your grocery store? What bulk treats do you like?

Justin likes cheddar whales, and I like peanut butter stuffed pretzels. Mmmm.

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  1. What grocery stores do you recommend with good bulk aisles?? I’ve yet to see anything other than nuts in bulk containers. I live on the east coast. I’m sure pricing a changed a little since this post was created, but I would love to pay what you pay for items without the packaging and organic!! Thank you for the insight!