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16 Eco-friendly, Organic, and Non-Toxic Candles


Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Did you know conventional scented candles are a huge source of indoor air pollution? They also release toxins when burned so I’ve rounded up 16 eco-friendly and non-toxic candles you can burn guilt free.

Most candles are made of paraffin wax which releases highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned – both are known carcinogens. Natural candles emit no toxins and provide light and an amazing aroma to your home.

15 eco friendly, non toxic candles

Paraffin is a petroleum waste product that has to be deodorized and chemically bleached to be made into wax, and don’t forget petroleum is a fossil fuel so keep that in mind.

Plus, many scented candles have wicks that contain heavy metals, like lead. Even just a few hours of burning them can release levels of airborne heavy metals that are beyond the acceptable limit.

Instead of inhaling toxic chemicals disguised by artificial scents, why not try one of these 16 eco-friendly, non toxic candles? They’ll be better for you, your home, and better for the planet.

the best organic candles

1. hyggelight:

Hyggelight creates vegan candles that come in reusable ceramic plant pots – which include wildflower seed paper labels! Once the candle is gone, you can just use the pot for growing plants.

The candle itself is made from 100 percent pure soy wax that’s free of additives, colorants, phthalates, and toxins. It also features a lead-free cotton wick and is hand-poured in small batches in Ohio.

There are about 10 different scents to choose from, including an unscented version. There’s also about 8 different planters – all with unique patterns and designs. Truly amazing non toxic candles!


hyggelight eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars
hyggelight eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars

2. p.f. candle co:

 P.F. Candle Co makes 100% vegan and non-toxic soy wax candles hand-poured into apothecary inspired glass amber jars. Vegan candles are amazing and I love that it has a kraft paper label and brass lid!

This plastic-free candle is paraben-free, phthalate-free and never tested on animals. It’s homemade in California with 100% domestically grown soy wax and has a cotton core wick.

There are about 12 different scents to choose from, and P.F. Candle Co also makes a few reef diffusers as well!


p.f. candle co eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars
p.f. candle co eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars

3. sanari candle:

Sanari Candle hand pours all their natural candles with a vegan coconut wax blend in a reusable wine glass or whiskey tumbler in Los Angeles, California.

They use 100% unbleached cotton wide wicks and certified organic essential oils. There’s about 11 different versatile scents to choose from.

To use the base as a cup, Sanari Candle recommends removing the leftover wax by boiling hot water, pouring it into the candle holder, allowing it to sit for a minute, then use a pair of pliers to remove the wick from the bottom. Wash with soap and reuse!


sanari candle co eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars
sanari candle co eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars

4. united by blue:

 United By Blue creates candles that have cotton wicks and GMO-free soy wax.  This type of wax is generally accepted as one used to create the best non toxic candles on the market.

There are about 5 main scents that come in two varying sizes. You can choose between a 3 oz or an 8.5oz candle.

It’s hand-poured right in Philadelphia, PA and housed in colored glass with a hand-drawn label.


united by blue eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars

5. ellis brooklyn:

Ellis Brooklyn creates hand-poured candles in upstate New York, each of which are meticulously cared for from start to finish. There are 5 unique scents to choose from in their organic candle line.

They use a domestically grown soy wax blend, housed in a 6.5 oz recycled glass container. The holder is handmade and lead-free, and everything is made in the USA.


ellis brooklyn eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars

6. the white cottage co:

This 7 oz candle by The White Cottage Co is hand-poured and clean burning organic candle. It’s made using all-natural soy wax and utilizes cotton and paper wicks. 

There’s no dye added, and the soy is produced by American farmers (not overseas). 


the white cottage co eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars

7. nightshift wax co:

Nightshift Wax Co creates vegan and cruelty-free candles that are made without synthetic ingredients, animal ingredients, phthalates, chemicals or fillers of any kind. 

No paraffin or petroleum here – it’s a 100% plastic free candle! From its American grown soy wax to its recycled glass jars, there’s no plastic in sight. The wicks are organic cotton braided too.

These candles are made with plant-based, organic ingredients, so no artificial fragrance either – just organic therapeutic-grade essential oils. There’s about 7 scents to choose from.


nightshift wax co vegan candles made with soy wax.
nightshift wax co plastic free, natural candles.

8. phlur:

Phlur creates candles that are cruelty-free and hand-poured with a custom plant-based soy-apricot-coconut wax in Greenfield, Massachusetts.  There’s three scents to choose from and two different sizes (6oz and 8 oz).

They never use paraffins, parabens, phthalates or animal products in their candles, which is fantastic.

The custom ceramic vessel is designed for reuse after you’ve burned the entire candle. They encourage people to get creative: Use it for a fancy paper clip holder, terrarium, or anything you’d like.


phlur coconut was all natural candles.
phlur vegan candles in white jar.

9. keap:

Keap makes zero waste candles from coconut wax that are made ethically in their Brooklyn, NY studio.  There are 8 main scents to choose from, 3 scents exclusively for subscribers.

The candleholder is also returnable and reusable. You can repurpose the holder for a drinking glass or return the glass free of charge through their Eternal Flame tumbler return program.

The packaging for their candles is zero waste too: They’re made from Ecovative’s Mushroom packaging you can pop directly into your compost bin. Even their shipping label is compostable.


keap coconut was candles that are non-toxic.  In reusable jar.
keap ethically made candles that are non-toxic.

10. herbivore botanicals:

Herbivore Botanicals  10 oz candles are made with 100% pure essential oil fragrances, American-grown soy wax, and a cotton wick. There’s about 5 scents to choose from and each has a burn time of 65 hours.

They never use paraffins, dyes, lead, animal by-products, or synthetic fragrances – so it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

The underside of the gold lid is designed with a custom pattern that creates a textured surface for igniting a strike-anywhere match. 


herbivore vegan candles made from soy wax and a cotton wick.
herbivore best non-toxic candles in reusable containers.

11. birth month flower candles:

The Birth Month Flower Candles are crafted in New York with hand-poured soy wax and essential oil blends.

They make excellent gifts!

Each month has a custom flower and scent to go along with it. For example, October’s scent is soft and sweet marigold.

These signature glasses with floral silhouettes would make adorable drinking cups – just scoop out the remaining wax.


birth month flower candles with soy wax and essential oils.
birth month candles with signature glasses.

12. homesick:

Homesick creates cruelty-free candles made from a natural soy wax blend with organic cotton wicks. They’re non-toxic and contain no lead, plastics, parabens, synthetic dyes or phthalates. 

These hand-poured candles are always made locally, right here in America. There’s a huge variety of scents to choose from: About 100! Some are even named after states.

The candles themselves have a glass holder and come in cardboard packaging. You can reuse and repurpose the jars once they empty. 


homesick vegan candles with apple orchard scent.
homesick vegan candles with Main scent.

13. get a whiff co:

Get a Whiff Co makes coconut wax candles that have wooden wicks which crackle soothingly. Their candles are hand-poured in small batches in Southern California.

They sell both 7 oz amber glass jars (23 scents) and 3 oz tin candles (11 scents). 

The 7 oz amber glass jar is not just beautiful – but can also be repurposed when empty. It has a 40-50 hour burn time, while the tin candles have a 20-30 hour burn time.


get a whiff co candles eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars
get a whiff co candles eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars

14. ebb and flow:

Ebb and Flow makes two kinds of natural candles: Beeswax tamper candles and soy wax candles.

The beeswax tamper candles are hand-dipped natural beeswax with cotton wicks rolled in dried roses. They’re unscented but carry a sweet honey aroma.

The soy wax candles are hand-poured and have raw hemp wicks. They source their ingredients locally, so they have a smaller carbon footprint.

Their soy wax is all-natural, local, food-grade and unbleached. All their candles come in containers that are USA made, locally sourced, and reusable with a gold platform lid.


ebb and flow natural candles made with beeswax
ebb and flow natural candles made with beeswax in reusable no-waste packaging

15. shanti creations:

Shanti Creations creates hand-poured coconut wax candles made with essential oils and 100% cotton wicks. They’re crafted in Queen, New York.

The candle holder is a 12 oz mason jar with a minimalist design. The candle comes packaged in an organic mini drawstring bag – so it’s all plastic free. 

At the end of its life, stick it in the freezer overnight, then crack the wax with a knife and remove remaining wax. Wash out with soap and hot water – then reuse the mason jar.

There’s over 40 different scents to choose from and several collaborations they’ve done (I love the Damn Plastic one).

They offer lid attachments on their website to make it even easier to reuse your jar at the end of its life. You can transform it into a salt and pepper shaker, tea infuser, and more.


shanti creations candles eco-friendly, zero waste, non-toxic candles in pretty jars
shanti creations candles are eco-friendly and zero waste
shanti creations candles are eco-friendly and zero waste

16. beambiance:

Beambiance creates 100% pure beeswax candles that have inspirational quotes on them.

They’re completely non-toxic, plastic-free, and petroleum-free. They do have a natural honey scent, but they’re otherwise fragrance-free.

Your candle comes delivered in 100% environmentally-friendly recyclable paper packaging. No plastic, and all compostable.


beambiance candles are eco-friendly and zero waste

what is a natural candle?

Traditional candles are generally made from paraffin wax which is a petroleum based wax which has a number of toxic properties. Natural candles, also knows as organic candles, can be made from a variety of non toxic sources like soy, coconut, or beeswax. Many natural candles also come in zero waste forms and feature reusable containers.

are all natural candles also vegan?

No. Natural candles are made from all natural ingredients and generally exclude candles made with petroleum substances like paraffin wax. However, some natural candles can actually be non-vegan like those made with beeswax. If you are looking specifically for a vegan candle, consider those made with a soy based wax.

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  1. Pity that so many are made of Soy, with an intolerance to soy, even inhaling creates problems for me! I totally get the vegan approach, but will keep my honey bee friends in business buying beeswax candles! Good to know there are options out there though for coconut, will keep my eye out!

  2. The most eco-friendly, nontoxic candles are pure beeswax. Support your local beekeepers! They probably have some amazing honey for you too.