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Earth Breeze: Laundry Eco Sheets Review


Last Updated on October 17, 2023

I’m sharing my honest Earth Breeze reviews because your laundry room is a surprisingly easy place to make plastic free and non toxic!

EarthBreeze has made waves for being a biodegradable, plastic-free alternative to traditional laundry detergent. Earth Breeze laundry sheets come in compostable packaging and ultra concentrated detergent that uses less water to produce. As with anything innovative, the internet has been flooded with searches for Earth Breeze Laundry Sheet reviews, so I had to check it out myself and share my experience with you guys!

Photo of Earth Breeze detergent package with overlay text reading "Earth Breeze Review: Is it Worth It?"

This post was sponsored by Earth Breeze. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy. 


Most laundry detergent bottles are made from plastic #2, aka high-density polyethylene (HDPE). While HDPE is considered one of the more recyclable plastics, just 30% of HDPE jugs are recycled. 

The rest can take thousands of years to degrade in landfills or the environment, all while leaching toxins. These jugs can take up to 500 years to decompose.

The OECD recently released a study on detergent bottles that talks about the sustainability considerations of plastic packaging. This was following the Global Forum on “Plastics in a Circular Economy: Design of Sustainable Plastics from a Chemicals Perspective”.

One of the solutions stated was using more recycled plastic in detergent bottles, as this cut down on emissions. A way to encourage this would be a mandatory minimum percentage of recycled content or a positive monetary incentive for businesses to use recycled plastic. 

Currently, most detergent bottles on the market are made from virgin plastic, which has a high carbon footprint. Virgin plastic must be extracted from the earth as crude oil, and it takes a lot of energy and resources to transform it into a moldable plastic. 

But what if we cut out the plastic jug entirely? Enter EarthBreeze, a sustainable laundry detergent without plastic packaging. 

I got to try out their Eco Sheets and I’m excited to share the results. Here’s my full Earth Breeze review and everything you need to know about their brand. 

earth breeze laundry sheets combat single use plastic waste 

Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets don’t have plastic packaging: The sheets come packaged in a flat cardboard envelope you can rip up and add to your compost bin when empty.  

This plastic free packaging is great for several reasons: 

  • EarthBreeze sheets are ultra-concentrated, so they’re very lightweight. 
  • Being lightweight means more products can fit on transport. 
  • This means less corrugated cardboard for crating, less gasoline used, and fewer trucks to move the shipments (source). Earth Breeze also ships everything carbon-neutral.  
  • Approximately 1 billion laundry jugs are discarded in the United States each year. Only 30% percent of these plastic jugs get recycled, while the remaining 70% end up in landfills, with many finding their way into our oceans. No plastic jug eliminates this problem.
  • No plastic equals less water waste. It takes 3 liters of water to make ONE liter of bottled water. Globally, the laundry industry consumed 5 million tonnes of water in 2015 alone. (source) Liquid detergent can be up to 90% water, while Earth Breeze’s concentrated formulas have saved 19.6 million liters of water by being liquidless.
Photo of Earth Breeze laundry sheets held in front of a washer and dryer.

do earth breeze sheets dissolve? 

Yes, Earth Breeze sheets dissolve upon contact with water. So, when you toss it in your drum, it will act the same way a liquid detergent would.  

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets will dissolve if you put them directly inside the drum or in the detergent dispenser. Both are safe options, and I will discuss which option to do depending on your washer type later. This detergent works in hot and cold water washes on any cycle. 

can earth breeze be used in he washers? 

Yes, Earth Breeze can be used in HE washers. They work in all machine types and are septic and greywater certified. They’re also great for hand washing delicates and clothes on the go!  

does earth breeze work in hard water? 

Yes, Earth Breeze works in hard water and soft water. Speaking from experience, I’ve used Earth Breeze in both California and Maine where the water hardness is different. In both states, I had a good overall experience with Earth Breeze.  

Photo of EarthBreeze laundry detergent eco sheets on a washing machine

is it easy to cancel earth breeze? 

Yes, it is easy to cancel, pause, and alter your Earth Breeze subscription if you no longer want to continue. They also have a subscription option where you can choose to have Earth Breeze delivered at a frequency that suits you, which saves money. 

However, if you’d like to cancel, you simply log in to your account and choose “edit” to make any changes. If you scroll to the bottom of your page, you can find an option to cancel your subscription. There are no hidden fees, contracts, or cancellation penalties. 

There’s also the option to order their products once, just to try it out with no strings attached.   

does earth breeze use palm oil? 

Earth Breeze does not use palm oil. They also do not use bleach, phthalates, phosphates, or parabens. This means they’re gentle enough to use to clean baby’s clothing or clothes for those with sensitive skin. 

They also have a fragrance-free option, which is best for anyone who is sensitive to specific scents or strong perfumes. Earth Breeze is dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

how do you use earth breeze eco sheets? 

According to the packaging instructions, you take a sheet according to size load and place it in your washer. Where you place it will be determined by your washer type. 

For top load washers, place the sheet inside the washer on top of clothes/linens. 

For front-load washers, tear and place the sheet in the detergent dispenser.  

Here’s how much to use: 

  • Half a sheet: Medium load (½ drum full) 
  • One sheet: Large load (¾ drum full) 
  • Two sheets: Heavily soiled or extra large load (full drum) 

It works with both cold and warm water, and the concentrated strips dissolve easily and completely.  

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PHoto of eco sheets in an Earth Breeze review post.

earth breeze review: my experience 

Okay, here’s the moment of truth — my personal experience with Earth Breeze laundry detergent

I tested it out on two things: My towels and my clothes. I wasn’t sure if a 14 cm x 11cm sheet could do the trick but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Both my towels and my clothes came out spotless and clean. I washed them during separate, individual loads. 

I have a top-load washer so I put my eco sheet directly on top of the towels and clothes. It was fun to watch the water dissolve it right before my eyes. 

I tried their fragrance-free version, so there wasn’t a specific scent on them once they dried, but I prefer it that way. 

There was also no filmy residue on the clothes or towels — they were nice and soft.

Since the packaging is so lightweight and compact, I was able to fit it in with my other cleaning products without it being cumbersome and taking up room.

is earth breeze worth it? 

Overall, I’d say Earth Breeze is worth it. As with other Earth Breeze laundry sheets reviews, I feel it does a good job of cleaning my clothes, comes with practically no packaging waste, no plastic, and is formulated out of safe ingredients. 

Here are the benefits of using Earth Breeze: 

  • Powerful clean 
  • Plastic-free
  • One package does up to 60 loads 
  • Biodegradable packaging + ingredients 
  • Hypoallergenic, vegan + cruelty-free
  • HE washer approved 
  • 1% For the Planet member 
  • Donates 10 washes for every package purchased
  • Free Carbon neutral shipping
  • Easy and affordable


is earth breeze a us company? 

Yes, Earth Breeze is a US company, with their headquarters located in Medford, Oregon, United States. 

what do other earth breeze laundry sheets reviews say?

If you Google “Earth Breeze laundry sheets reviews,” you’ll see that there are over 9,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars. That means I’m not the only one who loves this product for its ease of use, smell, and sustainability. Try it yourself and you’ll see!

Would you give this eco-friendly laundry detergent a try? What did you think of my Earth Breeze review? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi-
    While Earth Breeze is a US company, it’s product is MADE IN CHINA. It was marked over the UPC code of the products I received. I was totally bummed over the shipping footprint! If you like laundry strips, recommend trying True Earth it’s MADE IN CANADA and has a lesser shipping carbon footprint.