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A Minimalist Routine for the Changing Seasons


Last Updated on January 23, 2024

It’s finally starting to get cold in NoCal. It’s time to pull out the coats and put away the sandals. When seasons change, it’s a great time to take stock and reflect. 

A minimalist routine for the changing seasons from #zerowaste #minimalism #repairs #changingseasons

So, much of the zero waste lifestyle is about focusing and taking care of what we already have. If we spent a fraction of the time mending and taking care of our belongings as we do shopping for new ones, we would save so much money and preserve so many resources. 

As we approach this holiday season, I want you to focus on contentment. It’s easy to get swept up in new shiny things. Make sure you take time to reflect on the wonderful things you already have. 

We need to focus on putting value back into our things. Our things should be investments; they should tell a story. They should be things that are meant to last. So, in this season of change, how can you make sure that you’re valuing what you have? How can you focus on being content? 

deep clean:

Spring cleaning should not be done just once a year. I try to deep clean every season. When I’m cleaning I try to focus on all of the positives. While I’m cleaning, I think of all the wonderful services the item provides me. 

When I’m conditioning my cutting boards, I think of all the wonderful meals I make using them. I think of who crafted them, and who might have given them to me. This makes cleaning so much more mindful, and a tad bit more fun. 

make repairs:

I find that I’m rotating things when the seasons change. I’m putting away summer dresses and sandals. These items are going to be unused for quite some time. Before putting them away, you want to make sure they’re in great condition. 

Take your summer shoes to the cobbler to polish out any scuffs or fix the soles. Or make your own shoe polish. I like to condition my shoes with this simple multi-purpose balm.  

Make sure you’ve mended your clothes. Reinforce buttons, mend hems, and make sure your whites are white. Take anything to the tailor if you need any serious alterations. 

When you make an investment in the pieces, you’re going to look forward to bringing them out next year. Plus, you’ll avoid buying something new in haste. You don’t want to fix your summer shoes when summer hits. 


When you’re going through your stuff during the cleaning process and swapping out seasonal gear, you may find stuff you don’t use often. If you don’t use it often and if you don’t love it, you should think about donating it so someone else can love it.

Having stuff you don’t love or use takes up mental space and physical space. It’s so freeing to let stuff go. Try to get pretty ruthless when cleaning out. Each season get a little tougher on what you can donate. 

I’m not going to lie, I get really excited about finding new stuff to donate. At some point in time, you will probably donate something you will later need. And, that means you’re doing it right! 

Do you have an rituals when the seasons change? 

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    1. I’ve mentioned this several times on my previous minimalist posts. If you’re really tough on yourself when donating there will probably be one item you’ll miss in the future. I have about three items I wish I had kept. I don’t really need them, but I wish I still had them. But, that’s just the name of the game. I know that I did a really good job of donating, and was tough on myself! I did it right.