Zero Waste Flossing

Let's talk about flossing. Flossing is important. Gum health is important. Taking care of your teeth and your health is super important! 

Zero waste flossing and a look into my zero waste oral care routine from

Regular floss is typically plastic. Beyond just being plastic, it's toxic. It's coated with PFC's which is a chemical that's found in teflon.

The PFC's are added to make the floss glide better.  PFC has been linked to thyroid disease, dementia, cancer, fertility issues, and birth defects. You can read more about the study here and here

When you floss, your gums might bleed. As you can imagine, the PFC's have pretty much immediate access to your blood stream. So, let's look at some better options. 

First of all, a slew of studies have come out that flossing isn't really necessary. You can read more about that here and here. I think flossing is important, but I don't think it's the MOST important. 

I think it's most important to have a consistent routine down. Here's a glance into my oral care routine. Healthy teeth are a vital part of well-being. 

tooth powder: 

Zero waste flossing and a look into my zero waste oral care routine from

I personally, brush twice a day with this toothpowder. I worked on that recipe with a dentist to make sure that I wasn't going to harm my teeth. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want is to ruin my enamel. 

water pik: 

Then I water pik every other day. I LOVE my water pik. I have a cordless one which makes it a breeze to use in the shower. My dentist personally recommends water piking over flossing.

A water pik is an electronic water flosser. It uses a powerful jet stream, much like you receive at the dentist. The one I have, has a setting that alternates between air and water. It's considered 3 times as effective as standard dental floss.

As a bonus, if you have any dental hardware, water piking is amazing! I have a bar on my bottom teeth from when I had my braces removed, and haven't been able to successfully clean it until the water pik came along. 

Zero waste flossing and a look into my zero waste oral care routine from


Once or twice a week I use dental floss; because, I personally, don't think you can be too careful. Thankfully there are a lot of options for plastic and PFC free floss. 

Eco dent makes a vegan brand, but the floss does come in a small plastic pack which is a bummer. Radius offers a silk version, but it has the same plastic pack. 

I've heard some people use strings from an old piece of silk to floss. That sounds like a great plastic-free method, but it seems like a little too much work for me. Flossing is already a chore... (another reason why I like water piking... it's almost, dare I say it, kind of fun!) 

But, this completely plastic-free floss takes the cake. The refills come in cellulose which is compostable. No more plastic packaging. Just the way I like it! Plus the floss container is actually pretty. 


Last but not least, I use this mouthwash regularly. In fact, this study found that mouthwash delivers better results than conventional flossing. Albeit, I'm still a firm believer in using a little bit of everything for the most sucessful results. 

Zero waste flossing and a look into my zero waste oral care routine from

This mouthwash is super soothing and is amazing at freshening your breath. You should just read the study about how AMAZING aloe vera is for your gums. 

I think aloe vera can cure pretty much anything. It's definitely one of natures miracles. 

What does your zero waste/plastic free oral care routine look like? 

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