Zero Waste Shaving: Safety Razors

Zero waste was once relegated for only the most devout hippies. Ones that live entirely off the grid, grow all of their own food, and wear strange sweaters. Honestly, that sounds pretty damn appealing minus the strange sweaters. However, I really like living a normal life. I like dressing up and feeling glamorous. I like going out, I'm interested in fashion, makeup, and dream of fulfilling my pinterest boards in real life.

I think I have similar aspirations to most people my age. My life is pretty normal. I just think it's possible to do it all ethically and without waste.  

Zero waste shaving with safety razors from

You know something I haven’t given up – shaving. You know something I won’t give up – shaving.  There’s just something so luxurious about super, silky smooth legs. 

If you’ve given up shaving, more power to you. But, for those of you who haven’t, there’s a better way to shave.  

Luckily, shaving is having a renaissance. Barbershops are starting to offer old-fashioned hot shaves reminiscent of the 19th century. People are transitioning back to safety and straight razors. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it produces a higher quality shave and it's cheaper.

Safety Razor - what I use

Safety Razor - what I use

Straight Razor - what Sweeny Todd uses

Straight Razor - what Sweeny Todd uses

The EPA estimates 2 billion razors are thrown away each year. Eek! Razors are practically impossible to recycle. And, they’re expensive! I looked at the grocery store. They average $8-12 for a pack of four disposable razors. 

While you'll pay more upfront for a safety razor $30-$100 the replacement blades cost $1.00 each. The blades last for a month or longer if you dry them between uses. I go through a bade every two months. And, the base should last you a lifetime.

The blades are stainless steel and are recyclable. I use shark blades. They come in a tiny cardboard box, and are individually wrapped in paper. 

I was a little terrified of cutting myself; because, I can be clumsy. I've only cut myself once when I dropped the razor. I've never cut myself while actually shaving. 

Zero waste bathroom. In the shower with

You'll want to get a shave soap or a soap with a lot of lather. You can buy kits, but I just use my hands to lather. You hold the blade at a 30 degree angle and use short strokes. Don't apply any pressure. The blade should just glide leaving you with the closest shave.

I love bath time. I shave in the bath to save water. If I take longer than 6 minutes in the shower, I save water by taking a bath. It's approximately 30 gallons. I even take hand wash clothing items into the bath with me. Saves water and time! 

My favorite additions to bath time are homemade bath salts and body butter. Both of those recipes are coming soon! You don't want to miss them. 

Other zero options: electric shaver, epilator, laser, sugar waxing, and not shaving. 

How do you shave? Or do you? Have you used any of the methods above? I would love to hear about it!