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Give Your Old Clothes New Life


Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Have we talked about my shopping addiction? It was probably apparent when I mentioned that I owned over 200 dresses.

I broke my shopping habit long before going zero waste, but joining the movement has definitely helped reinforce it. I have conditioned myself out of buying clothing as a hobby.

Unfortunately, when I purchase anything for myself I feel overwhelmingly guilty. I’m still working on finding that happy medium.  

 Short top to go with high waisted shorts, pants or skirts, and a draw string boat skirt. Short top to go with high waisted shorts, pants or skirts, and a draw string boat skirt.

 Striped tunic and a left over scrap of fabric. It's too pretty to be a rag... any ideas?  Striped tunic and a left over scrap of fabric. It’s too pretty to be a rag… any ideas?

In the past I would plan outfits, try on multiple pieces, spend time fixing my hair, applying makeup, and making sure everything coordinated. It was exhausting.

After my sophomore year of college I took a 3 week hiking trip out west and it completely changed my world.

I rolled out of bed, brushed my hair, and lived out of a duffle bag. There was no need for makeup, no need for straighteners or curling irons.

I realized my hair looks fine, I didn’t need lots of makeup, and I certainly didn’t need 200 dresses. 

Lacoste was my favorite designer; I feel like at one point I’ve owned every color polo available. Preppy has always been my style. I like classic cuts, clean lines, and vintage inspiration with a tiny boho flair.

Lacoste has always fit me really well. All of my friends and family knew I liked Lacoste; so, I got a lot of Lacoste as gifts from my favorite oversized beach towels to argyle socks to the most amazing maroon high waisted shorts.  

I have two dresses from 5-6 years ago that are a little too short. They were both gifts and have sentimental value.

I love the look, the comfy 100% cotton fabric, and the colors. I couldn’t stand to part with them or let them sit in my closet gathering dust.

So, I took them to the alteration shop. Now I have two new tops, a skirt, and this mystery piece of fabric. I’m so excited to wear them again!

What do you think? And, what should I do with that striped scrap of fabric?

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  1. Have you heard of Poshmark?? I’m just starting to use it and it’s lovely. As for the striped things, maybe a potholder?

    Miss you angel! Hope all is well up North.


    1. Yes! I’ve been on poshmark! Everything I buy is hit or miss. My favorite sandals in the whole world that I wore out, I found the exact ones brand new on there. It was amazing. I miss you too! I hope you guys are getting some rain down south. We had a tiny bit this week.

  2. What an inspirational post – I love how you’ve purposed these two dresses and I love your smiling dog too! As for the scrap; is there enough for an infinity scarf? It would brighten up a winter day 🙂

  3. Fantastic post! I’m a little envious because I bought second-hand, comfy viscose trousers, absolutely certain that the guy from the alteration shop would do wonders and I ended up with unwearable, useless trousers. Lucky you. 🙁

  4. Add another short piece of fabric to the top of the pink striped piece to make a cute short skirt. Maybe just a wide ribbing that could be turned down to whatever length you would like. Then you wouldn’t even need elastic.