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Last Updated on January 23, 2024

I am so, so excited to announce I was published on the elephant journal! Here are some great tips for anyone who’s not ready to fully dive into the movement but looking for small changes. Please share. These are super easy steps, and if everyone did them we could make a huge difference! 

 I love clean beaches, don't you? Let's keep them beautiful and take care of the wildlife. Florianopolis, Brasil
I love clean beaches, don’t you? Let’s keep them beautiful and take care of the wildlife. Florianopolis, Brasil

Did you know the average American creates four pounds of trash a day?

That’s 1,500 pounds of trash a year.

Have you ever thought about where it all goes? Seriously, where do we store 1,500 pounds of trash for every person in America?

Needless to say, trash management is a national (and global) crisis.

Human beings contribute to man made trash mountains that leach toxins into the soil and ground water, emit enormous amounts of greenhouse gasses and take up lots of space.

Furthermore, not all trash makes it to a landfill. Instead, it resides on the side of the road, at the bottom of ravines and swirling around in the ocean where it deeply affects marine wildlife.

In fact, over a billion animals die each year to pollution, largely due to discarded plastic.

We live in a disposable society. To-go containers, paper towels, coffee cups, plastic water bottles, junk mail, receipts galore—and we don’t even realize we’re contributing to the problem.

With a little bit of forethought, however, we can drastically reduce our waste contribution. Here are ten ways to join the Zero Waste Movement (that will reduce waste and save you time and money along the way).

1. Who likes to receive junk mail? 

Do you need another credit card offer? I certainly don’t. Sign up to stop junk mail here or here.

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  1. It’s crazy when you add up the figures from what we can waste everyday into a year! I have recently been inspired to embark on a zero waste lifestyle by Lauren Singer and have just stumbled by your blog which has inspired me even more 🙂 keep up the great posts I can’t wait to start posting about my journey x

    1. Thank you Sarah! I’d love to keep up with your journey! I’d love it if you used my hashtag on Instagram so I could follow along! #goingzero. Good luck! The first steps are the hardest. But, you’ll be in a routine in no time. Please keep me updated! I’m here for any encouragement you may need or questions you may have.