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A Trip to the Farmers Market

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Last Updated on November 18, 2022

The weekend is by far the best part of the week. I’m not trying to discredit fajita Mondays, because waiting till taco Tuesday is impossible, or sipping wine and snuggling after work. All of these things are wonderful, but there’s something about a summer weekend.

Sunlight pours through the blinds at 8:00, snuggly hands are wrapped tight around my waist, and the pup pounces on the bed begging us to wake up. Excitement is building in the air as Nala drags me out of bed. I slip on a cool silk robe and make chocolate chip waffles where maple syrup is unnecessary even for a Mainer. Tank tops, shorts, and sun glasses are the attire. We harness the dog and make the 6 block trek to glorious rows of fresh, plastic and sticker free produce.

Markets in the summer are burgeoning with lush fruits and craftsmen. It’s wonderful to trot along planning a week of seasonal meals. I’m giddy for late September when I’ll hopefully get to experience canning this bounty for the winter. I’m even giddier at the thought of it growing in my own backyard.

Brunch or pastries are obligatory on market day. There are several pubs on the seaside walk to the market who offer brunch and a delicious atmosphere. The air is salty, the walk hilly, and we need smoothies or coffee. We tout our mason jars with tops and straws.

My market bag:

One large French market tote

1 large 32 oz jar for a pint of organic strawberries

3 Produce Bags

I typically use one produce bag for spinach. I have the other 2 for other small items I may encounter. Most of the time, no container is necessary. I use several dust bags from shoes and purses, and I also sewed several out of 100% cotton pillowcases from the thrift store. You’ll want to look for natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk and hemp because they’re compostable.  I occasionally buy eggs; they take their cartons back. A summer shopping list includes: heirloom tomatoes, grape tomatoes, spinach, avocados, peppers, cucumber, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, potatoes, occasionally squash, and lots of strawberries. The pup gets her food too. The cutest dog boutique is nearby. She loves to get bulk treats and stock up on Fromm. However, I don’t know if we’ll try and lug 25lbs of dog food home on foot again at least not without a backpack.

 This guy is a champ. He's got the dogs food and our food, and he'll even carry my girly market tote.   This guy is a champ. He’s got the dogs food and our food, and he’ll even carry my girly market tote.

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