My Trash

So, I know this is what you've all been waiting for - the big reveal. How much trash have I made since starting this journey? 6 months of trash

There are lots of stickers stuck together that I could not pull apart. I hope I can upcycle the twist ties. This does not include anything I've had before going zero waste. This is only what I've purchased since starting this lifestyle that can't be recycled or composted. 6 months of trash

I have been fortunate with ample bulk stores in my area and excellent farmers markets. We used to make day trips to Berkeley or Napa for bulk foods, but recently we found one only five minutes from our house! Occasionally, I'd run out of food and run to the grocery store to pick up some tagged produce. My thrift store recently went from grease pens to stickers which is really unfortunate. I will be writing them a letter. I do have several rubber bands, but I use those at work and have been bringing them.

I still buy burritos wrapped in paper, but I can compost that and pizza boxes. (vegan pizzas have no grease, so they're recyclable as well!) I collect wine corks for my Christmas tree. I've managed to cut most plastic out of my life. My recyclables are typically paper from work, a wine bottle or two a month, and pesky junk mail. I will end junk mail at this house.... it will happen. I've been trying so hard, but to no avail. 6 months of trash. Here's a sneak peak of the kitchen.

I have roommates, so there is still plenty of trash around. One day, I hope to experience not taking out the trash, but the chore wheel shows no favors. The entire house throws out approximately 6 gallons a week for four people, so I'm pretty proud of them. 

Here's another sneak peak at my kitchen. 6 months of trash. Here's a sneak peak of the kitchen.

I'm regrowing green onions and romaine! I have refillable olive oil and balsamic bottles, an empty butter dish, some bulk cinnamon, my milk jug for nut milks, and a flip top lemonade. I'm hoping to collect several these. Several times through out the year the wine country will host re-filling events. Bottles have to be 750ml. I'm starting a collection. I would love to fill up some wine!