10 Reusable Paper Towels

For Sustainable Cleaning

Making the switch to reusable paper towels will save you lots of money. But on top of the economic savings these reusable paper towels are much kinder to the environment.

Do reusable towels work?

Yes! These work even better then paper towels because they are made for multiple uses and are much more durable than the single use ones.

How many times can you reuse them?

The number of uses varies because it depends on what kind of material the towels are made of. If you take care of them and be sure to wash them it can last up to several years.

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The best towels are usually made from biodegradable material and compost materials. Some materials that are recommended include organic cotton, hemp, linen, and bamboo fabric.

What materials are best for the reusable paper towels?

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If the towels you purchase are made from a cloth material then they should be able to go into your washer. Be sure to not use fabric softener with it though because this causes them to be less absorbent.

Are these towels machine washable?

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What are some GZW approved towels?

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- Ecoroots dish cloth - Grove Swedish dish sponge - Wowables - Totally Taylored And many more brands that are amazing to use!

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