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Sustainable Slippers

Sustainable slippers are comfortable, fashionable, and are much better for the environment! Did you know that of the approximately 20 billion pairs of shoes produced annually in the United States, about 300 million pairs end up in the landfill every year?

How To Find Ethical Slippers

Knowing a few critical questions to ask will get you a few steps closer to cozy slippers. - What materials are used? - What does the company do for the environment? - What are the brands supply chain and labor practices?

9 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Slippers

1 - baabuk Made from ethical New Zealand wool and natural rubber. 2 - allbirds 100% Carbon Neutral Certified.

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3 - chilote  Hand crafted by female artisans. 4 - kyrgies Partners with One Tree Planted and 1% For the Planet.

5 - freewaters Currently striving to achieve Climate Neutral certification. 6 - muffle-up Scraps are either donated to the community or reused in production.


7 - rawganique 100% vegan. 8 - intoa design Made from 100% recycled materials.  9 - nootkas Astoria slipper is 100% biodegradable.

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