How to create a Capsule

Makeup Collection

I have tried numerous zero-waste skincare routines. After years of searching, I think I’ve finally found a few items that are really working for my skin so I want to share my capsule makeup collection.

one-in; one-out rule:

I don’t buy a new product unless I’m really close to being out of it and I buy one item to replace it not a handful of others. I’m also saving money because I’m not buying a BUNCH of products.

Creating a capsule:

primer: This gives the foundation more natural coverage and helps it stay all day. concealer: I’m currently still working my way through my RMS concealer which I think is good. foundation: I used to exclusively use the Marie Veronique Tinted Sunscreen as my foundation which I love!

blush: I really like products that can pull double duty. It’s great to have something that works for both my lips and cheeks! eyeshadow: Keep a small neutral pallete and a colored pallete for variety eyeliner: I have tried the Juice Beauty Liquid Eyeliner which comes in plastic but works very well as well as the Ilia liquid eyeliner which is packaged in recycled aluminum.

mascara: I have tried five different green, low-waste mascaras and I have to say Ilia has knocked it out of the park. perfume: I’m really liking MCMC Maine Perfume. It comes in a cute roller bottle that I plan on upcycling once I’m done with it. Keep it small. lips: I have the tata harper in very popular. It’s a great color, but performance is just OK. The Ilia Multistick, I think it lasts longer.

Final Thoughts

I feel my capsule makeup collection can easily take me from day to night and through any situation. You’ll typically bring your go-to day look and then one or two extra elements for a bit more of a dramatic evening look.

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