What Is It?

Energy Star

And Why Is It Important?

Products certified with the Energy Star label can help electric bills and save energy. In 2019 alone Energy Star and its partners helped Americans avoid $39 billion in energy costs. 

how does energy star work?

Energy Star is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency that can be found on thousands of industrial, commercial, utility, state and local organizations.

Energy Star makes a difference on both your electricity bill and how much energy you save. An Energy Star certified appliance will use anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less energy each year than a non-energy efficient equivalent.

does energy star make a difference?

The difference between high-efficiency (HE) and Energy Star is that HE pertains only to washing machines.  The Energy Star label can be used for a variety of appliances, not just washing machines.

what's the difference between high-efficiency and energy star?

There are 18 products that get the Going Zero Waste seal of approval. Each will save money on your electric bill while saving the planet. They've been organized into 4 categories:  Refrigerators Washers & Dryers Dishwashers Air Conditioners

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