Best Sustainable


The best sustainable sunglasses are made from eco-friendly materials including sustainably harvested organic materials, recycled plastics, and plant-based plastic alternatives.

How To Find Sustainable Sunglasses

When searching for your next pair of sustainable sunglasses, there are a few important points to consider: materials, business practices, and giving back.

12 Of The Best Sustainable Sunglasses

pala eyewear -100% plant based and biodegradable. sunski - 12% of all profits go to various environmental organizations. shyne - $5 of each purchase goes to environmental charities.

Yellow Wavy Line

waterhaul - made from recycled ocean plastics and abandoned fishing nets. seaclean - 5 recycled plastic bottles = one pair.  sticks and sparrow - committed to minimal waste and sustainable materials.

solo eyewear - made from recycled plastic and repurposed bamboo.  proof eyewear – cases made from sustainably sourced wood. genusee - made from 100% recycled, single use plastic bottles.


wear panda - made from sustainable bamboo. woodzee - made from bamboo, wood, and recycled skateboards. Mita  - made from recycled water bottles.

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