For All Natural, Zero Waste Curly Hair

We have gathered 12 zero waste tips for curly hair care so that you can feel confident in your hair products. All the styling products for wavy hair in this article are waste free! We will discuss the best shampoo bars for curly hair as well as other organic curly hair products.

Styling Products For Wavy Hair

Finding an all-natural curly hair care routine that is zero waste was TOUGH. In fact, finding any routine for my curly hair was hard. Tack on being eco-friendly, and it felt impossible. After a lot of research, I’ve found a lot of options to share with you.

best shampoo bars

— My personal favorite conditioner bar is Bar None.  — A great option for kinky or coily hair types would be Tree Naturals. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap Bar is extremely gentle, making it great for all curl types, almost like a  low-poo.

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Chagrin Valley has a great variety of shampoo bars, conditioners, and hair treatments – Lush offers sustainable versions of some curly girl staples. – The Afro Hair + Skin Co. and Meow Meow Tweet, especially for kinky/coily types.


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organic curly hair products

A Simple Planet is completely zero-waste and all their products are meant specifically for curly hair! — For tighter textures, check  out Ecoslay. Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile  Soap is a lovely, moisturizing shampoo option.

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DIY flaxseed gel, A Simple Planet's Flaxseed Gel or Ecoslay Orange Gel can actually give you a strong cast, moisture, and protein! — Another popular styling product for wavy hair is Dr. Bronner’s Hair Creme, a leave-in conditioner.

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– Anything made with silicones. – Steer clear of sulfates because they strip your natural oils. – Parabens add a coating to your hair. – Alcohol will dry it out and give you a wire-like texture.

What products should you avoid with curly hair?

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