Everything You Need To Know About Barefoot Shoes

Looking for some eco-friendly shoes? Let me introduce you to Wildling  Shoes, and I’ll do you one better: Sustainable shoes that also cater to the health of your feet and overall well-being? Here is my review of Wildling Shoes.

What Makes Wildling Shoes Unique?

Wildling considers the health of our feet when crafting footwear. Most children are born with healthy feet that are ruined by conventional shoes. Wildling seeks to change that by creating minimalist, eco-friendly shoes that strengthen our foot muscles.

How Do Wildling Shoes Feel?

I slipped into my first pair of Wildling shoes and could immediately feel the difference. Most walking shoes have thick soles that wind up weakening our foot muscles. The materials are super soft and the textiles are flexible, for a comfortable feel.

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The soles are thinner, so I’ve noticed my strides have become a lot shorter and gentler too. I’m walking way more mindfully, whereas with regular shoes I barely noticed the ground underneath my feet.

What Are The Soles Like?

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Are Wildling Shoes Sustainable? 

Wildling makes minimal, barefoot shoes from all-natural materials.  They use cotton, hemp, wool, linen, and cork wherever possible. Wildling uses plastic at a minimum, and it’s typically from recycled materials, which I love.

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Who Does Wildling Partner With? 

When selecting their production partners, they’ve chosen ones in compliance with fair working conditions and environmental standards. They regularly visit their production partners to carry out quality controls.

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Overall, they use less resources and materials needed to make the shoe in the first place, which means the product has a low impact on the planet. They also  participate in a number of sustainable projects.

How Is Wildling A Minimalist Shoe Brand?

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