Ethical Shoe Brands You Can Buy

The best ethical shoe brands stand out from other brands with their commitment to good practices, such as using eco-friendly materials and providing fair wages.

How To Choose The Best Ethical Shoe Brands

I’ve researched the best ethical shoe brands to pair with your eco-friendly lifestyle. When it comes time to get a new pair of shoes, I always try to opt for timeless styles that are well made and designed to last.


The TOMS brand is probably one of the most recognizable designers in the market. Beyond their classic lines, TOMS has been dedicated to social causes since its beginnings in 2006.

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Nisolo offers a wide variety of footwear, from boots, to sandals, and sneakers made with leather. This ethical company takes a “circular fashion” approach for their products in response to  the pollution caused by the fashion industry.

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Therafit is all about women’s wellness, as reflected in their comfortable designs, and social responsibility. The brand runs the One Step Forward Giving Campaign where for every purchase, they donate to a charity chosen by the customer.

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Sezane is a company that strives to create timeless products that will endure  (nearly) every season and fit (almost) every year by creating them with people they trust, utilizing environmentally friendly, cutting-edge materials.

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If you stick with brands like these, you can feel confident that you’re also helping the Earth.

— Everlane — Allbirds — Veja — Nomasei

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