Gift Guide 2021


Gifting physical presents is one of my favorite ways to show my love. Consumable gifts and experience gifts are great, but I think physical gifts are good opportunities to pass on the eco love.

gifts for hygge living

- tentree blocked banshee hoodie - made trade bamboo waffle robe - beambiance beeswax candle

- Klean Canteen Bottles - 350 Portable Power Station and 100W Solar Panel - Joi Organic Oat Milk Powder - Climeworks voucher

gifts for the traveler

- Earthhero Gift Box - Healthy Earth Coloring Book - Whisper Bidets - Lasso Loop - Ingarden

gifts for the budding environmentalist

- Plaine Products Starter Kit - Activist Skincare - Tek Brushes Benefit Corporation Hair Gift Box - Rhyme & Reason Shampoo - Mega Food Daily Immune Support

gifts for the beauty maven