Simmer Pot Recipes for

A Beautiful Smelling Home

A simmer pot is essentially a homemade air freshener, or candle replacement, made from boiling fragrant ingredients in water. It’s also a great way to use up food scraps, as many simmer pot recipes can be made using odds and ends of things.

What can you put in a simmer pot?

You can put a number of things in a simmer pot to make them smell amazing: Herbs, flowers, spices, and fruit are popular choices. Typically, anything fragrant or in a scent you like can work well in a simmer pot.

How to make a simmer pot?

Fill a small saucepan with water and bring it to a boil. Then add ingredients from your favorite recipe and continue to boil for a few minutes. Next, turn down the heat to a simmer. Add water as needed, usually every 30 minutes or so.

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Make this famous Williams Sonoma simmer pot that is perfect for any season and occasion. Ingredients: – Rosemary – Lemon slices – Vanilla extract  – Black peppercorns – Water

gzw approved simmer pots:

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Use up those various odds and ends and give them a second life in this amazing-smelling simmer pot that combats food waste. Ingredients: – Orange peels – Leftover pine – Apple peels + cores – Strawberry tops – Herb stems or ends

Food waste simmer pot:

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Coffee simmer pot:

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Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? This simmer pot will make you feel like you just walked into a coffee shop.  Ingredients: – Whole roasted coffee beans – Cinnamon sticks – Whole cardamom pods – Star anise – Allspice berries

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