Reuse Stores: What Are They

+ How Do They Work? 

While a reuse store is similar to a thrift store, what they have to offer tends to be a bit more diverse. However, similar to thrifting, reuse stores help create a more circular economy by selling secondhand items for affordable prices.

What Is A Reuse Store?

A reuse store is like a thrift store, but the focus isn’t on clothes or homegoods. Instead, you can find secondhand building materials, housewares, and art supplies at reuse stores.

What Kind Of Reuse Stores Are There? 

The three basic types of reuse stores: - Creative Reuse Store - Building Material Reuse Store - Household Item Reuse Store Sometimes, reuse stores can be a mix of these types. For example, Habitat For Humanity’s ReStores are a mix of household items and building materials.

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Depending on the type of reuse center it is, you will find different items at each. If you’re interested in donating, be prepared to go through an application process. Many of these stores will only accept items in excellent condition.

What Can You Find In A Reuse Center?

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If you want to find a reuse store near you, I highly suggest looking online first. Try typing into google “reuse store near me”. If that doesn’t work, try “thrift stores with furniture near me” or “thrift stores nearby” via Google to see what pops up.

How To Find A Reuse Store

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Some Reuse Stores Worth Looking Into

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Habitat Restores Big Reuse Rebuilding Central New York Reuse Store The Reuse People Materials For The Arts

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