How to Keep it Easy, Eco, and Chic

Gift Wrapping

Traditional wrapping paper is glossy, glittery and colorful, but it’s trash. No, literally – you can’t recycle it. But, the good news is that you can wrap presents beautifully without creating a lot of rubbish.

can you recycle that?

One easy way to reduce your waste during this time frame is to switch to eco-friendly wrapping. A few other ways is to reduce food waste, shop for experiences over things, and remember what the season is really about – spending time with your loved ones.

Most gift wrap or wrapping paper is not recyclable because it’s made with plastic. If it’s glossy, metallic, or sparkly it’s most likely made with Mylar a plastic film coated with aluminum.

is wrapping paper recyclable?

Shiny bows that you peel and stick onto packages are NOT recyclable. For creative and eco friendly gift bow ideas check out the additional decorations section. Most shiny ribbons are also not recyclable.

are gift bows recyclable?

The majority of the bubble mailers are not recyclable. If you can somehow manage to remove the bubble-liner from the inside (which is incredibly difficult and I haven’t managed to do it yet) you can recycle the paper aspect of the mailer.

are bubble mailers recyclable?