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30 Zero Waste, Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers

30 Zero Waste, Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers


Last Updated on September 7, 2021

Stockings were always my absolute favorite part about the holiday season so I had to create a guide for this year’s hottest zero waste and eco friendly stocking stuffers.

I love small gifts; they have always been my favorite. What can I say? I love the little things like socks, bars of soap, the occasional gift card, and chocolate! Lots of chocolate.

30 zero waste, eco friendly, stocking stuffers from small businesses

This post was sponsored. Many of the links below are affiliate links for more information please see my disclosure policy.

So, I wanted to create an easy guide so you can find a few perfect gifts that will easily slide into a stocking a Christmas morning, and so you can avoid Amazon.

If you’re looking forward to stuffing stockings this year, I’ve rounded up some zero waste and eco friendly stocking stuffers so you can ditch plastic trinkets and gadgets for some of these zero waste, ethical alternatives. 

for all those at home workouts:

One experience gift I’m super excited about receiving this year is a pass for online workout classes. I loved going to classes like barre, spin, and orange theory so I’m glad I can do classes virtually too. Here are a few of my favorite workout companions!

cutest reversible crop:

Azura Bay sells organic cotton reversible bralettes ethically produced in California that can easily go from lounge to active.

It’s super soft and does an excellent job of holding the girls in place while being super stylish.

They come in sizes XS-2XL, and they make perfect outfit repeaters because you can wear it two ways.

You can get 10% off with the code GZW10 at checkout!

post workout shower:

EarthHero is an online marketplace for thousands of sustainable goods!

They’re a B Corp, 1% for the Planet, and uses plastic-free and carbon-neutral shipping. 

For stocking stuffers, check out their Moisturize HiBar Shampoo and Condition Bars -compostable packaging, are vegan, and plastic-free.

Use code GOZERO for 10% off site-wide. 

stay hydrated:

Klean Kanteen’s TKWide 16oz bottle or Stainless Steel Straws are perfect stocking stuffers!

They are a family owned, B corp that’s completely plastic-free. And, they’re members of 1% For The Planet so they donate portions of each sale to environmental organizations, and are certified climate neutral!

when you need to unwind:

I can’t figure out if the holidays are more stressful this year or less? Even though I’m attending virtual gatherings, I’m still completely wiped out at the end of the day.

Here are a few small ways I like to relax and unwind. All of these eco-friendly stocking stuffers are perfect for your friend, parent, or spouse who needs to carve out some time for themselves to recharge!

light a candle:

Candleholic Shop makes adorable soy candles in recycled liquor and wine bottles. This process saves bottles from going to the landfill, and also creates truly unique gifts.

They carefully cut each bottle by hand, sand it to perfection, and then pour their premium natural soy wax.

These candles are cruelty-free, paraben-free and PETA-approved!

burn some incense:

Zenbunni focuses on regenerative and biodynamic farming that enhances soil fertility, biodiversity and reverses climate change. Their Holy Smoke Incense is hand rolled and free of synthetic bondeers.

It’s made in partnership with Indonesian Farmers that preserve local and ancient traditions that are over 5000 years old!

Get 1 free box of incense with a purchase of two bags of coffee using the code “GZW” (a $60 value for $30)!

take a nap:

SOL Organics creates affordable organic bedding – that’s so comfy! They’re certified Fair Trade, use Organic Cotton, GOTS certified, and they ship completely plastic free.

They just launched a linen line, and linen pillow cases are amazing for acne-prone since it’s naturally anti-bacterial. Perfect for eco friendly stocking stuffers.

at home spa:

Lalin et la siren is a Black-owned natural body care brand that utilizes ecofriendly packaging and organic ingredients inspired by the team’s Afro-Caribbean roots.

Their La Siren bath bomb would make a fun and unexpected stocking stuffer.

for exciting trips to the grocery store:

Justin and I don’t go out very often. We hit up the grocery store every 2-3 weeks, and take our daily stroll around the neighborhood to walk the pooch and stretch our legs.

We’re definitely trying to keep ourselves and others safe! But, when we do leave the house here are a few of our tried and true sustainable favs that would fit in perfectly with your eco-friendly stocking stuffers!


Sanikind sells a Mini Spray hand sanitizer made from 100% recycled ocean bound plastic. It’s infinitely refillable, good for 460 sprays and attaches via its own lanyard.

The refill solution will fill the mini 10 times – so it’ll last a while. With single-use hand sanitizers more popular than ever, this is the perfect stocking stuffer that will put a stop to relying on plastic sanitizer bottles.

mask up:

Ecomask is made with post-consumer recycled content, 100% renewable energy, and proceeds from each sale go to Healthy Seas to save marine life.

Not only are they eco-friendly, their filter has a 98% efficiency rating! It filters out bacteria, germs, dust, air pollutants, pollen and other allergens. At the end of its life, you can send it back to Ecomask where they’ll properly recycle it.

Use Kathryn10 for 10% off until December 31st.

don’t forget your bag:

SuperBee’s reversible Patchwork Tote Bag is made from organic cotton fabric, left over from their Wax Wraps production.

Each bag is unique, lovingly handsewn and perfectly sized to be rolled up and fastened for compact storage. 

Use code KATHRYNK10 for a 10% discount!

relaxing at home:

I think my favorite part of winter is getting cozy inside so I hope this holiday season, you’ll find some time to get snuggly.

Slip on your favorite jam-jams, light a few candles, snuggle with a thick blanket, sip some hot cocoa, eat a few cookies, and watch a bad holiday movie or a board game – whatever you’re into.

add some ambiance:

Every product on Made Trade adheres to one or more of their seven core values: Sustainable, vegan, woman-owned, fair trade, heritage, made in the U.S.A., and/or people of color owned.

This handcrafted Glass Candle made with 100% soy wax and a wooden wick and would make a great stocking stuffer!

keep your toes toasty:

Simple Switch is a convenient one stop shop with more than 3,000+ products supporting more than 50 causes that make a real social and environmental impact. Perfect for all your eco friendly stocking stuffer needs.

One of my faves is theeir Khushee (Happiness) Socks handmade in the Himalayas and 50% of net profits goes to orphaned and destitute children.

For 15% off or $10 off (one or the other, whichever you prefer) with code GOINGZEROWASTE!

stay comfy and dry:

Thinx creates reusable period underwear designed to reduce single-use tampon and pad waste. Plus, they’re so comfy!

A pair or two should easily fit into a Christmas stocking! Each of their styles holds a different amount of blood. For a fully detailed guide check out my post I tried every style of Thinx Period Panties for a complete review.

You can get $10 off using this link.

sip something warm:

Arbor Teas offers organic, fair-trade, loose-leaf tea in backyard compostable packaging.

It’s made from a cellulose material, and even their labels on the package are made from sugar cane waste and compostable too.

I love their green tea, but if you want to keep the holiday theme going, you need to try their Holiday Spice Black Tea!

kickin’ it in the kitchen:

Whether you know an aspiring chef, love to meal prep, or generally dislike cooking, these eco friendly stocking stuffers will help reduce food waste and get dinner on the table fast! Plus, an extra treat for the kitchen’s number one fan – your dog.

keep it fresh:

Usually, we eat avocados one half at a time, right? Avocado Huggers were created to reduce food waste by keeping the leftover half fresher longer!

These huggers are BPA and phthalate free, and come in two sizes with a unique pit pocket that can be pushed in or out so you won’t need any more disposable plastic wrap, baggies or foil! 

Use the discount code 5off50 to save on your purchase.


Chippin creates planet-friendly pet snacks! Pups will love the Chippin Combo Pack, or the Sustainable Dog Treat Subscription with free treat tin.

This woman owned, small business uses cricket protein for a low “carbon pawprint”. Per pound of edible protein, crickets produce zero methane and use only 1 gallon of water vs. over 2000 for beef!

Get 15% off with the code ZEROWASTE15.

freezer prep:

Forester Bags sells reusable silicone zip bags that are versatile, plastic-free and BPA-free.

The Forester Pack includes 1 large (6 cups) and 2 medium (4 cups) silicone food storage bags designed to replace plastic zip lock bags.

Use the discount code FORESTER20% to get 20% off your order.

for the skincare fanatics:

If you’re a skincare fanatic, I love you. No, really! I have sensitive acne prone skin and no matter what I do I always seem to have texture on my face.

For the first time in years, I’ve come prettyyyy close to fixing it. I mean it’s still textured but it’s better than it was last year! And, that’s thanks to skincare fanatics and the geniuses behind some of my favorite products.

Check out my blog post 20 Organic Zero Waste Skincare Brands for even more recommendations!

refills on refills:

Activist Skincare is refillable, vegan, cruelty-free, and 5% for the planet. The Sample Kit, Sea to Skin Cleansing Gel and Calming Force Clear Skin Serum for acne-prone skin are perfect stocking stuffers.

You can keep your empty glass bottles and refill them at home. The pouches are recyclable through TerraCycle and the ingredients are super-effective actives and botanicals. 

You can keep your empty glass bottles and refill them at home. Activist’s pouches are recyclable through TerraCycle and the ingredients are super-effective actives and botanicals. 

GZWSAMPLES for 50% off Sample Kit (making it only $15 with free shipping!)

sustainably harvested:

Josie Maran is a woman owned beauty brand that packages most of their products in glass bottles and has partnered with Terracycle to take back empties.

Their 100% Pure Argan Oil (their whipped version is my absolute favorite! ) is vegan, cruelty-free and completely pure – it’s intensely hydrating and benefits your skin head to toe.

Josie Maran’s argan oil comes from a UNESCO-protected region to help prevent deforestation and over-harvesting.

A single argan tree can live for more than 600 years and produce fruit throughout its entire lifecycle!

they got it ALL:

BLK + GRN is an all natural marketplace by all Black artisans. They have everything ranging from nail polish to hair care.

Their Carib Lime Body Soap is made from 100% plant essences, cold-processed and has a revitalizing citrus scent that’ll make any Christmas stocking smell great.

Justin and I have a tradition of gifting each other multiple bars of soap in our stockings! It’s an in expensive treat that we get to use all year long!

When you want to add a little glamour:

I still want to impress… even if it is family dinner via zoom. My secret to looking put together on zoom in 30 seconds is a bright lipstick. Seriously – that’s it! It’s all you need to pop on camera and look great.

So, whether you’ve got a virtual holiday party or just all dressed up for your very exciting weekly trip to the grocery store, these are my top picks for adding a bit of glamour!

a touch of sunshine:

Rellery makes high-quality and affordable jewelry. Everything in their supply chain is ethically sourced, and produced by skilled artisans right in the U.S.A.

They’re female founded and run by 90% women! I think their sunflower necklace is a beautiful statement piece that you could wear everyday! But, it’s still small enough to be one of these awesome eco friendly stocking stuffers! 

You can get 15% off your order with the code Kathryn15.

pucker up:

The Lip Bar is a Black-owned, cruelty-free, vegan beauty brand that’s incredibly inclusive.

Their lipsticks come in so many versatile shades and would make a great stocking stuffers!

don’t forget your wallet:

JORD creates vegan bags and wallets with a unique fusion of Portuguese cork and woven fabric called Suberhide. The Natural & Gold zippered wallet and the Eros Red & Silver zippered wallet have 8 inner card slots, zipper pouch, and just the right amount of space for a phone, lip balm, and basic goodies.

JORD’s Superhide handbags and wallets are finely-appointed with smooth YKK zippers, fine lining, embossed hardware, and superior construction. JORD is a Nordic word for “of the earth” which is embodied in their wide variety of ethical accessory collections featuring natural materials.

Use discount code goingzerowaste20 for 20% off!

When we can travel again:

Have you already made it’s-safe-again-totravel plans? I think I’d like to go see my mom. I haven’t been home to Arkansas in… a little over three years now. Sorry mom, love you – promise!

I would love to see my fam at Christmas again so maybe next year I can get that in the books. Maybe, I’ll go wild and drive to Oregon – that sounds fun!

I’ve lived on the West Coast for more than five years and still haven’t been to Washington or Oregon and would really like to change that.

a fresh cup:

The Pakt Coffee Kit is everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one sleep, portable package. You can use it anywhere you have access to electricity and water: At home, desk-side, in a hotel, or at an Airbnb. 

This kit utilizes BPA free, high-end, safe materials that’s durable, compact and airline carry-on friendly.

Pakt’s packaging is 100% plastic-free and bears the SeaHive seal which means their packaging utilizes earth-friendly materials so no extra plastic winds up in the ocean.

travel sized:

Plaine Products creates zero waste, refillable bath and body products that’s vegan, organic and cruelty-free.

Their travel size shampoo and conditioner comes in aluminum bottles that can fit in a Christmas stocking and transported easily for travelling.

feelin’ fresh:

Dirt Don’t Hurt is a vegan, cruelty-free, natural company founded by three Black sisters. They make bamboo toothbrushes, tooth powder, bar soap and so much more.

Their all-natural activated charcoal tooth powder is perfect for traveling so you don’t need to worry about having a liquid bag – plus it’s going to get your teeth super white!

nothing but the basics:

Some of my favorite stocking stuffers are the old faithfuls. The things you hate to get as a kid, but love to receive as an adult – socks, underwear, and soap. You get the drift!

drawers for your drawers:

Proclaim is a BIPOC owned company that offers inclusive lingerie it multiple shades of nude.

They’re manufactured in Los Angeles using earth-conscious fabrics. Not only are they shade inclusive, they’re size inclusive too!

Their Tencel drawers would make a great eco-friendly stocking stuffer!

box it up:

Boxers and/or briefs more your style? Check out Pact.

They use organic, fair trade cotton. Their products are made in India (where 74% of all organic cotton is grown) in fair trade factories so you can feel good about your undergarments!

sweaters for your legs:

I tested it just to make sure, but these leggings will fit into a stocking!

Icebreaker is made mostly from merino which is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and rockstar for temperature regulation. They produce a transparency report every year that covers everything from social responsibility, worker safety, animal welfare, and environmental integrity. Read the Report

don’t forget your ears:

Tentree plants ten trees for every single purchase!

They specialize in using eco-friendly and recycled materials, and offer a number of great stocking stuffers like their mittens and adorable beanies.

You can get 20% off your order with the code GOINGZEROWASTE!

Here are 30 eco friendly stocking stuffers! Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg so be sure to check out my guide for consumable gifts and experience gifts.

I’m also working on a post about handmade gifts this year! I love to do a mix of all of these so I’m reducing consumerism as well as supporting sustainable brands who are doing good things for our planet.

Do you have a favorite sustainable brand that’s perfect as a stocking filler?

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  1. Pela case’s website says they are compostable…do you know if they break down in a home composting environment? I have been looking for a better phone case for a while now, and have yet to find a good (and not bank account-depleting) option.

    1. It would have to be sent to a heated facility. However, I would still buy one! When the time comes to get a new case (hopefully a couple of years from now) you might have municipal compost in your area. Or you could always mail it to me, and I’ll send it to the compost. 😉

  2. We don’t do stockings in my country but after reading this I just bought myself my first bamboo toothbrush for Christmas 😀 I do prefer manual toothbrushes to electric ones, but my dentist really prefers the last (and she lets me use my DIY remineralizing toothpaste… dentist 1 – me 1) because she says they clean way better (since I hate flossing and mouthwash, I really need to be sure I get clean as a whistle teeth and gums), so I use the electric one 80% of the time and enjoy the manual the rest. I’m super thrilled to finally try a zero waste one!! 🙂

  3. So funny, I blogged last week about zero-waste stocking stuffers and our lists are fairly similar. I LOVE Christmas but there is just so. much. waste.

    Our family hit it out of the park this year, though, with amazing experience gifts – a zoo membership for my kid, and a card-making class at a local stationary store for me. So fun!

  4. Hello! I am looking into getting a reusable razor and have a question – are the blades somehow recyclable or able to be sharpened again? If not, do you simply throw them away when they’ve become dull? Thanks for your help!

  5. One thing about that floss that I’ve learned is that it comes in a plastic container. There are other sites out there that you can buy just the floss, or the floss in a glass container that can be refillable.
    Otherwise, great suggestions!

  6. I love how everything that was old is NEW again like the safety razor! It makes you wonder what "progress" really is. Seems to me it’s mostly been bad news for the environment 🙁
    I really love the bamboo toothbrushes and natural floss tips, thank you. I hope I can find them in Canada, if not I’m sure I can get them online.

  7. I’m conflicted about the floss!! I heard that they boil the little insects that make the silk inside their cocoons. Alive. :S I’m not the worlds biggest bug lover. I’m not a bug lover period. But I’m not comfortable with that…

  8. My kids love finding homemade vegan cookies in their stockings on Christmas morning. You can wrap them in a cloth napkin. They are even allowed to eat them before breakfast :).