15 People Who'll Inspire and Motivate You

While I’m super proud of the content I’ve created, it’s still only one view point. I think we’re strengthened by listening to other’s view points and I’m super excited to share with you a few of the people that inspire me on a regular basis!

Why Am I Sharing These Resources?

We each have different talents and skillsets, and I think that’s what makes the sustainability movement so beautiful. I hope that they’ll inspire you on your journey as you delve more into eco friendly living.


 She talks about deep ecology, holistic healing, and biocultural diversity. I’ve particularly liked learning more about regenerative agriculture and food sovereignty.

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Elizabeth delivers serious information in a fun way. She groups facts, figures, and studies into bite-sized, scrollable slides that really help you understand the problem as well as solutions on what you can do about it.

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Marie started as a zero waste influencer but transitioned to antiracism. I wanted to include her because antiracism work is part of eco friendly living. We are fighting for a habitable planet for all people.


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I can’t get enough of Jazmine Rogers colorful style – the girl is a thrifting goddess. She mostly focuses on sustainable fashion, thrifting, and lifestyle content. And, she scores the most amazing pieces!

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