Best Non Toxic

Perfume Brands

The best non toxic perfume brands are environmentally conscious, ethically operated, and offer total transparency with their ingredients.

How To Choose The Best Clean Perfume Brands:

Transparency or bust!  The best clean perfume brands will be very open and honest about all of their ingredients and company practices.

8 Non Toxic And Natural Perfume Brands

1 - lavanila  A tree is planted for every purchase to offset the carbon footprint! 2 - skylar Free from parabens, phthalates, allergens, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic dyes and SLSs.

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3 - phlur Reusable, renewable, and low-impact materials used throughout the production process. 4 - heretic Blended in a base of non-gmo, organic sugar cane alcohol.

5 - henry rose A portion of all proceeds goes to support the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. 6 - maison louis marie Nontoxic, cleanly crafted formulas.


7 - dedcool Biodegradable and sustainable FSC certified packaging. 8 - by rosie jane Complete transparency with botanical and safe synthetic ingredients.

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